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  • 1.Skolkovo and opportunities for innovative companies01.01.2012

2. Skolkovo an innovation ecosystem developing Russias best startup talent City & infrastructure,Innovation ecosystemto be finished by approx. 20171000+ innovative companies & startupsSkolTech University35 industrial companies,Community2e.g. Microsoft, Johnson &Johnson, CiscoTechnopark Skolkovo50+ VCs, commited to invest with RUB 20 billionPartners 3. Technopark Skolkovo the key element of the innovation ecosystem Technopark Skolkovo provides infrastructure and a spectrum of services to support business development of startups and to enhance their collaboration with large corporations and VCs in the sphere of innovations TECHNOPARK SKOLKOVO four floors are filled with startup companies 33 companies were allocated since March 20123 labs (common use centers): Prototyping Microanalysis OptoelectronicsHYPERCUBE the first building in Skolkovo city3Accommodates 15 startups and 4 key partnersMore than 100 companies applied on competitive selection procedure 4. Skolkovo companies and their innovation focus areasNumber of project participants by the 31st of October41029275 patent applications submitted 5. Unprecedented benefits for companies accepted to Skolkovo Customs easing: Lower rental rates for the services of a custom representativeReimbursement of expenses of paid import duties and VATTax exemption: Exemption from the duties of the taxpayer for income taxExemption from the duties of the taxpayer for the tax on value addedMigration policy benefits: Cancellation of quotas on foreign laborCancellation of registration permit to attract and use foreign laborIncrease the term of the permitting documents up to 3 yearsPossibility to apply for receiving a grant 5Non-dilutive grants up to $10m209 grants approved for the total amount of RUB 9,5 billion 6. Opportunities for international teamsDraft1 5.3.2013 Exploring the potential of the Russian market - Consultations with experts of Skolkovo: clusters, investment department, HR, R&D, legal, etc. - Temporary location at Technopark Skolkovo, starting from approx. 250 eur per month R&D collaboration with Skolkovo startups - Technology/innovation challenge competitions - Subcontracting startups package - For corporate innovation accelerator, corporate investors: selecting startups of interest based on provided criteria, due dilligenge, acceleration and follow-up on startups of interest Business development in the Russian market - Search and B2B-matchmaking among Skolkovo startups for potential synergy and partnership - B2B-matchmaking in Russia and its different regions for potential partners, clients, suppliers, etc. by utilizing Skolkovo industry-focus expertise and regional partner network Establishing the presence in the Russian market - Registration of a legal entity - Visa and work permits - Office space - Employee recruitment 6 Intellectual property support 7. Skolkovo Starter Package for Russian and international teamsWorkplace at Technopark SkolkovoAccess to office and R&D infrastructureTraining, coaching and consultations with expertsEvents, information and networkingStarting from approx. 250 Euro/month 7More information: 8. Technopark Skolkovo is well integrated within international innovative community & aims for result-oriented collaboration Technopark Skolkovo is a member in following global science and research parks associations:Asian Science Park AssociationAssociation of University Research ParksEuropean Business NetworkNational Business Incubators AssociationInternational Association of Science ParksPartnerships with science parks, startup & development organizations, universities, incubators South-KoreaGermanyFinlandFinland 8GermanyFinlandSwitzerlandUSA 9. Thank you and welcome to Technopark Skolkovo! Phone: +7 (495) 967 0148 ext. 2222 E-mail: Address: 143025, Moscow region, Skolkovo Village, Novaya St., 100