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Adobe® Captivate™ is a rapid content creation development tool that has quickly grown in use and popularity in the eLearning market. This powerful tool offers many productivity benefits to its users that allow for a rapidly-enriched learning experience. Some of the benefits of this SCORM- and AICC-compliant tool are its time-saving features that support great screen recording capabilities, branching functionality for added interactivity, it is easy to reskin/customize the interface using Flash, offers more flexibility in development than other rapid tools, integrates with Twitter and offers a reviewing tool where a user can post notes/comments on pages they are viewing for easy feedback dissemination to developers. Also, it offers localization support with XML export and import functionality; export captions to a text or XLIFF file to then import the translations into the original project file. How would this work for you? This webinar will show you how these features and benefits support interactive, effective and quicker-to-market online learning.

Transcript of Slides - "Captivate" Your Audience

  • 1. Captivate Your Audience
    10 minutes to start
  • 2. Captivate Your Audience
    5 minutes to start
  • 3. Captivate Your Audience
    3 minutes to start
  • 4. Captivate Your Audience
    1 minute to start
  • 5. Captivate Your Audience
    September 9, 2010
  • 6. Your Presenters
    Julie Brink, viaLearning
    Director of eLearning
    Erhan Ergenekan
    Development Director
    Moderator: Scott Herber
    Executive Vice President
  • 7. Todays Agenda
    Today you'll walk away with:
    How Adobe Captivate can shorten your eLearning course development cycle
    Customization techniques to "Captivate" your audience
    Comparisons between Captivate and Articulate
  • 8. What is Captivate?
    Captivate allows you to rapidly create, deliver and maintain your SCORM- and AICC-compliant eLearning content with
    • Software demonstrations
    • 9. Interactive simulations
    • 10. Branching scenarios
    • 11. Quizzes