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  • 7/25/2019 Skyrim Cheat Codes


    Cheat CodesWhile playing the game, press ~to display the consolewindow. Then, type one of the following codes and press[Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:Result Cheat Code

    List all commands helpGod mode tgmncrease level advancepclevelncrease level ofindicated s!ill "yone

    player.incpcs[s!ill name]

    #ll spells Psb#dd indicated$ragon%s &ouls


    #dd indicatedper!

    player.addperk[id num"er]

    #dd indicatedspell

    player.addspell[id num"er]

    #dd indicateditem

    player.additem[id num"er]

    #dd indicatedamount of gold


    #dd indicatednum"er ofloc!pic!s


    &et player level player.setlevel[num"er]

    &et s!ill level

    advancepcskill[s!ill name]


    &et healthplayer.setavhealth[num"er]

    &et magic!aplayer.setavmagicka[num"er]

    &et staminaplayer.setavstamina[num"er]

    &et fatigueplayer.setavfatigue[num"er]

    &et "urdenplayer.modavburden[num"er]

    &et carry weightplayer.modavcarryweight[num"er]

    &et character%s

    fame setpcfame&et character%sinfamy


    &et ownership oftarget' allows youto ta!e it withoutstealing


    &et to high valueto fight' ()( to "efree


    &et player scale'

    (*( is default player.setscale[num"er]&et field of view fov[num"er]+nloc! #rva! the&!eleton orse-($awnguard($L/


    +nloc! selectedloc!ed door orcontainer


    Loc! selecteddoor or container

    with indicated loc!level


    #dvance indicateds!ill

    advskill[s!ill] [num"er]

    omplete all3uest stages


    $uplicate items'clic! container or45, and copy


  • 7/25/2019 Skyrim Cheat Codes


    the 6ef$7ill selectedenemy


    7ill all near"yenemies


    8ast travel toindicated location


    Teleport to 3uesttarget


    ncreasemovement speed"y indicatedpercentage


    #dd item with oneor twoenchantments

    playerenchantobject[o"9ect id] [mgef id *] [mgef id 0]

    6estore player%s5 to full


    6estore targeted45%s 5 to full


    6emove all itemsfrom selected45


    6eset 45 tooriginal inventory


    6esurrecttargeted corpse


    Toggle all mapmar!ers

    tmm[) or *]

    hange genders sechange&pawn 45 player.placeatme[45 $]&how $ forcompanion or45

    help![45 name]!"

    &et the indicated45 as essential

    setessential[45 $] #

    &et refractivevalue of thetarget' ().)( isnormal,().)))))*( is

    invisi"le, (*.)( isfull refraction


    &tart all 3uests'may "rea!storyline


    Testing hall withall items

    coc qasmoke

    &earch "y!eyword

    help keyword[modenum"er]

    8reeflying camera tfcEna"le controls

    during cutscenes enableplayercontrolsToggle #detection' allowseasy stealing


    Toggle # taiToggle collision tclToggle com"atartificialintelligence


    Toggle 8;W tfowToggle grass tg

    Toggle menus tm6ace menu showracemenu&ave game savegame[file name]

  • 7/25/2019 Skyrim Cheat Codes


    $ote '%8or e=ample, enter (modpca strength& #0( toincrease your strength "y *)' it will not set it to *).$ote (%8or e=ample, enter (player.setav strength )0( to setyour &trength to 1). This wor!s for all statistics and s!illsincluding derived stats, such as >agic!a and 8atigue. When

    you use this code to alter >agic!a or 8atigue, you arechanging the "ase value of the stat. 8or e=ample,(player.setav magicka *0( will add ?) points of >agic!a toyour character%s "ase >agic!a score. hanges made to s!illsusing this code will not affect your character%s levelprogression in the same manner as using the (modpcs(.$ote "%Enclose the destination name in parenthesis if itcontains a space.+nfinite skill level gain

    This tric! re3uires that you own a house with an alchemy la".

    ;"tain the ;ghma nfinium "oo!, "ut do not read it. Go to yourhouse, and open the "oo!shelf. 6ead the ;ghma nfinium"oo!, then select the s!ill set to assign the s!ill gain. lose the"oo!, "ut not the "oo!shelf. &tore the "oo! on the shelf, thenta!e the "oo! "ac! off the shelf, and select it, "ut do not readit. 6epeat this as many times as desired to get as much s!illlevel gain as desired.

    ,uplicating apparel items

    5lace any apparel item -armor or 9ewelry for "est results/ on a

    manne3uin. Then, put the item "ac! into your inventory. Leavethe location of the manne3uin, and go to a different area -fore=ample, e=it a house/, then return to the manne3uin to findthe item still on the manne3uin, which you can then ta!e.6epeat this as many times as desired.

    ,uplicating books

    This tric! re3uires that you own a house with an alchemy la".#ctivate the "oo!shelf, then place the desired "oo! to "e

    duplicated on it. Leave the menu, then immediately activatethe "oo!shelf again. f your "oo! has not yet physicallyappeared on the shelf, wait at the menu screen where you canloot the "oo!shelf. ;nce you see the "oo! in front of you -it willhover in front of the shelf while the menu is open/, loot the

    "oo! from the shelf in the menu. mmediately close the menu,and you can clic! on the "oo! itself to read and then ta!e [email protected] will now have looted the "oo! twice, putt ing two of them inyour inventory. 6epeat this as many times as desired. t isespecially useful with e=pensive "oo!s such as the ;ghmanfinium.

    -asy eperienceWhen you reach the part in the tutorial at the "eginning of thegame where you choose to enter the !eep with either advaror 6alof, choose advar, ave advar cut the "indings off

    your hands. Gra" the iron sword off the wall in the room. Then,simply !eep hitting advar with the sword as he stands "y thedoor to !eep leveling up the ;ne2anded s!ill. ;nce you!noc! him down, ma!e sure to not hit him anymore until hegets "ac! up. To level up the &nea! s!ill, !eep snea!ing up onadvar while he stands "y the door, and then attac! him withthe sword. $o this for the first A0 levels. ;nce you reach levelAA for the &nea! s!ill, you can simply sit "ehind him and hithim with the sword every si= seconds. To level up the Two2anded s!ill, progress a little further in the game, and get thetwo2handed sword. ;nce you reach the area with the "ear

    where advar gives you the "ow and arrow, !eep hittingadvar with the two2handed sword to easily level up the Two2anded s!ill. $ote%$o not press [&nea!] while doing this oradvar will move on. To level up the $estruction s!ill, !eep"urning advar. f you leveled the ;ne2anded, &nea!, Two2anded, and $estruction s!ills to level *)) using this method,you should have AB per! points and "e at level AB to start thegame. $ote%This glitch was done on an unpatched version ofthe game.

  • 7/25/2019 Skyrim Cheat Codes


    Go to 6iverwood village, and find #lvor C &igrid%s house.nside is a man named advar. 6est until it is after ? a.m. so#lvor leaves the house. &igrid and the young girl shouldremain downstairs, and advar will "e upstairs. f he is not,9ust wait until he comes upstairs. Then, save the game 9ust in

    case there is a pro"lem during the ne=t part. E3uip yourstrongest sword or weapon that you want to increase the s!illlevel for, and snea! "ehind him until he cannot see you. $o aheavy stri!e, and he will stum"le to the floor. When he gets up,he will have no !nowledge that you hit him. e also neverdies, so it can "e done indefinitely. 6epeat the process to levelup as much as desired. This will also ma=imiDe your &nea!s!ill, and whatever weapon type you are using.

    -asy goldTa!e a horse and carriage to Winterhold. ;nce in Winterhold,

    immediately turn right. Travel southwest from Winterhold to alocation called (&ightless 5it(. ust a"ove &lightless 5it on themountain is an alter with a s!eleton on it. Feside the s!eletonis a "oo! called (The $oors To ;"livion(. 5ic! up the "oo!,and then !ill the s!eleton on the ta"le. Two other s!eletons willrise around the alter' !ill them as well. 6eturn to the s!eletonnear where you pic!ed up the "oo!, and loot its "ody, ta!ingeverything. Loot it again, and you will notice the "oo! on thes!eleton !eeps reappearing. @ou can !eep ta!ing (The $oors;f ;"livion( "oo! worth ) gold each. Every time you view the&!eleton%s inventory, even if you do not ta!e the "oo!, it

    should add one "oo! to the s!eleton%s inventory. 6epeat thisas much as desired. $ote%This glitch was done on anunpatched version of the game.#t any time, go to $awnstar. ;nce in $awnstar, locate theentrance to the ron2Frea!er >ine, "ut do not enter it. To theleft of the entrance are some roc!s around a tree. Wal! underthe tree, and aim your crosshairs around the edges of theroc!s until (&earch hest( appears. ;pen it to find a largeamount of free loot, including crafting supplies, weapons,armor, enchanted items, gold, and more. $ote%The chest is

    invisi"le as it sits under the ground, "ut it is still loota"le. Looteverything, then sell the items for a large sum of gold. t isrecommended you "ring a horse, as you will 3uic!ly "ecomeover2encum"ered and una"le to move 3uic!ly or fast travel. Toreset the chest and get more loot, go "ac! to the entrance to

    $awnstar. @ou will see a 7ha9iit trader caravan. f the caravanis not there, wait a few days for it to return. Loo! for the 7ha9iitnamed (#h!ari(. &ave the game while loo!ing at her, thenattac! her after saving. t is not necessary to !ill her, asdamaging her should "e enough. Then, reload the savedgame file, and tal! to her. #s! to see her wares, then e=it the(Trade( menu, and return to the invisi"le chest "y the mine.6epeat this process as many times as desired.

    When doing the 3uest to get married, marry a follower. Then,ma!e them follow you and trade items. They should have B)

    gold "ecause of the store they run. Ta!e their gold, leave, andwait one day to get more gold. 6epeat this as many times asdesired.

    While doing the 3uests to get the (;ne With The &hadows(achievement, you will get a special re3uest for Windhelmcalled (&ummerset &hadows(. ;nce you have completed this3uest, 4iranye will have H,))) gold on her every two days.7eep stealing as much gold from her as desired. t is possi"leto steal almost *H,))) gold in thirty minutes. This also is aneasy way to get the (Golden Touch( achievement.

