Skeleton Drawing: Under Your SKin Project

UNDER YOUR SKIN PROJECT An Adventure in Skeletal Drawing


Under the skin drawing project for high school drawing classes. A great lesson to start a figure drawing unit with.

Transcript of Skeleton Drawing: Under Your SKin Project


An Adventure in Skeletal Drawing

The skeleton often appears in art and pop culture

• Fashion

Fashion (cont’d)

Costume or Disguise

Mexican Culture

• The Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 1 & 2 of each year

• This is a holiday celebrating the spirits of the dead being able to visit

their relatives on earthfor 2 days each year

Day of the DeadFestivals are held in Mexican cities and towns, celebrating the lives of those who havepassed away

Shops sell sugar skulls, trinkets and special breads and treats in the shape of skulls

Families create altars called Offrendas, to commemorate and welcome spirits of the dead


Tiny skeleton figures, fully clothed are madeAnd sold during Day of the Dead celebrations

These figures are made of paintedClay, cotton and paper


• We will be creating a drawing similar to the Mexican Calveras sculptures

• We will be drawing 2-3 clothed skeletal figures in various poses in one composition

• You will need to be familiar with the human skeleton in order to draw it accurately and in proportion, this will help you further develop your portrait drawing skills

The Human Skeleton


• You will need to chose and print or cut out 2-3 full or half body poses in magazines, books or on-line

• Chose poses that interest you or will make a good composition, you can use a theme if desired

• Materials: Paper, Pencil, Prismacolor,

Materials (Cont’d)

• You may also include animals or pets in your portrait