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  • A Presentation on Summer Internship Project undergone Balaji Metal Pvt.Ltd. On Market Position of Bath Fitting Companies & Expectation Towards Architectures and builders Presented By: Bhut Gaurav B. Enrollment No:- 137730592002 Institute Name: Sunshine Group of Institutions, Faculty of Management, Rajkot
  • MARKET OVERVIEW Increasing over the past fifteen years, Bath fittings products in India have evolved from a low involvement functional product to a lifestyle statement. The demand for bathrooms that combine convenience with technology is rapidly increasing. Builders and homeowners alike are now realizing that a bathroom with built-in wow factor enhances not only the desirability but also the value of property. Bath fittings industry in India is developing rapidly and there are many national and international players in the industry. Drivers: Increasing urbanization Increase in disposable income Growth in real estate sector Growth in hospitality industry Increasing awareness level among consumers
  • COMPANY OVERVIEW Balaji Metal industry Is small scale Industry producing Bath Fittings at Rajkot. It was established in 1990 and production start at 1991. The company mainly focused on Quality. Balaji Metals is an ISO 9001:2001 certified company .
  • COMPANY AT A GLANCE Name of company :- Balaji metal Regi. Office address :- c/36 golden ind. Estate, At. Pipaliya (pal), Shapar-veraval:-360311 Dist. Rajkot, Gujarat( India) Telephone no. :- 02827-2521471 Main product :- Bathroom fittings product E-mail :- [email protected] Website :- Board of directors :- Alpesh m. patel (Director & partner)
  • Main Customers: Architectures and builders Annual Sales Volume: 89 lack. Competitors: Roca, Sheetal, Mark Channel of Distribution: ONE Level o Balaji Manufacture various type of bathroom fitting. o Balaji metal industry main focus on quality of they apply three type of inspection . (1) Raw Material Inspection (2) In Process Inspection (3)Final Inspection
  • PRODUCT OF THE COMPANY Square collection:- o Flora Collection:-
  • PRODUCT OF THE COMPANY Shower Collection:- Finance Department Balaji used two Sources of Fund Net capital:-5 coroe. (Capital Structure) Turn over:- 1 crore. Secured loans Unsecure loans
  • Recruitment: Used both internal and external sources Selection process : Training: INTERNAL SOURCES EXTERNAL SOCRCES Existing Employee Advertisement Employee Reference Internet Recruitment JOB OFFER REFERANCE CHECK SELECTION INTERVIEW APPLICATION FORM Balaji metal prefers on the job training PERSONAL DEPARTMENT
  • S.O.W.T ANALYSIS Strengths: Motivated Sales and Service team qualified personnel. Good infrastructural and institutional support for metal industry. Weaknesses: During boom period, when the demand increases, the company some time is not able to give service of timely delivery of goods. Compare to competitors less promotional offerings.
  • Opportunity: For national business strong marketing team can be established. Rapid and continuous growth in the market, so company will think about expansion. Threats: Increasing competition in National & International market. Increasing cost. CON
  • REVIEW OF EXISTING LITERATURE Peoples perception and needs when it comes to bathroom dcor have changed. Products like wash basins, WC(water closet) and tiles are now available in wide range of colors and textures, to match overall dcor and moods. -Dilip Kumar, Deputy Managing Director Gebin Water Management Systems Pvt. Ltd. The bath fittings and accessories industry is growing at 22% per annum. Growth in this sector is being propelled by increasing urbanization, increase in disposable Income, growth in real estate sector, growth in hospitality industry and improving awareness among the consumers. -Net scribes (India) Pvt. Ltd. Nov 27, 2009
  • OBJECTIVE OF STUDY 1. To know the market position of the company. 2. To know the customers view about the product i.e. what they are expecting from the company. 3. To get suggestions from the customers for new products and the modifications and changes that a bath fitting manufacturer should take place. 4. To know about customers preferences to choose a product i.e. Economical rates, Luxurious models, Quality. Brand name Company, etc.
  • BUSINESS RESEARCH Universe of study :- All the listed Architectures and builders are consider. Sample of study :- Among the above universe I selected 50 Architectures and builders in Rajkot city.. Data collection :- Data is information on the basis of which study is undertaken main there are two type of data. (1)Primary Date (2)Secondary Data Method of collection Date :- (1) Questionnaire Method (2)Telephone Interview Method
  • HYPOTHESIS Which factor affects you the most in purchasing decision? Step 1:- H0:- factor affects Architectures and builders the most in purchasing decision are equally distributed H1:- factor affects Architectures and builders the most in purchasing decision are not equally distributed
  • Q.1 WHICH BATHROOM FITTINGS DO YOU PREFER TO INSTALL IN YOUR PROJECT? Sr. No. Company Response 1 Balaji 21 2 Roca 12 3 Sheetal 08 4 Mark 03 5 Aris 06 6 total 50 0 5 10 15 20 25 Balaji (YOGI ) Roca Sheet al Mark Aris Series1 21 12 8 3 6 COMPANY PREFERE BY ARCHITECTURES Analysis:- From the above graph we can say that 21 Architects prefer bath fittings of Balaji (yogi),12 prefers Roca, 8 prefers Sheetal,3 prefers Mark and rest of the architects prefers Aris.
