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  • 1.Innovations in energy efficienttechnologies supported bySkolkovo FoundationCluster of Energy Efficient Technologies

2. Cluster of Energy Efficient TechnologiesMISSION KEY OBJECTIVES:PARTICIPANTSRussia possesses the largest supply of energy earching for innovative ideas and teams thatSOur cluster is an international community of theresources in the world. This fact allowed are able to perform the full cycle of innovation outstanding researchers and entrepreneurs, whodeveloping economy for a long time withoutdevelopment, from research to commercial generate innovative ideas and turn them intosufficient investments in innovations. At the samesuccesscommercially successful products and technologiestime, our country has created unique research timulating foundation of corporate RD centersSin the energy efficiency sector. Currently our clusterand development potential that allows creatingtargeted to energy efficient technologiesunites more than 130 innovative companies. Theworld-class technologies. Significant improvement nvolving scientists into solving actual technicalInumber of those who wish to join us is growingof energy efficiency resulting from the development problems facing the business, stimulating appliedday by day; therefore we thoroughly chooseof new technologies is one of the most importantresearch our members and provide support only to themechanisms for turning Russia into a country with roviding the most comfortable administrativePcompanies that carry out the most innovativestrong competitive innovation-based economy.environment and support for the innovatorsRD with high potential for commercialization.companiesResidents of the Cluster receive various kinds ofDEVELOPMENT PRIORITIESs a result, enhancing competitiveness of RussianAsupport from the Skolkovo Foundation and itsEnergy Efficiency Cluster supports theenergy efficient technologies in the world marketpartners: grants up to 300 mln. roubles, significant tax benefits, venture investments, access to thedevelopment of the newest technologies newest equipment, support of the global well-of energy generation, transmission known research institutes and leading technologicaland accumulation, enhancement of companies. Moreover our residents will getconsumption efficiency, green energy.the opportunity to become a part of the futureSuch technologies both increase energy efficiencySkolkovo innovation center.of the economy and become a base for emerging ofnew hi-tech Russian companies. Their commercialsuccess will stimulate innovative economydevelopment. 3. Network pneumatic wave power generation plant with efficiencyofup to 60% on waves from 1 meter high KD Technology ZAOTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT PROJECT NEEDSrray of plastic floats with pneumatic air com-A Wave power plant Venture investments in 2012pressors connected by lever arms Strategic investor in 2013nergy of each wave impacts floatsE CURRENT PROJECT STAGE Pilot implementation sites for prototype modelselative motion of floats drives air compressorsR roof of concept by University College of CorkPompressed air is produced and transmitted toC (Ireland) REQUIRED FINANCINGthe shore, where electric power is generatedfficiency of 54% proven by Swansea UniversityE 2012 : RUB 28.5 million(UK) 2013-2014 : RUB 220 millionCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES:9 skale model is tested in a pool in Cork, Ireland1ower generation on waves from 1 meter high,Pwith efficiency up to 60% FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITYompetitive wave power generation technologiesC Offshore lab prototype Q2 2013provide efficiency up to 45% on waves not less 1 MW plant protorype 2014than 5 metersosts of electricity is as low as $0.17/ kWh as aC KEY MARKETSresult of cheap polymeric structures useUnited Kingdom, Japan, the United States, Chinaeduced maintenance costs due to on shoreR and other countries with access to the seaelectrical equipmentINTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CRDF Global - Best 2011 Innovation Idealeantech Connect, One to watch 2011 - 30 mostCpromising European start-upsCONTACTS:Moscow, +7 (926), Energy generation 4. Production technology of energy-efficient Spin-Cell heat exchangers for heat supply systems used in the housing and utilities sector Energotekhnika LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATIONPROJECT PRODUCT PROJECT NEEDS Cell heat exchangers with swirling-flow heat Heat exchangers for heating systems (500 Pilot implementation on sitesexchange tubes (Spin-Cell) Mcal/h) and hot water supply (200 Mcal/h) Financing for launch of manufacture Cell structure of tube bundle without tube plate Tool for calculating swirling flows (combination of Space between tubes is filled with hollow helicalsoftware and hardware)PROJECT FINANCINGfins Grants received RUB 2.5 million CURRENT PROJECT STAGE Own funds RUB 3 millionCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Pilot implementation Heat transfer coefficient is 1.5 to 2.5 times Completed: RD, working design documentation,REQUIRED FINANCINGgreater than that of plate, and shell-and-tube