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  • 1. Sleeping Beauty
    • I have loved this story since I was a child, especially Disneys picture.

2. A princess is born!!

  • There is a birthday party for the new princess. The king invites seven fairies. But another bad fairy is very angry and gives an awful present of curse for princess. She says that the princess will die on her 16 thbirthday.

3. Her 16th Birthday!!

  • When her first birthday, six fairies gave magic presents separately.
  • But the seventh fairys
  • magic still remains. The magic is such that on her 16 thbirthday, she falls asleep instead of dead.So the seventh fairy decides to help her!!

4. MAGIC!!!!!!

  • The seventh fairy waves her magic wand, and suddenly everybody in the kingdom falls asleep for one hundred years.
  • And nobody can approach the kingdom.

5. A prince comes.

  • One day, a prince approaches the kingdom, and he encounters many thorns. So he goes forward with his sword.
  • And he finds the princess.
  • He kisses her and she gets up.

6. My question!!

  • Why did the princes kiss make her wake up?
  • >>> because he is a stranger for her.
  • I think that this story is very romantic, so many girls all over the world love this story.