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  • 1. The skeleton has 3 Main functions: Support Protection Movement
  • 2. SkullClavicle Scapula Ribcage HumerusSpine Radius & Ulna Pelvis Hand bones Femur Patella Tibia and Fibula Foot bones
  • 3. SkullThere are 29bonesaltogether inthe skull andjaw. They makea box to protectthe brain, eyesand ears.
  • 4. ClavicleThis is thecollar bone, andjoins thesternum (partof the chest) tothe shoulder.They supportthe arms andtransmit forcefrom arms intothe centralskeleton.
  • 5. RibcageThis protectsthe heart andlungs and otherupper organs.There are 24curved bones,and thesternum runsdown themiddle.
  • 6. SpineIt is made up of 24individual smallbones (calledvertebrae). Yourspine supports yourhead and body. Eachof the bones arelinked by small jointswhich can move alittle. Lots of smallmovements add upand let your spinebend a lot.
  • 7. Hand bonesThere are lotsof bones in yourhands. Thereare bones inyour wrist(carpals), palms(metacarpals)and fingers(phalanges).
  • 8. PatellaThis is the bonein yourkneecap. It istriangularshaped bone atthe front ofyour knee joint.This protectsthe knee joint.
  • 9. Foot bonesThere are 26bones in yourfoot. They canmake an archshape tosupport yourbody when youstand up.
  • 10. ScapulaThis is alsoknown as theshoulder blade. Itis a flattriangular bonethat lies over theback of upperribs. Helps withthe movement ofthe arm andshoulder.
  • 11. HumerusThis is the bonein your upperarm. It is a longbone and goesbetween yourshoulder andelbow joints.
  • 12. Radius& UlnaThese are thebones in yourlower arm. Theradius is on thethumb side ofyour arm. Thetwo bones swivelover each otherwhen you twistyour wrist.
  • 13. PelvisYour pelvis isshaped like abowl. It holdsall of the organsin the lowerpart of thebody. It is aslightlymoveable joint.
  • 14. FemurThis is the thighbone. It is thelongest bone inthe body and isone of thestrongest. Ithelps to supportyour weightwhen youstand.
  • 15. Tibia and FibulaThese bones areboth in your lowerleg. The tibia is thethicker shin bone,and the fibula is theslimmer bone. Theyboth hold the lowerleg muscles in place.Doesnt give muchsupport/ strength tothe leg.
  • 16. Have you got as many bones in your body as I have.Have a guess how many bones you have altogether.When you think you know click on the answer below. 206 bones 90 bones 136 bones
  • 17. Most of us have around 206 bones in our bodies.