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General Presentation of Skolkovo MD contest

Transcript of Skolkovo MD. General Presentation

  • 1. Mobile Diagnostic DeviceContest June 2012

2. Background The idea of a universal diagnostic device is inthe air Announcing X-Prize Tricoder Awards Skolkovo is the basis for synergy betweendifferent teams and projects 3. Skolkovos Main Goals To use the intellectual resources of participants of the Contest for the solution ofurgent global challenges to health, such as the provision of quality early diagnosisof diseases; To stimulate the integration and reuse of Biomed and IT Clusters inventions withinand outside the ecosystem Skolkovo; To encourage interdisciplinary breakthrough research in the Biomed and IT amongRussian and foreign innovative companies; To engage Foundations Key Partners into breakthrough research of participants ofthe Contest; To engage the winner of the Selection in Skolkovos ecosystem subject to obtainingthe status of the Skolkovos Participant; To help participants of the Selection to coverage of their activities with the mediaresources of Skolkovo; To promote the winner and participants of the Selection to the global market; 4. How we select projects? Developing the concept for mobile device todiagnose the diseases: From a pre-determined list, ~15 Apart from a professional doctor Providing the best satisfaction for its users Weighting up to 1,5 kg Prize fund amounts to RUR 9 M.Partners can add their own nominations 5. What device should do? Diagnosing diseases Using the device for monitoring medicalconditions Registering various medical parameters on thepermanent basis Providing user consciousness of their healthconditions Notifying on possible problems 6. Current status Registration continues till 01.07.12; Several meetings with participants have beenheld; Contest site launched; Intel and Astra Zeneca confirmed thepartnership; 32 teams registered (from St. Petersburg toUlan-Ude) 7. Time line Final AnnouncementFinalof the resultsReception ofSemifinal papers 12.12.12Election of deadline Semifinalfinalists Reception of 01.12.12Entry deadline papers 01.09.12 01.07.12 deadlineStart of theregistration to 01.08.12contest 12.04.12 8. Organizers Organizing Committee: Co-chairs of Committee: A. Turkot I. Goryanin G. Lifshitz, A. Efimov, N. Suyetin, K. Yanssen Secretary A. Efimov Board of experts: Organizing Committee Experts from IT and Biomed Clusters Collecting applications via Forming teams on 9. Members of the JurySkvorcova Veronica Minister of HealthGovernment of the Russian FederationYablonsky Vladimir Director of Social Initiatives Directions Agency of Strategic InitiativesMedvedev OlegProfessor MSU Faculty of Fundamental MedicineSigov AlexanderAcademician of RAS, RectorMIREAYuval BinurFounder & General Partner Medica Venture PartnersPeshkin Leonid Professor Harvard UniversityKucheryavyi Eugene Professor Tampa UniversityPetukhov SergeyManaging PartnerCLS CapitalAdamian ElenaFounder and Executive DirectorLife Sciences AngelPryckij Vitaly Head of R&D unitAstra ZenecaNatenson Michael Chairman of the Board of DirectorsNational Agency for telemedicineRaymond McCauley Senior Research FellowGenomeraIsaev KamilDirector of R&D Intel 10. A Possible Architecture?MemorySensormodulemoduleControlPower supplymoduleCommunicatiI/O interfaceon module Cloud diagnosis solution (SaaS) 11. Partners of the ContestIntel establishedits ownnomination forthe best use ofIntel technologies 12. MD.SK.RU 13. Entry Form 14. List of Community Members