    #t the "eginning of the game, when you reach the first town of6iverwood, find od. e usually stands at the top of thesawmill during the day. e will pay you for as much wood asyou can give him. There is no limit to how much you can ma!e"y chopping wood and selling it to him, as he never runs out ofgold li!e the merchants. hop and sell as much wood to himas desired for easy gold.

    -asy gold and lchemy and /peech skills

  • 7/25/2019 Skyrim Cheat Codes


    This tric! re3uires some time to set up, "ut once it is done, youcan get as much gold as desired. t re3uires the following:

    *. 8ortify #lchemy Enchantment0. elmet, glovesI"racers, two rings, and a nec!lace

    A. 8ive Grand &oul Gems filled with Grand &ouls. Grand &oulscan "e ta!en from >ammoths or "ought.H. The ingredients for 8ortify 6estoration potions: #"eceanLongfins, yrodilic &padetails, and &alt 5iles. The fish can "eo"tained easily "y swimming around Goldenglow Estate near6iften. ollect as many of these as you can, at least ten tofifteen of each ingredient.. ngredients for a 8ortify Enchanting potion: &now"erries,&priggan &ap, agraven law, and Flue Futterfly Wing.

    &tart "y enchanting your helmet, gloves, one of the rings, and

    the nec!lace with 8ortify #lchemy using the Grand &oul Gems.t wor!s "est if your Enchanting is at *)) with five per!s inEnchanter. E3uip the newly fortified e3uipment. Go to analchemy la", and create a potion of 8ortify 6estoration. E=itand drin! the potion. Without e=iting the menu, go to(#pparel(, une3uip, and re2e3uip the gear. Then, createanother 8ortify 6estoration potion. $rin! it, une3uip, and re2e3uip the gear until you can craft very strong 8ortify6estorations -in the millions of percent/. f you go too high, thepotions will start getting negative num"ers. $o not drin! thoseor the game will glitch. When you are satisfied with the

    strength of your potions, drin! one, then craft a 8ortifyEnchanting potion. Go to an #rcane Enchanter, drin! your8ortify Enchanting potion, and enchant the remaining ring with8ortify #lchemy. This negates the need to repeat this process.Then, go to any apothecary, and "uy a Giants Toe and someWheat. While wearing your ring, craft a potion using these twoingredients. @ou should get a massive increase in #lchemy. twill "e worth hundreds of thousands of &eptim. 4o merchantwill have that much money, "ut sell it to them for whatever theycan pay, and your &peech will rise to *)). f it does not raise

    your &peech s!ill to *)), ma!e another potion, and repeat.#fter your &peech is leveled, add per!s until you get to the(nvest( per!. Go to the 6iverwood trader, and invest in him.Go outside, and wait H? hours. 6eturn, and he will have*),))) &eptim. &ell him a potion to get all his gold. Go

    outside, and wait another H? hours. 6eturn, and sell him apotion to get all his gold. 6epeat this as many times asdesired. t is possi"le to get over *)),))) &eptim in tenminutes in e=change for the cost of ma!ing the potions.

    -asy gold and -nchanting and /mithing skills$ote%This tric! re3uires a &oul Trap weapon and access to asmith and arcane enchanter. 8irst, purchase an e3ual num"erof ron ngots, Leather &trips, and 5etty &oul Gems. 8ill the5etty &oul Gems -"y !illing with the &oul Trap weapon/, thengo to a smith. reate as many ron $aggers as possi"le, then

    go to an arcane enchanter -there is one in $ragonsreach/.Enchant all the daggers with the 5etty &oul Gems -disenchantthe &oul Trap weapon, if re3uired/. Go to a shop, and sell thedaggers. $epending on your "arter s!ill, you will ma!eappro=imately *B) gold per dagger in profit, and will level upyour Enchanting and &mithing s!ills. $ote%&mith every threeor four daggers, and enchant every one or two daggers earlyon.-asy super weapons and armor

    This tric! re3uires the necessary per!s in the #lchemy,

    Enchanting, and &mithing s!ills. 8irst, enchantarmorI"ootsIglovesIetc. with alchemy "oosting properties.Then, e3uip the enchanted gear, and create a potion thatenhances your enchanting s!ill for a certain amount of time.Go "ac!, drin! the potion, and enchant new e3uipment withalchemy "oosting properties again. @our new e3uipment willnow "oost your alchemy even more, which will allow you tocreate a potion that enhances your enchanting even more thanthe first potion you made. 6epeat this as many times asdesired. Then, create smith "oosting e3uipment and a smith

  • 7/25/2019 Skyrim Cheat Codes


    "oosting potion. Go to the "lac!smith, and create your gearwhile you have your smith "oosting e3uipmentIpotion, andupgrade it to the desired stats.

    dding ortify enchantment to a weapon

    This glitch re3uires you have *)) enchantment and the per!that allows you to add two enchantments to a weapon. 8irst,go to the enchantment ta"le, and select the soul gem you wishto use. Then, choose a weapon enchantment such as 8rostdamage, &tamina damage, &oul Trap, etc. &elect a fortifyenchantment, de2select the fortify enchantment, then select itagain. @ou should now "e a"le to select a weapon to enchant.

    +nfinite arrows

    5ic!poc!et someone who shoots target dummies with arrows,and ta!e the arrows they were using -usually iron or steel/.Then, give them one of the arrow type you want more of. Theywill now shoot that type of arrow instead of the one they wereshooting "efore. &imply collect the arrows as they hit thetarget dummy to get as many arrows as desired.

    #fter !illing the first dragon and "eing appointed Thane ofWhiterun, tal! to the new house earl, and trade items withthem. Give them one arrow from your "est set of arrows, thenremove their sword, and assign them a "ow. Every time you

    go into "attle, they will fire multiple arrows from the one youtraded. Then, collect all of the arrows after the "attle is over.

    +nfinite weight limit

    ontainers are persistent and items do not disappear. Thus,any "arrel, "o=, or chest can "e used to store your items. twor!s "est to use containers near a 3uic! travel loadinglocation. owever, since the game is "uggy, your itemspro"a"ly will not disappear when placed in a random "arrel or

    chest, "ut there is no way to guarantee they will not disappearunless you purchase a house and store your items in it.

    -asy armor& spells& and general eperience

    &et the difficulty to (4ovice(, and have a wea! one2handedattac! enemy hit you while healing. This will level the armoryou are wearing, 6estoration, and also may level up llusion.

    -asy eperience and +llusion skill

    >ost spells re3uire you to actively use them in com"atsituations or on specific o"9ects to progress, "ut the >ufflespell does not re3uire this. >uffle is an llusion spell that 3uietsyour movements. ontinually cast >uffle while you are wal!ingaround the world of &!yrim to "oost your llusion s!ill and

    increase your overall e=perience.

    -asy rchery skill

    Go to 6iverwood, find an elf named 8aendal, and then delivera note to amilla. 4e=t, find 8aendal, and as! him to followyou. >a!e sure you have at least 0)) gold. #s! him to trainyou. When he does, as! him to trade with you. Go into hisinventory, and ta!e your money "ac!. @ou can do this fivetimes a level, and it really helps early in the game. 6epeat thisas much as desired.

    -asy 1locking skill$ote%This tric! re3uires an J"o= A1) controller. +se thefollowing tric! to level up your Floc!ing s!ill or save a fewspare per!s. 8ind a wea! enemy that does not enter water -fore=ample, a wolf/. 5in yourself "etween the enemy and thewater, then use a ru""er "and to hold the trigger "utton thatcontrols your shield for as long as desired to !eep leveling upthe Floc!ing s!ill. $ote%>a!e sure the enemy will not movefrom where he is attac!ing you.

  • 7/25/2019 Skyrim Cheat Codes


    -asy Conjuration skill

    Fuy or steal a horse. @ou can get one in Whiterun. Learn the&oul Trap spell. Then, use the &oul Trap spell on your horse. twill not harm your horse, "ut it will !eep leveling up the

    on9uration s!ill. 6epeat this as much as desired.

    This tric! wor!s "est with the Found &word spell, as you area"le to con9ure two of these at the same time to gaine=perience faster. This wor!s "est when there is an enemythat is trying to fight you, "ut you are at an area that theycannot reach you -for e=ample, fighting a troll or "ear whileyou are too high for them to actually hit you/. +se the Found&word spell, put the sword-s/ away, then repeat the process tolevel up your on9uration s!ill 3uic!ly.

    This tric! re3uires dragons roaming around and "eing farenough in The $ar! Frotherhood to have &hadowmere. Whenyou find where a dragon is located, fast travel there so&hadowmere can "e with you. &tart the "attle with the dragon,"ut do not worry when the dragon goes after &hadowmere, as&hadowmere is invinci"le and will fight and eventually !ill thedragon for you. While he is fighting the dragon, use the Found&word spell, put the sword-s/ away, then repeat the process tolevel up your on9uration s!ill 3uic!ly.

    -asy ,estruction skill

    When you 9oin the 8ighter%s Guild, you will "e prompted to gooutside and duel with one of the mem"ers. When you areoutside, switch to destruction magic, and use it against theopponent repeatedly. e will !eep telling you to use a sword,"ut you will gain e=perience, and he will not die. 6epeat this asmuch as desired to get easy J5 for magic.

    -asy Pickpocket skill

    Go to 9ail in 6iften, then unloc! your cell door. $irectly acrossfrom your cell is a guy named Flac!2Friar. @ou can pic!poc!ethim even after he catches you. 5ic!poc!et all of his stuff, thenplace it "ac! into his inventory. 6epeat this as many times asdesired to easily increase your 5ic!poc!et s!ill level.

    -asy Restoration skill

    Go to igh rothgar. Go out the door to the area where youare taught the Whirlwind &print, then go to the right. Loo! for asmall staircase that goes up to a "liDDard of some !ind. Goforward 9ust enough to start getting hurt "y it, then start usingthe ealing spell. @our health will go down slowly "ecause youare using the healing spell, "ut you will also gain e=perience.This method is "etter than fighting an enemy and leveling upyour e=perience since you can control how much damage you

    are ta!ing "y simply wal!ing "ac!wards.

