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  • MARCH/APRIL 2013



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    ON OUR COvER / / leadershiPBagel Boy owners Mike and Brenda Dinsmore raise the dough business from show business. Read their fascinating story and how it all started with Bill Cosby.

    SwEAT+SMARTPHoNE=SUCCESS? / / technologyIt seems everybody has a smartphone these days. But is it necessary? We take a closer look at it and how it stacks up to other options, like the revamped Blackberry.

    PERfECT yoUR SwING THIS SPRING // entrePreneurGolfers beware, theres a new place to get your game up to par and its open year-round.

    OUR LEGACY / / legacyIts all about family and relationships. We sat down with Pete Hegg of Hegg Companies and talked about what it takes to run a successful business through the decades.

    CANCER AND yoUR DIET / / health & wellnessStudies are showing theres a link between eating habits and certain cancers. But there are lots of healthy options out there and local produce businesses are growing because of it.

    KEEPING IT SIMPLE / / sales & marKetingSeveral businesses in Sioux Falls are focusing on a niche and finding out you dont have to offer a one-stop-shop to find success.

    SoCIAL MEDIA MAyHEM // human resourcesWe talk with local human resource representatives about how businesses are using it, if its creating problems in the workplace and sat down with a lawyer to ask the tough question: Is it legal to hire or fire based on profiles?

    NoN-PRofIT PRofILELearn more about the Sioux Falls Area CASA Program and how it benefits the community.










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    Regional Ofce Sioux Falls, SD

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    Regional Ofce Sioux Falls, SD

  • SfBM /// FEATURE

    THEy SAy THERES no business like show business. But for Mike and Brenda Dinsmore, current owners of Bagel Boy, show business is how their dough business got started. And its a successful dough business at that. With two locations, their new one located just south of 33rd and Minnesota, and their E. 26th Street spot, its not hard to see why. Drive by virtually any time of day and the parking lots or drive through on 26th Street are pretty busy with carb-hungry patrons, looking to get their bagel fix. And for that, Mike and Brenda are so grateful. Sioux Falls is such a wonderful community, Brenda says. Were so thankful people pick us.

    While Mike and Brenda are not the original founders of Bagel Boy, which first opened in Sioux Falls in 1994, youd never know it by the way they treat the store itself, its customers and its employees. This business, along with our kids, is our baby. We cherish each day we have here with the customers and the employees. The Dinsmores bought the two original locations in 2000, after they moved to Sioux Falls from Reading, Penn. We

    were ready to move back to South Dakota, says Brenda. And you know what? The timing was just right.

    Bagel Boy in BrooklynSo how did the Dinsmores get into the bagel business

    in the first place? It all sta