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  • 1. SIRI Techology LI FUNG TSING 12213845LI YAN YEE 12211117 WONG CHUI YI 1220556712/06/12

2. Contents 3. Mindmap 4. Introduction Voice searchdo things just by talking intelligent personal assistantremember keywords and speak specific commands knowledge navigator natural language user interface 5. Using Siri Web services Answer questions make recommendations perform actions finding restaurants getting directions 6. Apps which SIRI can work withMaps Web Search MessagesWeather MusicSports Send a Tweet CalendarStocksContactsMovies App Launch Reminders Wikipedia AlarmssearchLocal Search PhoneNotes Post on Wolfram|FacebookAlpha 7. Supported languages Language Region iOS versionUnited States5.0 / 6.0United Kingdom 5.0 / 6.0EnglishAustralia5.0 / 6.0Canada 6.0France 5.0 / 6.0FrenchCanada 6.0Switzerland6.0Germany5.0 / 6.0GermanSwitzerland6.0JapaneseJapan5.1 / 6.0 8. Supported languagesLanguageRegioniOS versionSpain 6.0Spanish Mexico6.0United States 6.0Italy 6.0ItalianSwitzerland 6.0KoreanSouth Korea 6.0Taiwan6.0MandarinChina 6.0Cantonese Hong Kong 6.0 9. SurveyAsk for 26 peopleConduct on the InternetSite: 10. Survey ResultThis shows that Siri is well known among thesociety 11. Future development and opportunities 12. Conclusion- Siri technology brings us convenience in our daily life.- Siri is popular and well-known in society- Indicate the great improvement in technology 13. Job DivisionLi Fung Tsing : Application, final product arrangement LI Yan Yee : Survey results, Conclusion Wong Chui Yi : Introduction of SIRI, Future development and opportunities 14. problem-with-siri-matters/853 15. THE END.THANK YOU!