    -asy /mithing and /peech skill

    Every time you go to a forge, ma!e sure to tal! to the personin charge of it, and "uy all the iron ingot and leather or leatherstrips they are selling. Then, ma!e as many leather strips as itta!es for each iron ingot. Ta!e it to the forge, and ma!e an irondagger that only ta!es one of each ingredient to create. f yousell it "ac! to the merchant, sell it one at a time so you createmore transactions to level up the &peech s!ill.

    -asy /neak skill

    #t the "eginning of the game, you will encounter a sleeping"ear in elgen%s 7eep. advar will say you can either snea!past it or !ill it. ust off to the left of where advar stops is asmall roc! pile. Go to the "ac! side of it, and you can snea! inthe crevice there and remain hidden from the "ear. 7eepsnea!ing at the roc! to increase your &nea! s!ill level. 6epeatthis for a long as desired, as the "ear will only move if it

  • 7/25/2019 Skyrim Cheat Codes


    detects you. To ma!e sure you are in a good location, snea!for a short time, then chec! your &nea! s!ill to see if it isrising. f not, move slightly closer to the "ear and !eep trying.

    #fter the prologue part of the game, go to Em"ershard >ine.

    7ill the two "andits in the first cham"er of the mine, then gointo the short tunnel. Lower the "ridge "y pulling the near"yswitch -e=plore along the tunnel on the far wall from theentrance/. ontinue through the ne=t few rooms until youreach an area with a "andit in a sort of pit -the pit has a forgein it/. 7ill the "andit in the pit to attract the attention of theguard on the "ridge. &he will start shooting arrows at you.ide a"out half way down the "ridge in the shadows, and 9ust!eep wal!ing into the wall while snea!ing to easily level upyour &nea! s!ill.

    6each White 6un, and go east. >ove toward the mountainuntil you find White 6iver Watch. 7ill the two "andits outside,and enter. The "lind guy inside will as! if you are 6alph. &ayyes, and then !eep wal!ing into the wall in the shadows whilesnea!ing to easily !eep leveling up your &nea! s!ill.

    ;nce you can go to Flea! 8alls Farrow, go there, and tal! to&ven a"out his love trou"les with a girl. #ccept to deliver afa!e letter to the girl he mentions. 8ind the girl, and deliver theletter to her. Then, go to 8aendal, and accept the (Goldenlaw( 3uest. Go "ac! to &ven, and tal! to him a"out the 3uest.

    Tell him to follow you, then snea! "ehind &ven, and snea!attac! him. 6epeat this as many times as desired to easilylevel up the &nea! s!ill, the weapon s!ill for the weapon youhave e3uipped, and general e=perience. $ote%>a!e sure youdo not !ill &ven. &ven will get mad at you when you !eepattac!ing him, "ut he will never try to attac! you "ac!.#dditionally, ma!e sure to not get the per! that increases one2handed weapons to do 1= damage or the snea! attac! will !ill&ven.

    ;nce you can reach the Grey"eards at igh rothgar, !eepsnea!ing "ehind one of the Grey"eards, and wait until you"ecome undetected. Then, attac! them, and !eep repeatingthis as many times as desired. The Grey"eards will not attac!you, and this is not considered a crime. #dditionally, you can

    use a weapon while you attac! them, "ut there is a chanceyou will !ill them. t wor!s "est while unarmed.

    -asy /peech skillGo to 6iften, and tal! to the $ar! Elf named +ngrien. hoosethe (Tell me a"out >aven Flac!2Friar.( option, and then selectthe persuade option. #fter that, the persuade option will notdisappear, allowing you to !eep selecting it as many times asdesired to get easy e=perience and ma= out your &peechs!ill. $ote%This glitch was done on an unpatched version ofthe game.

    -asy stealingTo steal any item, simply gra" a "as!et, "uc!et, !ettle, or anyother type of container. Then, place it over the head of the45 that owns the item-s/. While the container is over theirhead, they will not "e a"le to see you as you steal the desireditem-s/. $ote%This tric! does not wor! for pic! poc!eting. tonly wor!s for stealing items off counters, shelves, etc.#dditionally, there are a few, select 45%s that will not allowyou to put a container over their head.

    &imply move an item you wish to steal out of the owner%s view

    "y !ic!ing it. ;nce the item is out of view of the owner, you cansteal it without getting caught or penaliDed.

    -asy weapon eperience

  • 7/25/2019 Skyrim Cheat Codes


    When the Flades as!s you to !ill 5aarthurna=, approach himto chec! if he is on the stone wall perfectly. #ttac! him with anydesired weapon or destruction magic to increase it. f he dies,restart and try again. f done correctly, he will 9ust !eep ta!ingthe hits, then fly up and "ac! down. e will never die, and you

    will not get any "ounties for attac!ing him.

    ree training

    Get any s!ill trainer as your follower, and train your s!ills withhim. Then, as! him to trade, and ta!e the gold you gave him"ac!.

    To get costly -especially on later levels/ training for free, enterany guild where there are trainers in what you need, and gaintheir trust. Get the desired training you need from the trainer,

    and then pic!poc!et him -your money for the training will "e inhis poc!et/. t would normally "e considered a crime, "ut theguild will not do anything a"out it or report it.

    ree house in 2hiterun

    @ou normally would need ,))) gold to "uy the house inWhiterun, "ut this tric! allows you to get it for free. Go to theman who sells you the house in Whiterun while he is asleep inhis "ed. e will sit up to tal! to you. >a!e sure you arestanding in a place that you can open the nightstand or

    dresser ne=t to the "ed while you are tal!ing to him. #s soonas you agree to "uy the house, immediately open the dresserne=t to the "ed, and put your gold into it, and return to theconversation. e will give you the !ey, and then you cansimply ta!e your gold "ac! out of the dresser.

    +nvincible dog companionGo to 8al!reath, and find the smith named Lod. e will as!you to find his dog. @ou can find the dog, Far"as, outside ofthe village, and it will ta!e you to the &hrine of lavicus Kile.

    ;nce you spea! with the $aedra Lord, the dog will accompanyyou until you finish the (# $aedra%s Fest 8riend( 3uest. &incethe dog is considered a 3uest item, it cannot "e !illed. t willautomatically attac! enemies who approach you, "ut it will notlose any health. $ote%@ou can also ta!e another companion

    in addition to the dog.Restocking any merchant3s items and gold

    To instantly refill any merchant%s stoc! and gold, simply sell or"uy anything from them. Then, save the game, !ill themerchant, and load the saved game.

    4arger team+se the following tric! to get a three person team with a fiveperson s3uad. ave your main character as! Frelyan >aryonto 9oin you after doing her side 3uest. Give her the &taff of

    on9ure 8lame #tronach. Then, do the (Taste ;f $eath( 3uest,and convince Kerulus to follow. @ou should now have a total ofthree characters. When in com"at, summon your familiar andhave >aryon summon hers. There will now "e five of you in"attle. This ma!es the game easier when doing almost all side3uests. n some side 3uests other characters will also 9oin you,increasing your s3uad. $ote%f you complete >ercer 8rey%s(&coundrel%s 8olly( 3uest, he will as! you to 9oin him in another3uest. When you accept it, you will now have four mem"ers inyour team. @ou can travel to do 3uests with all four mem"ers,and when in "attle your s3uad will increase to seven with

    con9uration a"ilities.loating boes#t random times in the game, the shop!eepers of Whiterun-and possi"ly elsewhere/ will sell a (>iscellaneous( item called($o 4ot $elete(. t appears to "e a common treasure chest,"ut they have no laws of gravity applied to them, li!e thepaint"rushes in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. Thus, when youdrop them, they float wherever your cursor was. 5urchase twoof them to get into areas you could not reach "efore, or evencreate a stairway into the s!y.

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    5eeping the Rusty 6ace and 6ace of 6olag 1al from7ouse 8f 7orrors

    E3uip the 6usty >ace, then clic! on any weapon mount in9erlim to remove the mace from your inventory even though it

    is a 3uest item. 8inish the 3uest to get the mace with unloc!edpotential, the >ace of >olag Fal. This can "e used to !eepother 3uest weapons that are meant to "e given to others,since the game thin!s it is not possi"le that the item is not inyou inventory. The 3uests will continue as normal even thoughyou have !ept the weapons for yourself.

    1ecoming a vampire

    While in com"at against vampires, you have a chance ofcontracting vampirism each time they land a hit on you. f you

    contract the disease, it can "e cured with any regular diseasepotion. owever, if you wait three days, the disease will"ecome permanent, and you will gain the powers of a vampire.There are four stages of Kampirism. The longer you go without"lood, the more powerful the "enefits of vampirism will"ecome, "ut the wea!nesses will also get worse. @ou can onlydrin! "lood from sleeping 45s. #s each stage of vampirismincreases, some effects stay the same, while others change.The four stages of Kampirism and their effect -changes"etween stages are only listed/ are as follows:

    Stage 1

    Kampires have a 0 increase to their llusion spells. They are0 harder for 45s to detect, have *)) resistance todiseases or poisons, and are 0 resistant to ice.

    Kampires are 0 wea!er to fire, and their health, magic, andstamina stats are reduced "y * points in the sunlight. Thosethree stats also do not regenerate.

    Kampires have the power to reanimate the dead to servethem. They can also improve their night vision with anotherpower.

    Kampires gain a spell that allows them to drain the health of

    their enemies.

    Stage 2

    Kampires are ) resistant to frost, and their vampiric servantand drain powers are more powerful.

    Kampires are ) wea!er to fire, and their health, magic, andstamina stats are reduced "y A) points in the sunlight.

    Kampires gain the (Kampiric &eduction( power, which calms

    enemies -animals and people/ for A) seconds. Thus, they willnot attac! you.

    Stage 3

    Kampires are B resistance to ice, and their powers ofreanimating the dead and draining the living "ecome morepowerful.

