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SKOLKOVOthe future begins today !

2 Moscow school of ManageMent skolkovo Moscow school of ManageMent skolkovo


skolkovo mission helping successful people become more successful Developing people able to develop themselves and the world

key principles global approach with particular emphasis on fast-moving economies leadership & entrepreneurship created by business, focused on practice strong Research & Development platformskolkovo third anniversary,

20 september 2009

action-based innovative approach to learning

i believe, this is an absolutely outstanding project, which does not have any analogues in our country and which i would like to be the first and not the last. Dmitry Medvedev President of the Russian federation, chairman of skolkovos International advisory Board

our visionentrepreneurial leadership


Fast-moving economies



experiential learning

4 Moscow school of ManageMent skolkovo Moscow school of ManageMent skolkovo



Founding partners


Founding partners

IteRa International group of companiesone of the largest independent natural gas producers in the cIs and Baltic states

alexander abramovchairman of the Board of Directors, evraz group one of the largest vertically integrated steel, mining and vanadium businesses inthe world

first czech-Russian Banka universal financial institution servicing foreign trade turnover and investment projects between Russia and the czech Republic

Roman abramovichchairman of the chukotka Region Duma

Russian standard corporationone of Russias most successful private companies with business interests in premium beverages, banking and insurance

leonid MelamedMember of supervisory council of the Russian corporation ofnanotechnologies (Rusnano)

severstala leading international steel producer by profitability

leonid Mikhelsonceo of oJsc novatek, Russias second biggest natural gas producer

guM trade centerthe first department store in Russia and a historic trade center located on Red square

konstantin nikolaevthe head of n-trans (former severstaltrans), a leading transport service operator in the cIs and Baltic states

troika Dialog groupthe oldest and largest private investment bank in the cIs

sergey Popova member of the Board of Directors and deputy chairman oftheBoard of Directors of MDM-Bank, a top-10 Russian bank

tnk-BPa leading Russian oil company and is among the top ten private lyowned oil companies in the world in terms of crude oil production

andrey Rappoportex-chairman of the Management Board of the federal grid company of the unified energy system of Russia

credit suisseone of the worlds leading banks, providing its clients with private banking, investment banking and asset management services worldwide

Ruben vardanianchairman of the Board of Directors of the troika Dialog group

sun groupa leading principal investor and private equity fund manager in Russia, India and other transforming marketsherbert smith cIs llP legal support ernst & Young tax consultant Monitor group strategic consultant Deloitte auditor

valentin Zavadnikova representative to the federation council and chairman ofthefederation council committee on Industrial Policy

6 Moscow school of ManageMent skolkovo Moscow school of ManageMent skolkovo


WHo We are: founders: 18 major Russian and Multinational leaders in their industries (oil and gas, metals, energy, investment and retail banking, insurance, consumer goods distribution) founding companies operate in developed and emerging markets (Russia, ukraine, kazakhstan, finland, czech Republic, India, uk, us, etc.) founders are supported by, and work with, members of skolkovos International advisory Board who have a deep understanding of innovative education and global business and economic trends

participation oF Founders: formulating participant projects related to founding companies activities lecturing, conducting master-classes, taking part in analysing cases selecting students for key programmes advising and coaching students shadow ceo programme Informal meetings with students Providing internships for students from partner business schools learning network

skolkovo founding partners and deans with the president dmitry medvedev at skolkovo third anniversary, 20 september 2009

skolkovo founding partners giving master-classes

8 Moscow school of ManageMent skolkovo Moscow school of ManageMent skolkovo


international advisory Board

Dmitry MedvedevPresident of the Russian federation, chairman of skolkovos International advisory Board

andrey fursenkoMinister of education and science of the Russian federation

vladimir MauRector of the academy of national economics under the Russian federation government, Deputy chairman of skolkovos International advisory Board

andrew gouldchairman and chief executive officer of schlumberger limited

noubar afeyanPhD, Managing Partner and ceo of flagship ventures

herman grefchairman of sberbanks Board and sberbanks chief executive officer

ajay BangaPresident and chief executive officer of Mastercard

lee kuan YewMinister Mentor of the Republic of singapore

Brady Douganchief executive officer of credit suisse group and credit suisse

Dennis M. nallychairman of Pricewaterhousecoopers International network

John v. faracichairman and chief executive officer of International Paper

Igor shuvalovfirst Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian federation

Mark fullerchairman and ceo of the Monitor group

Yang Yuanqingchief executive officer of lenovo

10 Moscow school of ManageMent skolkovo Moscow school of ManageMent skolkovo


governance model

management Board

International advisory BoardPurpose expertise on strategically important issues Members Renowned experts in business and education government officials

academic councilPurpose expertise on organisational issues of educational process Members experts in business education

coordination council committeesarchitecture and construction financial issues Research and publishing activity Marketing and PR educational process Partnerships with schools Motivation and hR

coordination council (Founding partners)Purpose strategic decisions and general supervision of the schools activity Members schools founding partners

PResIDent Ruben vardanianchairman and ceo of the troika Dialog group

endowment fund committee venture fund committee president R. vardanian dean w. vanhonacker dean a. volkov Dean wilfried vanhonackerPhD, leading scholar in Marketing, expert on doing business in china

Dean andrei volkovPhD, expert on higher education and government Relations

Purpose expertise and assistance in coordination of respective activities of the school Members coordination council members experts schools employees

Management committee schools employees

12 Moscow school of ManageMent skolkovo Moscow school of ManageMent skolkovo


in tHe neWs...

in tHe neWs...

imes the new york t october 3, 2010 s school: a Break with

euromoney september 1, 2010 skolkovo might seem both lavish and spectacularly ambitious - its two-year executive MBa programme costs 60,000 euro and gives students on-the-job training at corporations in Russia, china, India and Brazil, the so-called BRIc nations. In reality, though, the management school is merely a first step in a series of projects designed to create a new Russia less dependent on revenues from oil, gas and metals.

Rus tradition.

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international Herald tribune october 4, 2010

Financial times January 25, 2010 t the idea that the ng unsettling abou somethi cow there ought to be ess school in Mos kolkovo Busin etric s sias intriguingly geom mpositions of Rus namic abstract co e dy so faciliwas inspired by th compact design al rs. the buildings g to encourage suprematist painte the school is tryin tworking as h from their peers tates the kind of ne ts will learn as muc uden the idea that the st rs. from their teache

new students at skolkovo include christian graggaber, who is from austria but has done business with Russias paper and packaging industry. he said he spent two years considering skolkovo and decided to get his M.B.a. there as a springboard for starting a business connected to Russia and emerging markets. skolkovo is the only business school that can provide all of these factors, said Mr. graggaber, who studied business administration at Bocconi university in Milan.

14 Moscow school of ManageMent skolkovo Moscow school of ManageMent skolkovo


implementation plan

Fact sHeetfounded: legal form: september 21st 2006 non-commercial Partnership(50% foreigners and 50% Russians)

faculty: 50 total

EMBA 4 EMBA 5,6,7

Parameters at operational capacity (2015):

full-time MBa: 240 students executive MBa: 300 students executive education: 9,000 participants $ 500 million $ 250 million $ 100 million $ 100 million 26 hectars 80,000 square metres con