Slippery Elm Bark

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Slippery elm bark 1 2009 Prepared by: Abdelrahman Osama 20610190 Ali Qasim 20610256 Slippery elm bark

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Slippery elm bark

Slippery elm bark 2009

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Abdelrahman Osama 20610190 Ali Qasim 206102561

Slippery elm bark

1. Common names including Arabic nameRed Elm, Gray Elm, Soft Elm, Moose Elm and Indian Elm Arabic name:

The plant organ used and a .2 clear photo of the plant and the part usedThe part used is its inner bark

Part used


Slippery elm bark

Scientific name (genus,.3 (species and familyFamily: Ulmaceae Genus: Ulmus Species: U. rubra

Locations where it grows or .4 where it is cultivatednative to eastern North America (from southeast North Dakota, east to southern Quebec, south to northernmost Florida, and (west to eastern Texas

The native range of slippery elm-



Slippery elm bark

History of the plant with respect .5 to its folkloric or traditional usesative Indian Americans were the N rst to discover the medicinal fi roperties of the tree, particularly p ippery elm inner bark, also sl .nown as slippery elm bark k lippery elm bark, when placed in S ontact with water, produces a c ummy substance or mucilage, g hich swells and becomes a w oothing ointment. This property s of the bark of the slippery elm tree makes the slippery elm herb .very unique in its own right This soothing substance was used by Native Americans as a salve to heal wounds, and subsequently, on drying, became a natural bandage. Also, another notable practice amongst Native Americans was the use of slippery elm wrappings around meat .to prevent spoilage The widespread use of slippery elm bark was keenly noted by the early English settlers and they, too, started including it in .their medicinal treatments for cold sores, boils and wounds The other uses that the colonists used slippery elm bark for, was to give relief to persons with sore throats, coughs and urinary .tract infections During the periods of war and strife, slippery elm came in very handy as a topical antiseptic cream to treat war wounds from gunshots, and also was used as survival food during the war, in the form of a nutritious gruel which can be made by mixing .slippery elm bark with water This gruel is a soothing concoction that was served even to very small children and old, sick people unable to digest normal food.


Slippery elm bark

It was also ingested as treatment for coughs and respiratory (problems, including sore throats. (7

Constituents (name of the .6 compounds and their chemical (classThe principal constituent of the bark is the mucilage contained in large cells in the bast. This mucilage is very similar to that .found in linseed Microscopic examination of the tissue of the bark shows round starch grains and very characteristic twin crystals of Calcium (oxalate. (4 : It also containes Glucose Polyuronides Tannis Galacturonic acid L-rhamnose D-galactose Starch Fat Protein Minerals Phytosterols Sesquiterpenes (Cholesterol (1 :Nutrients found in slippery elm bark include Starches Sugars Calcium Iodine Bromine Amino acids (Manganese (trace5

Slippery elm bark

(Zinc (trace) (6

:Pharmacological action -7It is an emollient, nutritive and demulcent agent. (1)(2) Also it (has antioxidant and anti inflammatory action. (1 (Besides, it is expectorant and diuretic. (4

Mechanism of action -8It hasn't been significantly investigated but depending on its :constituents Mucilage will coat the surface of mucous membranes, wounds and sores. When it comes into contact with water it forms a gellike layer. This will soothe the irritated, inflamed area and decrease the local irritation. It dermatitis, it also draw out boils (and abscesses. (1 Slippery elm also helps neutralize excess stomach acid. Scientists believe that the mucilage activate a reflex that causes (the stomach to secrete more of its own protective mucus. (4 Anti-oxidant: vitro studies show a free radical scavenging (activity that may relate to its anti-inflammatory activity. (1

Uses, side effects and contra- -9 :indications:A) Uses :It is used orally to treat these gastrointestinal conditions (Gastritis. (1 (Acid dyspepsia. (1 (Gastric reflux. (1 (Peptic ulcers. (1 (Irritatable bowel syndrome. (1 (Crohn's disease. (1 (Gastroesophogeal reflux disease (GERD). (36

Slippery elm bark

(Diarrhea. (3 .Also, it is used topically to treat dermatitis, wounds and burns (It can be combined with anti-septic herb to treat sore throat. (1 :B) Side effects (There is insufficient information. (1 :C) Contra-indications Since it forms inert barrier over the GI lining, it will alter the` rate and extent of absorption of the administered drug. So it is contra-indicated with drugs having narrow therapeutic ranges (e.g. Warfarin, Phenytoin). There should be at least two hour (separation between taking slippery elm and these drugs. (1 High fibre products are contraindicated in the case of impacted" (bowel or bowel blockage of any origin". (8

:Dosage forms -10(Orally: powder, capsule and fluid extract. (1 Tablets, Lozenges and Finely powdered bark for making teas or (extracts. (3 (Topically: coarsely powdered bark for poultices. (3

Slippery Elm inner (bark powder (4


Slippery elm bark

:Clinical trails -11There is insufficient information about vivo studies but there are .some vitro and animal studies which confirm the clinical uses Also, FDA approved that slippery elm bark is a safe demulcent (substrate. (1 Clinical researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa " recently tested slippery elm as a treatment for psoriasis, acting on a suggestion in a recorded reading by the clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. The scientists found that a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, small amounts of protein foods, and slippery elm bark with avoidance of red meat and processed foods reduced the permeability of the bowel to lectins in food and led to reductions in oozing, itching, and redness. The diet has to be (followed carefully, and results may take six months." (4

phytomedicines -12From : way/slippery_elm_bark_370_mg_capsules.htm


Slippery elm bark

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Powder form:


Slippery elm bark

References:Important: COHEN herbs andnatural supplements by LESLEY BRAUN -1 .and MARC Trease and Evans pharmacognosy by W.C.Evans, 15th -2 .edition 3- (University of Maryland medical center) 4- Some information: 5- 6- 7- elm.pdf (application/pdf Object) 8 on/Encyclopedias/SlipperyElmBark.htm