    Kampires are B wea!er to fire, and their health, magic, andstamina stats are reduced "y H points in the sunlight.

    Stage 4

    Kampires are *)) resistant to ice, and their vampiric servantand drain powers are more powerful.

    Kampires are *)) wea! to fire, and their health, magic, andstamina stats are reduced "y 1) points in the sunlight.

    #ll 45s are hostile towards &tage H vampires.

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    Kampires gain the (Em"race ;f &hadows( power, which turnsyour character invisi"le for three minutes.

    Curing vampirism

    @ou can cure vampirism "y turning to werewolf or "y doing the(6ising #t $awn( 3uest.

    1ecoming a werewolf 9lycanthropy:

    There are several "enefits to "ecoming a werewolf. n humanform, you have increased health. n werewolf form, your speedand physical strength are increased. @ou are a"le to travelfaster, have claws to tear enemies apart, and can use yourhowl to scare enemies to run away from "attle. When you getin9ured, you can feed on ravaged corpses as a werewolf to

    heal your wounds. The werewolf effect is only temporary, andyou ultimately revert "ac! to human form, "ut you can prolongthis effect. #s a werewolf, you can also avoid the rested "ufffrom sleeping. To "ecome a werewolf, follow the 3uestline ofThe ompanions ;f Whiterun. ;nce you reach the (&ilverand( 3uest, you will ta!e part in a secret ritual, where youdrin! another werewolf%s "lood and turn into a werewolfyourself. @ou will "e given a choice to commit yourself, and the3uest will not advance if you do not commit.

    Curing lycanthropy

    8irst, 9oin The ompanions faction. &uccessfully complete all3uests for The ompanions faction. Then, tal! to the leader ofThe ompanions, 7odla! Whitemane, or as! around a"out acure for werewolves. &pea!ing with #ela the untress inWhiterun will also tell you more a"out The ompanions%affliction. The ompanions will offer you a special 3uest thatwill cure your lycanthropy, which is a permanent change. Thus,you will never "e a"le to "ecome a werewolf again.

    &uccessfully complete the 3uest to not "e a werewolf everagain.

    ;oining the College 8f 2interhold

    Go to the ollege ;f Winterhold in Winterhold. 8ind the GrandTeacher Tolfdir, and he will offer the (8irst Lessons( 3uest.&uccessfully complete the 3uest to 9oin the ollege ;fWinterhold.


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    and they will tell you to meet them at their lair in the pine forestin the far southwest corner of &!yrim. 8ast travel to thewestern watchtower outside of Whiterun, then travel westtowards the mar!er. When you reach the door, answer the3uestion as!ed with (&ilence, >y Frother( to enter the

    sanctuary. &pea! to the first person you find inside the lair, andyou will now "e a mem"er of The $ar! Frotherhood.

    The $ar! Frotherhood is the most secretive of all the factions,and can "e hard to find. &tart "y going to "ars and as!inga"out rumors or information. Try tal!ing to "artenders inWindhelm. Eventually you will get a tip to spea! with a "oynamed #ventus #retino, located in the #retino 6esidence inWindhelm. @ou also may "e a"le to spea! with him withoutfirst receiving the rumor. &pea! to the "oy, and accept the(nnocence Lost( 3uest. 4othing will happen immediately after

    completing the 3uest, "ut soon afterwards, a courier willdeliver you a note. Then, sleep and you will "e contacted "yThe $ar! Frotherhood. Tal! to the stranger at your "edside,and you will then "e in The $ar! Frotherhood secret society.

    ;oining the

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    and can "e very useful if you find yourself at the top of adangerous loo!ing mountain without any roads to go down.

    aster horse swimming

    When you are going through water deep enough that yourhorse can swim, dismount and mount the horse to go faster.

    Climbing mountains

    When you reach a point while clim"ing a mountain and cannotprogress forward any longer "ecause the grade is too steep,simply face "ac!wards and start 9umping. 5oint your "utttoward the pea!, and continuously press [ump]. t also helpsto move slightly from side2to2side as you do this. @ou can oftensnag a roc! along the way and shimmy up a mountain without

    having to use a set path. &ometimes facing forward at a Hdegree angle can also help.

    Picking up skill books without reading them

    4ormally, when you pic! up a s!ill "oo! that is not in acontainer, you will read it and gain a point in that s!ill.owever, there is a way to avoid this "y adding the "oo! toyour inventory so that you can save it for use later. This isuseful for later in the game when it can "e difficult to increasea s!ill. To use this method, you need to have a companion.

    When you see a s!ill "oo!, tal! to your companion, and selectthe ( need you to do something( command. Then, put thecursor on the "oo!, and select it. The dialog "o= will tell thecompanion to read the "oo!, "ut the companion will add it totheir inventory. @ou can then ta!e the "oo! from their inventoryto read it and get the s!ill point when desired.

    ,ragon tomb location

    +se a non2dangerous &hout in front of a guard, and a courierwill deliver a letter from a (friend(, giving you the location ofanother dragon tom".

    ,ragonreach cave pu??le solutions

    nside the cave during your first mission for $ragonreach, youwill have to solve a com"ination puDDle. Loo! to the wall a"ovethe closed gate. @ou will see two heads with a gap in themiddle. Each one holds a picture of a creature -sna!e anddolphin/. ;n the floor "y the lever is the third creature -sna!e/.The com"ination is &na!e, &na!e, $olphine. The secondcom"ination is found deeper in the cham"ers. t is a turnta"lecom"ination, which is more difficult. The solution is Fear, ;wl,Fird. nsert the claw, and the door will open.

    ,efeating =iants easilyGet a Giant to chase you to a near"y river, then go underwater, and the giant will immediately turn and wal! away.When he does, snea! out, and shoot him with an arrow. Whenhe turns around to attac!, go "ac! under the water, and he willagain turn and wal! away. 7eep repeating this process until heis dead. $ote%This is a slow process that ta!es a while [email protected] armor locations

    &earch the indicated locationIcomplete the indicated tas! to

    get the corresponding uni3ue armor:

    #ncient elmet ;f The +n"urned: n the La"yrinthian Tri"une,loo! for it in a corner "ehind a loc!ed gate on top of a swordduring (The &taff ;f >agnus( ollege ;f Winterhold 3uest.

    #rchmage%s 6o"es: @ou will get it as a reward at the ollege;f Winterhold from Tolfdir after completing (The Eye ;f>agnus( ollege ;f Winterhold 3uest. Enchant the ro"es toreduce spell cost.

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    icero%s #rmor 2 Foots, lothes, Gloves, at: icero, !eeperfor the $ar! Frotherhood. n the $awnstar &anctuary, you can!ill icero, !eeper for The $ar! Frotherhood, during (The ure8or >adness( $ar! Frotherhood 3uest to get his armor.

    E=ecution ood: @ou will find it with the captives at the#"andoned &hac! during the (With 8riends Li!e These( $ar!Frotherhood 3uest.

    Gauldur #mulet 8ragment: @ou will find it on the corpse of>i!rul Gauldurson in 8olgunthur during the (8or"iddenLegend( side 3uest. Enchant the amulet to get a health "oost.

    Gauldur #mulet 8ragment: @ou will find it on the corpse of yri!Gauldurson in &aarthal during the (8or"idden Legend( side3uest. Enchant the amulet to get a magic!a "onus.

    elm ;f @ngol: ;n top of the head of the s!eleton sitting onthe throne at the end of the @ngol Farrow dungeon. Enchantthe item to "oost frost resistance.

    agged rown: @ou will get this crown in 7orvan9und ryptduring (The agged rown( ivil War 3uest.

    ester%s #rmor 2 Foots, lothes, Gloves, at: @ou can findester on a ta"le in the $awnstar &anctuary or in the chapel ofThe $ar! Frotherhood &anctuary.

    eweled #mulet: @ou will get this amulet in Kolunruud as areward from #maund >otierre during (The &ilence as FeenFro!en( $ar! Frotherhood 3uest.

    >ovarth%s Foots: n >ovarth%s Lair, search for them "y the "edin the corner at the "ac! of the cave. Enchant the "oots tofortify the snea!ing s!ill.

    >ystic Tuning Gloves: @ou will get it as a gift from $revis4eloren at the ollege ;f Winterhold after completing the (;ut;f Falance( ollege 6adiant 3uest.

    5arty Foots, lothes: @ou will get these items during the

    ($iplomatic mmunity( main 3uest at 7atla%s 8arm.

    &aarthal #mulet: @ou will find the amulet in &aarthal during the(+nder &aarthal( ollege ;f Winterhold 3uest. Enchant theamulet to reduce spell cost.

    &avos #ren%s #mulet: @ou will get it as a gift from >ira"elleErvine at the ollege ;f Winterhold after completing the(ontainment( ollege ;f Winterhold 3uest. Enchant theamulet to get a magic!a "onus.

    &hield ;f &olitude: Go to the Flue 5alace in &olitude, andsuccessfully complete the (The Wolf

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    >age &tanding &tone allow you to learn magic s!ills 0)faster. Thief &tanding &tone allow you to learn stealth s!ills0) faster. Warrior &tanding &tone allow you to learn com"ats!ills 0) faster. The &tanding &tones are located southwestof 6iverwood, "elow #nise%s a"in. They are easy to spot, and

    you should not miss them as you leave elgen. &earch theindicated locations to find the &tanding &tones:

    The #pprentice &tone: t is south of &olitude, on an island, in asmall water marshland. t helps you recover magic!a 3uic!ly,"ut it ma!es you suscepti"le to magic!a damage.

    The #tronach &tone: t is "etween 6iften and Windhel, in themarshland. t is 9ust outside the mountain range "etween thetwo locations, near the Eldergleam &anctuary and $ar!waterrossing "y the river to the east of the two. t gives you a large

    magic!a "oost and ena"les you to a"sor" spell damage, "utyou recover it slowly.

    The Lady &tone: t is on a small island on the la!e to the westof 6iverwood. t allows you to regenerate health and stamina3uic!ly.

    The Lord &tone: t is southwest of $awnstar, in the mountainrange, on the northern pea!. t ma!es you resistant to magic!aand physical damage.