heatpilot model manufacture and testing RUB 18.2 millionexchangers Hydraulic resistance lower than that of plate heatFINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITYexchangers Q1 2013 Decreased scaling and scum Light and compact design, resistant to thermalKEY MARKETSand hydraulic impact Housing and utilities ($300 M), energy production Cost and maintenance expenses could besector, oil and gas, chemical, food processing anddecreased by 15-30%ship building industries INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Method for heat exchanger manufacturing is protected with 3 Russian patentsCONTACTS:Moscow, Zelenograd, +7 (495) 972-38-44, generation 5. Technology for manufacturing cost-effective and clean gas-fired mini power stationsbased on Solid-Oxide Fuel CellsNF CJSCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATIONCURRENT PROJECT STAGE PROJECT NEEDS Innovative cost-effective solid-oxide fuel cells Power station lab prototype was designed Strategic partner and investor for production and (SOFC) production technology which is: Cost-effective SOFC manufacturing technologyimplementation in 2014 Sustainable technology was developed Technological partner in 2015 Cost-effective technology Pilot implementation sites for prototypes Scalable FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY Lab prototype devices Q3 2013PROJECT FINANCINGCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Full-scaled prototypes late 2014Own funds $1,9 million Projected cost of SOFC production is 2-3 times Pilot production - 2015 less than competitive technologies REQUIRED FINANCING Wider power-range of developed power stationsKEY MARKETS Lab prototype 0,7 million(0,5 25 kW, compared to 0,5 3 kW) Households, small and mid-business, oil-and-gasFull-scaled prototype $1,1 million Simple and rugged designcompanies, utilities, heavy vehiclesPilot production $2 million Soundless clean tech generator with levelized Potential markets: US, Middle East, Japan, EU, costs of electricity of $0.2 per kWhRussia, South-Eastern AsiaPROJECT PRODUCTINTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Power station manufacturing technology Cost-effective SOFC manufacturing technology SPVs for power stations production in US, EU,patented in Russia, USJapan Patent applications for power station designedplaned in Russia, US, Japan, EUCONTACTS:Moscow,, nf.venture@gmail.comEnergy generation 6. Technology for the production of zirconium dioxide-based electrolytic membranes to manufacture energy-efficient high- temperature solid oxide fuel cells GPI Innovation Center Co Ltd.THE ESSENCE OF INNOVATIONPROJECT PRODUCT PROJECT NEEDSevelopment of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)DMethod of SOFC electrolyte production with ion Strategic partner and investorelectrolyte based on stabilized monocrystals ofconduction of at least 0.02 (Ohm*cm)-1 at 730C, with Pilot implementation sites for prototypes, starting zirconium dioxide (instead of ceramic elements)SOFC efficiency of 80%, and service life of up to 5 years from 2014rocessing of electrolytic membranes with newP CURRENT PROJECT STAGE REQUIRED FINANCINGdirectional crystallization methods in the condi- atch of monocrystals was obtained for electro- B Development of prototype and membrane produc- tions of HF-melting, chemical and mechanical lyte production tion technology: RUB 30 millionpolishing and impact with intensive laser pulses lectrolytic membrane treatment technologies E Development of prototype SOFC based on mem-were developedbrane: RUB 200 millionCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGESew electrolyte has greater ion conduction andNFINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITYstrength, which increases power output and Sample membrane Q2 2013extends SOFC service life: SOFC prototype 2014-2015 1 year ower density up to 1 W/cm2 1.5-2 times P KEY MARKETS greater than that of ceramic electrolytes ower sources using different fuels (hydrogen, Pervice life of 3-5 years, which is up to 5 times S natural gas, synthetic gas) greater than that for analoguesSOFC stimated SOFC market will reach USD 1.6 billion EOFC price of USD 350-400 per 1 kW, which is S by 2016 and will exceed USD 3.4 billion by 2021 1.5-2 times lower than for analogues INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY At least 3 patent applications for electrolyte produc-CONTACTS:tion methods and technology are expected to beMoscow, Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian filed in Russia, USA, Canada, EU, Japan, ChinaAcademy of Sciences, +7 (499) 503-81-65,Electrolyte Energy generation 7. Solid organic waste recycling power plant with plasmagasification methodPlasma chemicalTechnologies LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATIONPROJECT PRODUCT KEY MARKETS Use of low temperature plasma in the process ofPilot power plantsDistributed power generationgasification of solid household waste Considerable increase of solid waste recyclingCURRENT PROJECT STAGE PROJECT NEEDStemperature by adding extra plasma energy, which Prototype developed Strategic partnerresults in the process acceleration Pilot implementation sites for prototypes The