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  • 1.FIRST STEPS.FIRST ACHIEVEMENTS.FoundationSkolkovo2011Copyright Foundation forDevelopment of the Centerwww.i-gorod.comof Researchand Commercializingof New TechnologiesSkolkovo Foundation,20102011

2. FIRST STEPS.SkolkovoFoundationFIRST ACHIEVEMENTS. 20102011 3. FIRST STEPS. Skolkovo FoundationFIRST ACHIEVEMENTS.20102011The MissionStrategicof SkolkovoGoals and SuccessSkolkovo is to becomean innovation hub that will Measuresstimulate innovative entre-of Skolkovopreneurship and dissemi- Enable efficient ac- Build self-sustaining Attract world-classnate entrepreneurial culture cess to capital and expertise;eco-system to sup-port developing lo-business and scien-tific talentacross the country to inte-Ensure strong IP protectioncal advanced R&Dgrate Russia into the globaleconomy:ENTRY POINS 1 Fostering advancement of human RESEARCHDEVELOPMENT COMMERCIALIZATION OPERATIONS capital in Russia by attracting foreign specialists and creating conditions for EXIT POINS local innovative talent development 2 Creating globally competitive Build global lead- ing business,Create a home forindependentHelp to generateexternal market products and services based on cut- regulatory and ven-stakeholders: demand ting-edge researchture support Academic, corpora- environmenttions, researchers,venture finance,etc. 3 Establishing global innovative companies in Russia 6 7 4. FIRST STEPS.Skolkovo Foundation FIRST ACHIEVEMENTS. 20102011MainDirectionsTechnology clusters (energy,biomedical, IT, space, nu-clear) will engage in devel-oping new technologies andproducts:ENERGY ITBIO-SPACE NUCLEARMEDICAL TECH Energy efficiencyIT and softwareSpace technology and energy savingengineeringin telecommunica- incl. developmentBiotechnology andtions and naviga- Nuclear technol- of new energymedical technology tion systemsogy (assistance for technology incl. developmentspecial companiesof medical drugs in this area)and equipment 8 9 5. FIRST STEPS.SkolkovoFoundationFIRST ACHIEVEMENTS. 20102011SkolkovoFoundationtrack record Federal Law SkolkovoCommisionfor the modernizationInnovation Centerand technologicalSigneddevelopment Members of the SkolkovoFoundations regulatory bodies SEPTEMBER 28thFoundationdefined MandateJUNE 19thenactedSkolkovoOCTOBER 28thFoundationMAY 21stCommisionregisteredfor the modernizationand technologicaldevelopment DECEMBER 14th2 town-planning conceptsAdvisory Scientificpresented to societyBoard formedAPRILAUGUST 24th JANUARY 20thCommisionfor the modernizationMARCH 23rdScientific Advisoryand technological FEBRUARY 2nd-4th Councildevelopment FEBUARY 25thSkolkovo Foundation Council - Town-planning concept approved145283211 101members of theparticipants partnerinnovative projects partner town-planning expert board Universitiesfundedcompaniesconcept 10 11 6. FIRST STEPS. Skolkovo FoundationFIRST ACHIEVEMENTS.20102011Creatingin SkolkovoSWE(1)Research and improve-ISR(1) The System for Under-Biotechnology detect-Superconducting standing and Translat- ing and neutralizing industry ment of composite ing Natural Language dangerous infectiousthermal isolative coat- Textsagentsing based on micro-spheres USA(11) UK(3)Creating a research cen-Creation of new anti-hypoxy-Microbial fuel cellster of thin-film tech-adenosive technologies,nologies in energetics at medicines and vaccines forIoffe Physico-Technical treatment of cancer, infec-Institute tious diseases and sepsisFRA(2)SVK(2)Development of ener-Development andDevelopment of origi-gy-saving innovationimplementation of pre- nal drugs for treatmentprocesses of complexvisualization technology of viral infections andprocessing of industrial diagnostic methods ofwaste on the basis ofviral infectionsSkskolkovonew smelting technolo-gies Intellectual IP surveil- Development of original lance software package drugs for treatment ofviral infections and diag-nostic methods of viralinfections3d rendering using Creation of family ofInternational Centercloud technologies hybrid locomotives offor Quantum Optics & new generation Quantum TechnologyDevelopment of universal New technologies and nanomaterials for lithium-ionendovascular implantsbatteries with high specific energy and power(stents) with biodegrada-tion propertiesCreation of integrated in-CAN(1)Setting up innovative Cloud IncubatorTarget diagnostic andDevelopment of ener-formation system for rescue manufacture of asym- therapeutic multimodal gochemical complex foroperations at emergencysituations of natural and metric electrochemical agents on the carrier with on-site processing oftechnogenic character capacitors with aque-the structure nucleus-associated petroleumous electrolytes, a newcarbonic capsulegas into methane forgeneration of chemicalthe purposes of local GER(3) Pharmaceuticals from current supply devicesWind Generatormunicipal and indus- the modified polymer having high cycle life, totrial power supply carbohydratestackle tasks of enhancingenergy efficiencySUI(2)CZE(1)Hydrodynamic technol- Establishing the complex ofResearch and Develop-technologies for Ultra-High pu-ogy of sewage sludgerity Rare gases and its mixtures ment center for surfaceutilization production. Production of Neon,modification and func-Helium and Xenon isotopes on tional coatingsa commercial scale for Medicine. NED(1)EnergyITBioTech 1213 7. FIRST STEPS.SkolkovoFoundationFIRST ACHIEVEMENTS. 