    The Lover &tone: t is east of >ar!arth, a"out one fifth of theway to &olitude. t helps you improve all your s!ills faster.

    The 6itual &tone: t is east of Whiterun, south of the river,"etween Whiterun and Kaltheim Towers. t allows you to re2animate near"y corpses to fight for you.

    The &erpent &tone: t is east of Winterhold, north of Windhelm,in the sea, on a floating ice "erg. t gives you a rangedparalyDing poison to use once a day.

    The &hadow &tone: t is south of 6iften, on a small mountain"efore the large mountain range to the south. t lets you"ecome invisi"le once a day for an e=tended period.

    The &teed &tone: t is on the tip of the highest mountain,

    northwest of &olitude. t increases your carrying capacitywithout any movement penalty.

    The Tower &tone: t is on a mountain in the middle ofWinterhold and $awnstar. t allows you to automatically opene=pert and lower loc!s.


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    /mithingourneyman Trainer: 8ind GhorDa in >ar!arth.E=pert Trainer: 8ind Falimund in 6iften.>aster Trainer: 8ind Eorlund Gray2>ane in Whiterun.7anded

    E=pert Trainer: 8ind Tor"9orn &hatter2&hield in Windhelm.>aster Trainer: 8ind Kil!as of The ompanions in Whiterun.Magiclterationourneyman Trainer: 8ind >elaran in &olitude.E=pert Trainer: 8ind $ravynea of 7ynesgrove in Eastmarch.>aster Trainer: 8ind Tolfdir of The ollege in Winterhold.Conjurationourneyman Trainer: 8ind 6unil in 8al!reath.E=pert Trainer: 8ind 5hinis Gestor of The ollege inWinterhold.

    >aster Trainer: 8ind 8alion in >orthal.,estructionourneyman Trainer: 8ind Wuunferth the +nliving inWindhelm.E=pert Trainer: 8ind &y"ille &tentor in &olitude.>aster Trainer: 8ind 8aralda of The ollege in Winterhold.-nchantingE=pert Trainer: 8ind &ergius Turrianus of The ollege inWinterhold.>aster Trainer: 8ind amal in >ar!arth.+llusion

    E=pert Trainer: 8ind #tu" in Largosh"ur in The 6ift.>aster Trainer: 8ind $revis 4eloren of The ollege inWinterhold.RestorationE=pert Trainer: 8ind 7eeper arcette at The all ;f TheKigilant and olette >arence of The ollege in Winterhold.>aster Trainer: 8ind $anica 5ure2&pring in Whiterun.Stealthlchemy

    ourneyman Trainer: 8ind Lami in >orthal.E=pert Trainer: 8ind #rcadia in Whiterun.>aster Trainer: 8ind Fa"ette in The $ar! Frotherhood&anctuary.4ight rmor

    ourneyman Trainer: 8ind &couts2>any2>arshes in Whiterun.E=pert Trainer: 8ind Grel!a in 6iften.>aster Trainer: 8ind >aDir in the $ar! Frotherhood &anctuary.4ockpickingE=pert Trainer: 8ind >a9had at 7ha9iit aravans.>aster Trainer: 8ind Ke= of The Thieves Guild in 6iften.Pickpocketingourneyman Trainer: 8ind #h!ari at 7ha9iit aravans.E=pert Trainer: 8ind &ilda the +nseen in Windhelm.>aster Trainer: 8ind Kipir of The Thieves Guild in 6iften./neak

    ourneyman Trainer: 8ind 7hayla at 7ha9iit aravans.E=pert Trainer: 8ind Garvey in >ar!arth.>aster Trainer: 8ind $elven >allory of The Thieves Guild in6iften./peechourneyman Trainer: 8ind 6evyn &adri in Windhelm and$ro%marash at 7ha9iit aravans.E=pert Trainer: 8ind ;gmund the &!ald in >ar!arth.>aster Trainer: 8ind Geraud Gemaine of Fards% ollege in&olitude./kill book locations

    &!ill "oo!s give you s!ill "onuses. #ll *? s!ills have their owns!ill "oo!s. &earch the indicated location to find thecorresponding s!ill "oo!:

    Alchemy# Game #t $inner, Kolume *: n 4ew Gnisis ornerclu" inWindhelm.# Game #t $inner, Kolume 0: n onning"rew Frewery.

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    er"alist%s Guide To &!yrim: n #rcadia%s auldron inWhiterun.$e 6erum $irennis: n Winterhold #lchemy La".er"alit%s Guide To &!yrim: n the ag%s ure in >a!arth.>annimarco 7ing ;f Worms, Kolume *: ;n the corpse in

    Evergreen Grove.>annimarco 7ing ;f Worms, Kolume 0: n the #lchemy La" in4ightcaller Temple.&ong ;f The #lchemists, Kolume *: n Fards% ollege during&olitude.&ong ;f The #lchemists, Kolume 0: n #nise%s a"in.AlterationFreathing Water, Kolume *: n 7raldar%s ouse in Winterhold.Freathing Water, Kolume 0: n Withing linalta%s $eep.$aughter ;f The 4i"en, Kolume *: n Frandy2>ug 8armstead.$aughter ;f The 4i"en, Kolume 0: n the room ne=t to the arl

    ;f +nderstone in >ar!ath.6eality #nd ;ther 8lasehoods, Kolume *: n the throne roomof @ngvild.6eality #nd ;ther 8lasehoods, Kolume 0: n the 6ed Eagle#scent.&ithis, Kolume *: ;n 7rag%s corpse in 4chuand2Nel.&ithis, Kolume 0: n The $ar! Frotherhood &anctuary.The Lunar Lor!han, Kolume *: n the >aDa!a%s 3uarters at theLighthouse ;f &olitude.The Lunar Lor!han, Kolume 0: n the central cham"er of the#rcane Enchanter of ragwallow &lope.

    Archery8ather ;f The 4i"en, Kolume *: n Frinehammer &hipwrec!old.8ather ;f The 4i"en, Kolume 0: n #utumnshade learing,northwest of 6iften, on a dead hunter.The Flac! #rrow 5art , Kolume *: n $run!en untsmanTavern in Whiterun.The Flac! #rrow 5art , Kolume 0: n Kaltheim Towers.

    The Gold 6i""on ;f >erit, Kolume *: n 8letcher%s shop in&olitude.The Gold 6i""on ;f >erit, Kolume 0: n #ngi%s amp.The >ar!smanship Lesson, Kolume *: n the map room in$awnstar &anctuary.

    The >ar!smanship Lesson, Kolume 0: n Gilfre%s house at>i=water.Kernaccus #nd Fourlor, Kolume *: n the &mithshop at7nifepoint 6idge.Kernaccus #nd Fourlor, Kolume 0: n 8ro!i%s &hac!.Bloc# $ance n 8ire, Kolume *: n the li"rary in 8ort &nowhaw!.# $ance n 8ire, Kolume 0: n the ruined hostel at Traitors%5ost.Fattle ;f 6ed >ountain, Kolume *: n Watch 5ass at&!y"ound.

    Fattle ;f 6ed >ountain, Kolume 0: n $estroyed aravan atTolvald%s rossing.$eath Flow ;f #"ernit, Kolume *: n the all ;f The $ead atWhiterun.$eath Flow ;f #"ernit, Kolume 0: n the war room in8al!reath.The >irror, Kolume *: ;n a sleeping mat on a redou"t of theFro!en Tower.The >irror, Kolume 0: n +lfric%s "edroom in Windhelm astle.Warrior, Kolume *: n the Foss arena in the $riftshade 6efuge.Warrior, Kolume 0: n the aptain%s 3uarters in 8ort 7ostov.

    Con!"ration8rostfall 5art , Kolume *): n the last room of the Word Wall in&understone Gorge.8rostfall 5art , Kolume *): n Felyn laalu%s house 8ire 5art , Kolume O: n the last room in 6imeroc! 8ire 5art , Kolume O: 4ear the >ortar and 5estle shopin $awnstar.

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    Liminal Fridges, Kolume *: n north entrance of &halidar%s>aDe.Liminal Fridges, Kolume 0: #t the top of 8al!reath Watchtower.The $oors ;f ;"livion, Kolume *: n 6eachcliff ave.The $oors ;f ;"livion, Kolume 0: n 8ellglow 7eep.

    The Warrior%s harge, Kolume *: n the sacrificial cham"er ofthe #rcane Enchanter at Frittleshin 5ass.The Warrior%s harge, Kolume 0: n the arl%s "ed cham"er in>ar!arth.#estr"ction# ypothetical Treachery, Kolume *: n the central cham"er ofigh Gate 6uins.# ypothetical Treachery, Kolume 0: n the #retino residencein Windhelm.#rt ;f War >agic, Kolume *: n 6avenscar ollow.#rt ;f War >agic, Kolume 0: n White all at $awnstar.

    orrors ;f astle Jyr, Kolume *: n the alchemy la" in6annveig%s 8ast.orrors ;f astle Jyr, Kolume 0: n Glenmoril oven.6esponse To Fero%s &peech, Kolume *: n aemar%s avern.6esponse To Fero%s &peech, Kolume 0: n ron Frea!er >inein $awnstar.The >ystery ;f 5rincess Talara 5art , Kolume A: : nWinterhold.The >ystery ;f 5rincess Talara 5art , Kolume A: : n the+pper None of &teepfall Furrow.Enchantment

    # Tragedy n Flac!, Kolume *: n Glenmoril oven.# Tragedy n Flac!, Kolume 0: n linalta%s $eep.atalog ;f #rmor Enchantments, Kolume *: n 8alion%s housein >orthal.atalog ;f #rmor Enchantments, Kolume 0: n &teamscorch>ine in 7ynsegrove.atalog ;f Weapon Enchantments: n White all at $awnstar.Enchanter%s 5rimer, Kolume *: n Kalentina%s house inWhiterun.

