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description In a sequel to the sleep hygiene quiz in last week’s post, this article explains some of the topics and answers raised by the quiz. The first point touched on is the pre-bed routine, with soothing activities being the best to do before trying to sleep. Journaling is a good way to leave the worries of the day behind, but can also focus your mind on them again. Reading can take your mind off your troubles and stimulate the imagination, but a good book can keep you awake too long. TV and movies are too stimulating for pre-bed. What we eat before bed can also have an effect. We should also be careful about what else we do in our bedrooms apart from sleeping – working in your bedroom should be avoided as much as possible.

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  • 1. Sleep Hygiene Part 2:The QuizExplained

2. In the last post, we gave readers aquiz to help them evaluate theirsleeping habits so they can maximise their chances of getting a good nights sleep. 3. After all, a lot of mental problemscan either be caused by or made worse by poor sleeping patterns. 4. Improving our sleeping habits can be a practical step that we can alltake in order to improve our overall wellbeing. 5. Yes, sometimes emotional problems, stress and grief can sometimescause sleeping problems, and wesuggest that you find some help fordealing with this problem, via hypnotherapy or through some other form of counselling thatreaches the deep levels of yourbeing. 6. Those of you who took the quizmight like a bit of explanationregarding some of the answers andthe questions in it. 7. There wasnt enough space in thelast post to talk through the answers, so here goes 8. Question 1: Pre-bed routines 9. Explanation: When we go to sleep, we need tominimise the amount of adrenaline,the stress hormone, buzzing around in our systems. 10. It is usually a good idea to have abedtime routine that will help yourbody know that its time to winddown and go to sleep. 11. But the key phrase here is winddown. If youre buzzing withadrenaline, youll find it harder todrop off. The activities you do aspart of the wind-down will affectthe amount of adrenaline in yoursystem. 12. Relaxing activities such as a hotbath, aromatherapy and massageare best they get your body into that soothed state where youreready to just close your eyes anddrift away. 13. Processing the days thoughts and events by journaling can also helpyou unwind and lay aside any issuesand worries, so this can also fit nicely into a bedtime routine. 14. However, journaling can also make you revisit some of the toughsituations of the day, so it cansometimes be counterproductive. 15. Reading is also good for unwinding,as it wakes up the creative side of your brain and your imagination,and it can take your mind off yourworries. 16. However, there is the danger ofgetting thoroughly absorbed in theplot and staying up far too late justreading one more chapter becauseyou have to find out what happens next 17. Watching TV and playing videogames is one of the worst things to do before bed, even though you might think its relaxing. 18. Youre not using your imaginationto unwind as you watch, and what you watch often gets your heartrate up, etc. because the excitingbits stir up your emotions and youradrenaline. 19. If theres an absolute must-see onthe box, then either record it forlater, or else allow for a bit of wind- down and processing time once themovies over. 20. Question 2: Suppertime foods 21. Explanation:We all know that certain foods are stimulants. Others are morerelaxing, as they get the body producing the more relaxing hormones, especially serotonin. 22. Food that contains tryptophan is the best, and youll find this in bananas and in milk, as well as inmilk-based products such as cheeseand yoghurt. 23. Having a snack with complex carbohydrates (in bananas or incrackers) and protein (cheese and milk) also provides you with long-lasting energy to get you through the night without waking up hungry. 24. Alcohol is a double-edged swordregarding sleep. Yes, it is a naturalsedative (and the hops in beer are known as sleep-inducing herbs). 25. Shakespeare summed it up nicelywhen the Porter in his Macbethsaid that the three things provokedby drink are sleep, nose-painting and urine, and if you drink a pintbefore bed, youll be waking up in a couple of hours to visit the smallroom. 26. Furthermore, the quality of sleep you get when you use alcohol tohelp you drop off is pretty poor you miss out on some of the REMsleep that we need for our brainsto refresh themselves. 27. Stimulants should be avoidedbefore sleep. This includes allcaffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, cola drinks and the like, and also includes dark chocolate. 28. Save the chocolate for a lunchtimepick-me-up were not so heartless as to say you should avoid italtogether. 29. Questions 3 and 4:Other bedroom activities 30. Explanation: Have you ever noticed that even ifyou werent feeling the urge to go,you suddenly feel it if you open thelavatory door, even if you were justdropping off the supply of loo paper after buying the groceries or if youre going in there to clean it? 31. This is because our bodies knowthat this room means thatparticular bodily function. 32. And you can train your body to actthe same way about the bedroom so that it knows that when youre inthere, its time to sleep. 33. The more non-sleep activities we do in our bedroom, the less likely weare to train this association (its almost a reflex) into ourselves. 34. At the very least, your non-sleepactivities should be fun. 35. The bedroom is also our most private space, so keep it for themost private activities keep workout of it as much as possible. 36. If your bedroom is also yourworkspace, work will be associatedwith the room, and youll have your workspace staring you in the facelast thing at night and first thing inthe morning. 37. If you cant rearrange the otherrooms in your house to give yourselfspace elsewhere for your computer workstation, try arranging your room so the computer isnt where you can see it first thing (try ascreen or covering it over with a throw). 38. And you should never do computerwork sitting up in bed. 39. Above all, you should avoid doingthings that are likely to cause youstress last thing at night, 40. so even if this is your one and onlywork space (e.g. if you live in abedsit or trailer home, or if you area student renting a bedsit), 41. do the things that youre most likely to fret over at a different time ofthe day so you can save the funstuff for the end of the day. 42. Were running out of space andwere only halfway through the quiz questions, so youll have to come back next week for the thirdarticle in this series. 43. This article is brought to you by:Hypnotherapy Brisbane 44.