20102011Creatingin Skolkovo The foundation expert network: Berkley,Russian and InternationalSkolkovo Innovation Centre Boston, Chicago, Costa-Mesa, Los-Angeles,scientific and researchpartner companies: Cisco, San Diego, Pittsburg, West-Lafayette; Am-institutions: Massachusetts, Boeing, Microsoft, Intel, sterdam, Barcelona,Berlin, Calgary, Dresden, Stanford, Cambridge, Dub-Siemens, Nokia, Tata, Nokia Edinburgh, Kiev, Lausanne, London, Okinawa,na, Moscow, Kazan, No- Siemens Networks, Lukoil, Oxford, Petah Tikva, Regensburg, Stuttgart,vosibirsk, Saint-Petersburg, Rosatom Wolfenbuttel Samara, Tomsk1415 8. FIRST STEPS.SkolkovoFoundationFIRST ACHIEVEMENTS. 20102011KeypartnersAlready Started negotiationssigned: with 11 internationalpartners: ABBYY - Novar-8+2 agreements with tis - Honeywell - DuPont,key international part- Google - Kodak - Schlum-ners: Cisco - Boeing - Sie- berger - Johnson&Johnsonmens, Microsoft - Nokia - - IMTECH - DOW Chemi-Intel, Tata - Nokia Siemens cals, John DeerNetworks + EADS, Alstom2 agreements with Rus-20 Russian Companiessian partners: Lukoil - Ro- with Government Partic-satom ipationCollaboration points:Establish R&D Center and labsJoint educational programsResearch grants for residentsSupport for business-IncubatorsVenture capital financingfor companiesresidents 16 17 9. FIRST STEPS. SkolkovoFoundation FIRST ACHIEVEMENTS.20102011SkolkovoIn order to:1institute Become a hub for sharing exper-tise with leading research institutionsboth in and outside Russiaof technology 2Produce IP which can be com-mercially developed in Russia 1Develop a graduate degree program to train future technol- ogy experts Partner with other lead- 3 Enter the world network of re- ing academic institutions to create asearch universities, reach prominent world-class graduate program positions in the international academ-ic rankings 2Focus on applied research and development of technological exper- tise 3 Attract globally recognized, lead- ing faculty members to teach and conduct research at Skolkovo 4Attract top-tier graduate students and help them transition into being successful entrepreneurs or industries upon graduation 5 Support setting up labs in Skolkovo as well as network-based labs affiliated through partnerships agreements with other academic insti- tutions18 19 10. FIRST STEPS.Skolkovo Foundation FIRST ACHIEVEMENTS. 20102011SkolkovoInnovationCentredevelopmentplans Territory: Land plot assemblingfor 2011 Starting operation of the Cube building Approval of the master planRaising off-budget funds: 1 BLN. RUB. As companies-participantsKey partners: projects co-financing Contracts execution and implementation Normative basis elaborationwith 15 KEY PARTNERS Start of raising funds for Fund and University Current agreements Implementationendowment Companies with Government Participation in-Innovative projects:novation programs Nuclear and telecommunication directions de-Institutes of development (RVC, Rosnano,velopment Vnesheconombank) Foundations grants 8,8 BLN. RUB Attraction 10 INVESTMENTS FUNDSfor joint workPublic relations: 100 COMPANIES granted with the partici- 24-hours Foundations website and applicationpant status track systems Skolkovo project participants transformationinto communication network creators Humanitarian Skolkovo project launching 20 21 11. FIRST STEPS.SkolkovoFoundationFIRST ACHIEVEMENTS. 20102011The ConstructionSkolkovocommencementCityConception2011Land plot area (ha)389Population and personnel -AREP20 0002223 12. FIRST STEPS. SkolkovoFoundation FIRST ACHIEVEMENTS.20102011ContactsGEIGER Steven LawrenceCOO: hief operating (495) 967 01 48, ext. 2129KOLOSOV DmitryVice-President, Chief of Staff to thePresident and the Foundation (495) 967 01 48, ext. 2152MASLAKOV VictorCity Manager+7 (495) 967 01 48, VEKSELBERG ViktorNAUMOV Stanislav Presidentvice-President for Government +7 (495) 745 78 48 and Public relations +7 (495) 967 01 48, ALEKSEEV Oleg Education and Research, Director ROMANOVSKY Roman +7 (495) 967 01 48, ext.2034 Key Partners, Director +7 (495) 967 01 48, BELTYUKOV Alexei Vice President, Director of Planning SITNIKOV Alexei and DevelopmentInternational Development, Director (495) 967 01 48, ext.3009 +7 (495) 967 01 48, ext. DYACHENKO EkaterinaTURKOT Alexander Energy Efficiency, Cluster DirectorIT, Cluster Director +7 (495) 967 01 48, ext