    Enchanter%s 5rimer, Kolume 0: n o"%s 8all ave.Twin &ecrets, Kolume *: #t the top of the #rcane Enchanter inagraven, at &erpent%s Fluff.Twin &ecrets, Kolume 0: n Treva%s Watch.$eavy Armor

    allgerd%s Tale, Kolume *: East of varstead, northwest of6iften, on top of the tower on a ta"le, guarded "y ;rc hunters.allgerd%s Tale, Kolume 0: n orrvas!r all at Whiterun.>[email protected] 5art , Kolume 1: ;utside the alchemy la" in 8ort$unstead prison.>[email protected] 5art , Kolume 1: n a guardhouse in >orthal.himarvamidium, Kolume *: ;n a des! in alcelmo%s Tower in>al!orth.himarvamidium, Kolume 0: n $ar!water rossing.;rsinium #nd The ;rcs, Kolume *: n &tonehills.;rsinium #nd The ;rcs, Kolume 0: n $ushni!h @al.

    The 7nights ;f The 4ine, Kolume *: n the dining area inWindhelm.The 7nights ;f The 4ine, Kolume 0: n the all ;f TheKigilant.%ll"sionFefore The #ges ;f >an, Kolume *: n $ragonsreach arl%s3uarters in Whiterun.Fefore The #ges ;f >an, Kolume 0: n the four level room in&hroud earth Farrow.ncident #t 4ecrom, Kolume *: n 5inemoon ave.ncident #t 4ecrom, Kolume 0: n the loc!ed room "y the

    alchemy la" at Floodlet Throne.>ystery ;f Talara 5art , Kolume H: 4ear the #rcaneEnchanter at Fro!en 8ang ave.>ystery ;f Talara 5art , Kolume H: n 4epa%s house in>ar!arth.&un%s $awn 5art , Kolume 0: n the inner sanctum in theTemple ;f $i"ella in >al!arth.&un%s $awn 5art , Kolume 0: 4ear the argraven%s tent in$ar!light Tower.

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    The Flac! #rts ;n Trial, Kolume *: n 8al!reath ail.The Flac! #rts ;n Trial, Kolume 0: n the White 5hial store inWhiterun.&ight Armorce #nd hitin, Kolume *: n the guard tower in >ar!arth.

    ce #nd hitin, Kolume 0: n a room under the southern "ridgeof Windhelm.orni"ret%s Last $ance, Kolume *: n 8ort 4eugard%s li"rary.orni"ret%s Last $ance, Kolume 0: n an #utumnwatch tower.6islav The 6igtheous, Kolume *: n the training room at 8ortGreymoor.6islav The 6igtheous, Kolume 0: n the training room atrac!ed Tus!.The 6ear Guard, Kolume *: n astle $our in &olitude.The 6ear Guard, Kolume 0: #t the $ruaddach 6edou"t.The 6efugees, Kolume *: n a small, nameless camp west of

    elgen. To reach it, follow the path, and !eep left.The 6efugees, Kolume 0: n the &mithy ;f &olitude.&oc'icing#dvances n Loc!pic!ing, Kolume *: nside 6agged 8lagon%scistern at 6iften.#dvances n Loc!pic!ing, Kolume 0: $uring the escape from6iften%s 9ail.5roper Loc! $esign, Kolume *: n idhna >ine in >ar!ath.5roper Loc! $esign, Kolume 0: n the shac! a"ove theramparts at the top of 8aldar%s Tooth.&urfeit ;f Thieves, Kolume *: n the wrec! of the Winter War.

    &urfeit ;f Thieves, Kolume 0: n >istveil 7eep in 6iften. t isne=t to arl Laila Law2Giver%s end ta"le.The Loc!ed 6oom, Kolume *: #t ighmoon all in >orthal.The Loc!ed 6oom, Kolume 0: n #nimonculary%s vault in#lftrand.The Wolf ace Eti3uette, Kolume *: n ;rotheim.>ace Eti3uette, Kolume 0: n 8ort Greenwall.

    >orning &tar 5art , Kolume *: n $riftshade 6efuge.>orning &tar 5art , Kolume *: n Lost Echo ave.4ight 8alls ;n &entinel, Kolume *: n the Fandit campnorthwest of elgen.4ight 8alls ;n &entinel, Kolume 0: n &windler%s $en during aside 3uest.The mportance ;f Where, Kolume *: n a >ar!ath guardtower.The mportance ;f Where, Kolume 0: n hillfurrow 8arm.Warrior: n $riftshade 6efuge.)ic'oceting

    #evar &tone &inger, Kolume *: n Thonnir%s house in >orthal.#evar &tone &inger, Kolume 0: n the last 9ail cell in LostKal!ygg.Feggar, Kolume *: 4ear the 6atway, at the ta"le in room with7a9iit Lowlife.Feggar, Kolume 0: n aelga%s "un!house in 6iften.5urloined &hadows, Kolume *: n $us!glow revice.5urloined &hadows, Kolume 0: n onorfall ;rphanage in6iften.Thief, Kolume *: n Flea! 8alls Temple, &windler%s $en.Thief, Kolume 0: #t the #rgonian #ssem"lage in Windhelm.

    Wulfmare%s Guide To Fetter Thieving, Kolume *: #t the "ottomof 8ort &unguard%s ou"liette.Wulfmare%s Guide To Fetter Thieving, Kolume 0: n >ara%s Eye5ond.*estoration>ystery ;f Talara 5art , Kolume 0: n Eldergleam &anctuary.>ystery ;f Talara 5art , Kolume 0: n 8rostflow Lighthouse.6acial 5hylogeny, Kolume *: #t >oorside nn in >orthal.6acial 5hylogeny, Kolume 0: #t orpselight 8arm in 8al!reath.

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    6ain%s and 5art , Kolume H: n 8alion%s house in >orthal.6ain%s and 5art , Kolume H: n the all ;f The $ead in>ar!ath.The E=odus, Kolume *: n the 8roDen earth in Winterhold.The E=odus, Kolume 0: #t &tendarr%s Feacon.

    Withershins, Kolume *: #t the end of #ctwind 5oint.Withershins, Kolume 0: n the Temple ;f 7ynarteh at Whiterun.Smithingherins% eart, Kolume *: n $awnstar%s ine.herins% eart, Kolume 0: n the forge room of >orvuns!ar.eavy #rmor 8orging, Kolume *: n the &ilent >oons amp.eavy #rmor 8orging, Kolume 0: n Gloom"ound >ine.Light #rmor 8orging, Kolume *: n Lod%s house in 8al!reath.Light #rmor 8orging, Kolume 0: n Em"ershard >ine, on thelower level of the larger area to the west.The #rmorer%s hallenge, Kolume *: 4ear the &mith%s forge at

    >or 7haDgur.The #rmorer%s hallenge, Kolume 0: ;n the &!yforge platformin Whiterun.The Last &ca""ard ;f #!rash, Kolume *: n &ilver and ampin Gallows 6oc!.The Last &ca""ard ;f #!rash, Kolume 0: n the armory of 8ort&unguard.SneaLast &eed 5art , Kolume ?: n 6edoran%s 6etreat.Last &eed 5art , Kolume ?: n the room with #lain at6ald"thar.

    Legend ;f 7rately ouse, Kolume *: n the Flac! Friar Lodge.Legend ;f 7rately ouse, Kolume 0: n the cellar at the4ightgate nn.&acred Witness, Kolume *: n an alchemy la" in $eepwoodKale.&acred Witness, Kolume 0: n Fa"ette%s room in The $ar!Frotherhood &anctuary.The 6ed 7itchen 6eader, Kolume *: n the 8rostmere rypt.

    The 6ed 7itchen 6eader, Kolume 0: n 4ew Gnisis ornerclu"in Windhelm.Three Thieves, Kolume *: n the room of 6attle%s in &now Keil&anctum.Three Thieves, Kolume 0: n onning"rew Frewery%s alchemy

    la".S'eech# $ance n 8ire 5art , Kolume 1: n >ee!o%s &hac!.# $ance n 8ire 5art , Kolume 1: n $ead >an%s $rin! tavernat 8al!reath.# $ance n 8ire 5art , Kolume B: n #rnleif #nd &ons Tradingompany in >ar!ath.# $ance n 8ire 5art , Kolume B: n Feggars% 6ow in 6iften.Fiography ;f The Wolf

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    ,ragon /hout locations

    @ou have the a"ility to a"sor" the $ragon%s soul to unloc! the&hout a"ilities. To learn different types of $ragon &houts, youmust find the ancient ta"let wall that teaches you the $ragon

    Words. Each &hout has three words that can "e learned "ygoing around &!yrim and finding them. alf of the $ragon&houts can "e learned through the main 3uests, while othersre3uire you to search the world of &!yrim to find the ancientta"let walls. f you find all three words in a $ragon &hout, youincrease its effectiveness when used. When you have learnedall three words for a $ragon &hout, you can perform apowerful &hout. &earch the listed locations andIor completethe indicated tas! to find the corresponding $ragon &houtword:

    Animal Allegiance

    $escription: # shout for help from the "easts of the wild, whocome to fight in your defense.

    Location * 2 #nimal: Go into the elgen, and ta!e thesouthwest Fonechill 5assage. The $ragon &hout word is atthe other end, protected "y a dragon. Watch out for the &nowy&a"er at inside Fonchill, as she is fast and very strong.

    Location 0 2 #llegiance: @ou will find it in #ngarvunde in the 6ift

    after completing the (>edresi $ran #nd The Wandering $ead(3uest.

    Location A 2 5ac!: @ou will find it in @sgramor%s Tom" inWinterhold after completing the (Glory ;f The $ead(ompanions 3uest.

    A"ra ,his'er

    $escription: @our voice is not a shout, "ut a whisper, revealingthe life forces and all.

    Location * 2 Life: n the dragon%s lair in 4orthwind &ummit,after you get a letter from a (friend( regarding a source of

    power in the mountains "etween Windhelm and 6iften. t isaround the corner from &hor%s &tone' defeat the dragon tolearn the $ragon &hout word.

    Location 0 2 &ee!: @ou will find it in Kalthume after completingthe (Evil n Waiting( $ungeon 3uest.