  • Q.2 FROM WHERE YOU PURCHASE THE PRODUCT? Mode Of Purchase Response Dealer 39 Direct Company 11 Total 50 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Dealer Direct Company Series1 39 11 MODE OF PURCHER BY ARCHITECTURES Analysis: From the above graph we can say 39 Architects purchase from Dealers while 11 Architects purchase from Direct Company
  • Q.3 WHAT IS YOUR EXPECTATION TOWARDS THE COMPANY? Expectation Towards Company Response Luxurious Models 15 Economic Rates 11 Fast Service 22 Others 02 Total 50 Luxurious Models, 15 Economic Rates, 11 Fast Service, 22 Others, 2 Analysis:- From the above graph we can say that 15 Architects Expects Luxurious Models,11 Expects Economic Rates, 22 Expects Fast Service.
  • Q.4 WHICH FACTOR AFFECTS YOU THE MOST IN PURCHASING DECISION ? Factor Answer Price 21 Quality 15 Design 11 Size 03 Total 50 Price, 21 Quality, 15 Design, 11 Size, 3 Analysis:- Form the above graph we can say that 21 architects say the price of the product affect his purchase decision and 15 say that quality affect they purchase decision 11 say design and 03 says size of the product affect they purchase decision
  • Q. 5 HOW THE COMPANY CONTACT YOU? Mode Of Contact Response Sales Representative 28 Product Catalogue 22 Company Visit 5 Total 50 Sales Representative, 28 Product Catalogue, 22 Company Visit, 5 Analysis:- From above chart we can analyze that 28 Architects contacted through Sales Representative of the companies 22 contacted through product catalogue while 5 go for company visits.
  • Q.6 DO THERE ANY MEETINGS CONDUCTED BY THE COMPANY FOR NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH OR TO INFORM YOU ABOUT THE PRODUCTS? Meetings Conducted by Company Response YES 37 NO 13 TOTAL 50 Analysis:- From the above graph we can say that 37 person say yes companies conduct meetings to Inform about their activities while 13 say no company not inform. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 YES NO Series1 37 13 AxisTitle MEETING CONDUCT BY COMPANY TO INFORM AN ARCHITECTURES
  • Q.6.1 DO YOU TAKE PART IN THE MEETINGS? Take Part In Meetings Response YES 28 NO 22 TOTAL 50 Analysis:- Form the above graph we can say that 28 Architects Interested in Company Meetings while 22 Architects do not Interested in any Company Meetings. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 YES NO Series1 28 22 ARCHITECTURES INTERCSTD IN COMPANY MEETING
  • Q.7. IF ANY OTHER COMPANY PROVIDES A SAME THINGS AT LOWER RATE THAT CAN AFFECT YOUR DECISION OF PURCHASING? Architects Divert Response YES 32 NO 18 TOTAL 50 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 YES NO Series1 32 18 Chart Title Analysis:- Form the above graph we can say that 32 Architects divert from their existing brand products if same thing will be provided at lower rate while 18 do not divert
  • Q.8. PLEASE RATE YOUR SELECTION. (OUT OF 5) Factor (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Total Company /Brand 05 08 07 12 18 50 Design 08 06 12 14 10 50 Quality 05 07 11 13 14 50 After sales Service 03 05 07 16 19 50 Price 01 04 16 19 10 50 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 1 2 3 4 5 Company/Brand Design Quality After sales Service Price
  • Step 1:- H0:- factor affects Architectures and builders the most in purchasing decision are normally distributed H1:- factor affects Architectures and builders the most in purchasing decision are not normally distributed Step 2:- The statistical test being used is 2 Cal = 2 Step-3:- Set the value of alpha = 0.05 Step 4:- Chi-square goodness of fit test is one-tailed because a chi-square of zero indicates perfect agreement between distributions any deviation from zero different occurs in the positive direction only because chi-square is determined by a sum of squared values and can never be negative with three categories in this question (Price,Quality,Design,Size) K=4 the degree of freedom are K-1, so K-1 = 4- 1=3. HYPOTHESIS
  • The critical chi-square value is = X2 0.05, 3= 7.8147 Response Observed frequency Fo Expected frequency Fe ( )2 2 Price 21 12.5 72.25 5.78 Quality 15 12.5 6.25 0.5 Design 11 12.5 2.25 0.18 Size 03 12.5 90.25 7.22 Total 50 13.68 Step-5:- Chi-square calculated value CON
  • 2 Cal = 2 = 13.68 Step-7:- Action Because the observed value of (X2 Calculated) chi-square of 13.68 is hiyer than critical table value 7.8147 X2cal< x2 tab So, we reject the null hypothesis CON
  • LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY In the most cases I got good response from the respondent but in some of the few cases I did no get the answer properly from the respondents. All architects has to visit the sites and they have to direct the construction work so they are spending most of their time at the sites so they are less available at office and there is No fixed schedule of them. We can not conclude about the whole nation from this study because in different states the preferences can be change. As time spend in future the market of bath fittings will be expanded at that stage it will benituseful.
  • SUGGESTION Providing superior quality and rates should be economical. Fast service and launch of new models when it requires. Building relationships with customers by correspondence and inviting them on functions and meeting of the new product launch. Using the media and building brand equity, media like hoardings, TV adds, and radio and other.
  • CONCLUSION Balaji metals is the fastest growing metals manufacturing company. Customer survey shows quality of is Balaji metals very good. Balaji metals has adopted Change as a continuous process an its technocrats are flexible enough to adopt any changes in the manufacturing process in the product with a view to giving the real value for money to their customers.