    Location A 2 unt: n Kolunruud' it re3uires (The &ilence asFeen Fro!en( $ar! Frotherhood 3uest or the (&ilencedTongues( $ungeon 3uest.

    Become Ethereal

    $escription: The Thu%um reaches out to the Koid, changingyour form to one that cannot "e harmed or harm.

    Location * 2 8ade: &uccessfully complete (The Way ;f TheKoice( main 3uest, and #rngeir will send you to +stengrav$epths to retrieve The orn ;f urgen Windcaller. n the maincavern room, instead of going to the o"9ective, go outside, andthen go to the "ottom where waterfall is with the green trees.Loo! at the "ase of the platform with word of power on it.

    Location 0 2 &pirit: 8ind the settlement with waterfalls andlarge stone structures "etween >ar!arth and 8al!reath. Go tothe top, and fight the agravens. Loo! for the $ragon &houtword in their little den, at the end of the Fard%s Leap &ummit5oint -where you are standing over the waterfall/.

    Location A 2 Find: n ron"ind Farrow.

    Call #ragon

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    $escription: ;dahviingP ear my voice and come forth. summon you in my time of need.

    Location 2 &now, unter, Wing: @ou get all three $ragon &houtwords during (The 8allen( main 3uest.

    Call O- .alor

    $escription: The valiant of &ovngarde hear your voice, and9ourney "eyond space and time to lend their aid.

    Location 2 ero, hampion, Legend: @ou get all three $ragon&hout words during the ($ragonslayer( main 3uest.

    Clear Sies

    $escription: &!yrim itself yields "efore Thu%um, as you clearaway fog and inclement weather.

    Location 2 &!y, &pring, &ummer: @ou get all three $ragon&hout words from #rngeir after completing the (Throat ;f TheWorld( 3uest and getting to igh rothgar.


    $escription: &hout defies steel, as you rip the weapon from anopponent%s grasp.

    Location * 2 Weapon: n the dragon%s lair on Elders"lood 5ea!,at the top of the mountains, south of >orthal.

    Location 0 2 and: $uring the (&pea!ing With &ilence( ThievesGuild 3uest, go to the &now Keil &anctum. n the second area,>ercer will mention something a"out it "eing a perfect am"usharea. The $ragon &hout word is in that room.

    Location A 2 $efeat: n the &ilverdrift Lair.


    $escription: #nd the wea! shall fear the Thu%um, and flee interror.

    Location * 2 8ear: n the dragon%s lair at the Lost Tongue;verloo!. #fter !illing the dragon, you will get the $ragon&hout word from a "ounty letter from Windhelm in varstead%snn.

    Location 0 2 6un: #t the top of $ead rone 6oc!, west of>ar!arth. @ou go here during the (>ehrunes $agon( main3uest. t re3uires the (5ieces ;f The 5ast( $eadric 3uest.

    Location A 2 Terror: n &halidor%s >aDe in La"yrinthian.


    $escription: @our voice lashes out at a dragon%s very soul,forcing the "east to land.

    Location 2 >ortal, nfinite, Temporary: @ou learn all three$ragon &hout words during the (#lduin%s Fane( 3uest.

    Elemental /"ry

    $escription: The Thu%um im"ues your arms with the speed ofwind, allowing for faster weapon stri!es.

    Location * 2 #ir: n the dragon%s lair in $ragontooth rater,"etween &olitude and >ar!arth in the northwest of &!yrim. t isa large mountain range.

    Location 0 2 Fattle: n &hrie!wind Fastion.

    Location A 2 Grace: @ou will find it in 7il!reath 6uins aftercompleting (The Frea! ;f $own( $aedric 3uest.

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    /ire Breath

    $escription: nhale air, e=hale flame, and "ehold the Thu%umas inferno.

    Location * 2 8ire: @ou will learn it during $ustman%s airn 3uestafter completing the (5roving onor( 3uest from Theompanions "ecause it opens a new area of the dungeon thatcontains the $ragon &hout word.

    Location 0 2 nferno: ;"tained automatically during (TheThroat ;f The World( main 3uest.

    Location A 2 &un: n &understone Gorge.

    /rost Breath

    $escription: @our "reath is winter, you Thu%um a "liDDard.

    Location * 2 8rost: n Frownstrewn rest, south of Windhelm,in the middle of the swampland on top of the large hill. t isguarded "y a dragon. $efeat the dragon to learn the $ragon&hout word.

    Location 0 2 old: 7ill the dragon in the $ragon%s Lair in&!y"orn #ltar.

    Location A 2 8reeDe: n 8olgunthur, southeast of &olitude, onthe way to >orthal. t is guarded "y a power $raugr. t alsore3uires the (8or"idden Legend( side 3uest.

    %ce /orm

    $escription: @our Thu%um freeDes an opponent solid.

    Location * 2 ce: ;n >ount #nthor, on the middle mountain inthe range to the northwest of Windhelm, and home to a

    dragon. @ou will also get this location from #rngeir at ighrothgar when you tal! a"out the $ragon &hout locations.

    Location 0 2 8lesh: t is given to you during the (+nder&aarthal( ollege ;f Winterhold 3uest for the circle of >ages.

    t is at the end after you have discovered the artifact you areloo!ing for, in the &aarthal dungeon. When you are leaving thedungeon, loo! for it in the southwest of Winterhold. @ou canalso get it during the (8or"idden Legend( side 3uest.

    Location A 2 &tatue: n 8rostmere rypt during (The 5ale Lady($ungeon 3uest.

    0ynes )eace

    $escription: The voice soothes wild "easts, who lose their

    desire to fight of flee.

    Location * 2 7yne: Go to 6annveig%s 8ast, and defeat the icedragon protecting the entrance. Then, enter to learn the$ragon &hout word.

    Location 0 2 5eace: Go to &hroud earth Farrow $epths. nvarstead, there is a 3uest from the nn 7eeper, Wilheim-(Wilheim%s &cream( dungeon 3uest/. Enter the Farrow, anddefeat the spirit to get the &apphire $ragon law as a rewardfrom Wilheim.

    Location A 2 Trust: n 6agnavald Temple, north of >ar!arth, inthe mountains are the ruins called 6agnavald with a templeinside. Go to the left and right into the canal and the crypts toget the !eys to gain access to the $ragon &hout area. $efeatthe $aedric, otar the >od, to learn the $ragon &hout word.

    Mared /or #eath

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    $escription: &pea!, and let your voice hearld doom, as anopponent%s armor and life force are wea!ened.

    Location * 2 7ill: n the #utomnwatch Tower, south of varstad,further south of 6ift mperial amp, are a couple of towers in

    the mountains. There is a dragon at the top of the farthesttower to the south protecting the $ragon &hout word.

    Location 0 2 Leech: nside the 8orsa!en ave in The 5ale,southwest of Winterhold, at the "ase and south of mountainsthat surround it. t is north of the small la!e on the map. tre3uires (The White 5hial( side 3uest. t is guarded "y $raugr,who is very difficult to defeat.

    Location A 2 &uffer: n the $ar! Frotherhood &anctuary in8al!reath old.

    Slo+ Time

    $escription: &hout at time, command it to o"ey, as the worldaround you stands still.

    Location * 2 Time: $uring (The &taff ;f >agnus( ollege ;fWinterhold 3uest, when fighting $raugr $eathlord in the lastlevel of the La"yrithian -$ragon 5riest%s Lair/, you can eitherfight $raugr or get an artifact that gives you access to thisarea.

    Location 0 2 &and: n 7orvan9und, northeast of Whiterun-snowy area on the map/. The $ragon &hout word is in thecrypt, in the area at the "ottom. @ou will come here during thesecond mperialI&tormcloc! 3uest. t re3uires (The aggedrown( ivil War 3uest.

    Location A 2 Eternity: @ou will find it in og%s End aftercompleting (The 8ee"le 8ortune( $ar! Frotherhood 6adiant3uest.

    Storm Call

    $escription: # shout to the s!y, a cry to the clouds, thatawa!ens the destructive force of &7yrim%s lightning.

    Location * 2 &torm: n igh Gate 6uins -$ragon 5riest%s Lair/,east of &olitude. Loo! for a huge structure and set of ruins. Goinside and down to the last cham"er, which is Ko!un%s Throne6oom. $efeat Kol!un to find the $ragon &hout word in theroom "ehind Ko!un%s Throne 6oom.

    Location 0 2 Wrath: @ou will learn it during (The World2Eater%sEyrie( main 3uest at the &!uldafn Temple level -$ragon5riest%s Lair/.

    Location A 2 Lightening: n 8orelhost in the $ragon 5riest%s


    Thro+ .oice

    $escription: The Thu%um is heard, "ut its source u!nown,fooling those into see!ing it out.

    Location 2 Koice, 8ool, 8ar: n &hearpoint, west of Windhelm,at the top of the "ig mountain near it. t is guarded "y a power$aedre called 7rosis. $efeat him to get all three $ragon &houtwords.

    nrelenting /orce

    $escription: @our voice is raw power, pushing aside anything 22or anyone 22 who stands in your path.

    Location * 2 8orce: n Flea! 8alls Farrow, west of 6iverwood inthe mountains' it re3uires the (Flea! 8alls Farrow( main 3uest-o"tained from Whiterun, north of 6iverdale/ or (The Goldenlaw( side 3uest -o"tained from Lucan in 6iverwood/.

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    Location 0 2 Falance: t is given to you "y #rngeir aftercompleting (The Way ;f The Koice( main 3uest in ighrothgar.

    Location A 2 $own: t is given to "y #rngeir when you ta!e the

    horn "ac! to him in the (orn ;f urgen Windcaller( main3uest.

    ,hirl+ind S'rint

    $escription: The Thu%um rushes forward, carrying you in itswa!e with the speed of a tempest.

    Location * 2 Whirlwind: t is given to you "y Forri in the (TheWay ;f The Koice( main 3uest when you reach igh rothgar.This is after you get the (Falance( word for the (+nrelenting

    8orce( $ragon &hout.

    Location 0 2 8ury: n Kols!ygge -$ragon 5riest%s Lair/, highmountains in the corner of the &!yrim map, west of &olitude, isan ancient temple with a $ragon &hout guarded "y a powerfuldemon. @ou need to go northwest from Kols!ygge on the map,up closest to the mountains to get the $ragon &hout word.

    Location A 2 Tempest: @ou will get it in $ead >en%s 6espiteafter completing the (Tending The 8lames( Fards% ollege3uest.

    ,aedric rtifact quest locations

    &uccessfully complete the indicated 3uest to get thecorresponding $aedric #rtifact:

    #a+nbreaer The Brea O- #a+n 5"est6

    Location: @ou will get this 3uest near the statue to >erida,west of &olitude. &uccessfully complete the 3uest to get theartifact.

    Ebony Mail Boetiahs Calling 5"est6

    Location: 8ind &acellum of Foethiah in the east section ofWindhelm. @ou will find a cult, and then "egin the 3uest. Tooffer the sacrifice, you will have to trap someone in thatcham"er. #n easy way to do this is hire a mercenary -you canvisit Fee and Fra" in 6iften' one is sitting downstairs/, and as!him to touch the "eacon. &uccessfully complete the remainingtas! to get the artifact.

    Mace O- Molag Bal $o"se O- $orrors 5"est in Mararth6

    Location: n the city, when you wal! past an old hauntedhouse, you will "e as!ed to go with someone. f you completethis tas! and find the priest of Foethiah, you will get theartifact.

    Mas5"e O- Clavic"s .ile A #aedras Best /riend 5"est6

    Location: The guard at the entry point of 8al!reath will tell youa"out a missing dog. #fter spea!ing with him, start the [email protected] can follow the dog, or simply go to aemar%s &hame,which is 9ust south of the large mountain and 9ust east to

    elgen. Get the a=e, and return it to get the artifact.

    Mehr"nes *a7or )ieces O- The )ast 5"est6

    Location: Kisit the museum in $awnstar -the message pops upmultiple times/, accept the 3uest, and then collect the threepieces of the sword throughout &!yrim to get the artifact.

    Oghma %n-ini"m #iscearning The Transm"ndane 5"est6

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    Location: When you meet &eptimus &igmus during a main3uest, you will "e assigned a tas! to get the Elder &crolls. @ouwill start the second tas! -($iscearning The Transmundane(/.$uring this 3uest, you ta!e the imprint of the &crolls on theLe=icon. Then, you need the harvested "lood from an ;rc,

    $ar! Elf, Wood Elf, igh Elf, and 8almer. f you do not alreadyhave samples from them, you must find them, and !ill at leastone to harvest the "lood. @ou can visit the Fandit camps for Elfand ;rc "lood, and you can visit >Dulft -southeast ofWindhelm/ for 8almers.

    *ing O- 8amira

    Location: 8ind Kerulus in >ar!arth, and accept his 3uest,which involves clearing the 4ecropolis. When Eola startstal!ing a"out canni"alism, respond positively. Then, clear the

    undead from 4amira%s altar. #gree to lure Kerulus to the #ltar.7ill Kerulus and eat his flesh, and the 6ing ;f 4amira willappear in your inventory.

    Sang"ines *ose 8ight To *emember 5"est6

    Location: 8ind &am Guevenne in Kilemyr nn in varstead. ewill offer you a drin!ing challenge. #ccept it, and complete therest of the 3uest to get the artifact.

    Saviors $ide %ll Met By Moonlight 5"est6

    Location: n 8al!reath, near the "arrac!s, you will find a !iddownstairs in the 8al!reath 9ail. e will hand you his cursedring, and the 3uest will "egin. &uccessfully complete the 3uestto get the artifact. $ote%f you decide not to !ill, you may notget the artifact.S"ll O- Corr"'tion ,aling 8ightmare 5"est6

    Location: &uccessfully complete the (Wal!ing 4ightmare(3uest in $awnstar. To complete the 3uest, tal! to the priest atthe nn, and !ill him at the end of the 3uest to get the artifact.

    S'ellbreaer The Only C"re 5"est6

    Location: Go to the shrine of 5eryite in the mountains "etween>ar!arth and &olitude. @ou must have good s!ills "efore youcan complete the 3uest. &uccessfully complete the 3uest to

    get the artifact.

    The Blac Star The Blac Star 5"est6

    Location: Go to #Dura%s &hrine on top of the mountain to "eginthis 3uest. &uccessfully complete the 3uest to get the artifact.

    ,abba!ac The Mind O- Madness 5"est6

    Location: n &olitude, find a child named $erevin wanderingaround the streets. e will as! you to deliver a message to his

    master. 8ind his master and complete the 3uest to get theartifact. To complete one se3uence: shoot 5elgius withWa""a9ac!, shoot wolf, shoot goat, shoot "andit, shoot5elagius, shoot agraven, shoot 5elagius, shoot 8lame#tronach, and then shoot the dragon priest. 8or the 5aranoiase3uence, you need to shoot the !ing. The mind se3uence isgrow 5elagius twice, and then grow anger once with theWa""a9ac!.

    Paarthurna insults

    Get the Elder &croll, then go to 5aarthurna=, and use the(Throw Koice( shout on him. # new voice will shout insultssuch as (ey, uglyP(, (ey, s!eever "uttP(, (ey, melon headP(,(ey, melon noseP(, (ey, troll "aitP(, (ey, slug2"reathP(, and(ey, cheese "rainP(

    allout ( referenceWhile wal!ing around guards, they may say (Let me guess,someone stole your &weet 6ollM( This is a reference to the

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    "eginning of /allo"t 3, where your "irthday sweet roll is stolen"y Futch.%ai3 the Liar,which is a reference to the fast 7ha9iit you find outside of Fraviland Leyawinn in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion./team achievements

    &uccessfully complete the indicated tas! to unloc! the

    corresponding achievement. To view your achievements andstats in &team, select (ommunity(, (>y profile(, (Kiew all mygames(, then the game and view stats.

    #dept: 6each level *).#lduin%s Wall: omplete (#lduin%s Wall(.#pprentice: 6each level .#rtificer: >a!e a smithed item, an enchanted item, and apotion.Flea! 8alls Farrow: omplete (Flea! 8alls Farrow(.Flessed: &elect a &tanding &tone "lessing.

    Flood ;ath: Fecome a mem"er of the ircle.Found +ntil $eath: omplete (Found +ntil $eath(.itiDen: Fuy a house.$aedric nfluence: #c3uire a $aedric #rtifact.$ar!ness 6eturns: omplete ($ar!ness 6eturns(.$elver: lear ) dungeons.$iplomatic mmunity: omplete ($iplomatic mmunity(.$ragon unter: #"sor" 0) dragon souls.$ragon &oul: #"sor" a dragon soul.$ragonslayer: omplete ($ragonslayer(.

    Elder 7nowledge: omplete (Elder 7nowledge(.E=pert: 6each level 0.E=plorer: $iscover *)) Locations.Gate!eeper: oin the ollege of Winterhold.Glory of the $ead: omplete (Glory of the $ead(.

    Golden Touch: ave *)),))) gold.ail &ithisP: omplete (ail &ithisP(.ard Wor!er: hop wood, mine ore, and coo! food.ero of &!yrim: apture &olitude or Windhelm.ero of the 5eople: omplete ) misc o"9ectives.>arried: Get married.>aster: 6each level ).>aster riminal: Founty of *))) gold in all nine holds.;"livion Wal!er: ollect * daedric artifacts.;ne with the &hadows: 6eturned the Thieves Guild to itsformer glory.

    6eader: 6ead ) s!ill "oo!s.6evealing the +nseen: omplete (6evealing the +nseen(.&ideways: omplete *) side 3uests.&!ill >aster: Get a s!ill to *)).&na!e Tongue: &uccessfully persuade, "ri"e, and intimidate.&tanding &tones: 8ind *A standing stones.Ta!e +p #rms: oin the ompanions.Ta!ing are of Fusiness: oin the Thieves Guild.Ta!ing &ides: oin the &tormcloa!s or the mperial #rmy.The Eye of >agnus: omplete (The Eye of >agnus(.The 8allen: omplete (The 8allen(.

    The Way of the Koice: omplete (The Way of the Koice(.Thief: 5ic! ) loc!s and ) poc!ets.Thu%um >aster: Learn 0) shouts.+n"ound: omplete (+n"ound(.Wanted: Escape from 9ail.War ero: apture 8ort &ungard or 8ort Greenwall.With 8riends Li!e These...: oin the $ar! Frotherhood.Words of 5ower: Learn all three words of a shout.

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    The following achievements re3uire the ($awnguard( "onusdownloada"le content:

    # 4ew @ou: hange your face.#uriel%s Fow: +se the special power of #uriel%s Fow.

    #wa!ening: omplete (#wa!ening(.Feyond $eath: omplete (Feyond $eath(.7indred udgement: omplete (7indred udgement(.Legend: $efeat a Legendary $ragon.Lost to the #ges: omplete (Lost to the #ges(.&oul Tear: Learn all three words of &oul Tear.Kampire >astered: #c3uire ** vampire per!s.Werewolf >astered: #c3uire ** werewolf per!s.

    The following trophies re3uire the ($ragon"orn( "onusdownloada"le content:

    ;utlander: #rrive on &olstheim.The Temple of >iraa!: omplete (The Temple of >iraa!(.The 5ath of 7nowledge: omplete (The 5ath of 7nowledge(.#t the &ummit of #pocrypha: omplete (The &ummit of#pocrypha(.$ragon #spect: Learn all A words of $ragon #spect.

    idden 7nowledge: Learn the secrets of Flac! Foo!s.&talhrim rafter: raft an item out of &talhrim.$ragonrider: Tame and ride dragons.6aven 6oc! ;wner: ;wn a house in 6aven 6oc!.&olstheim E=plorer: $iscover A) locations on the island of


    The following achievements re3uire the (earthfire( "onusdownloada"le content:

    #rchitect: Fuild three wings on a house.Land Faron: Fuy three plots of land.Landowner: Fuy a plot of land.>aster #rchitect: Fuild three houses.5roud 5arent: #dopt a child.


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