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Highlights on my presentation at ' The new dynamics of Luxury Marketing in a digital world' in Singapore July 1st.

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  • 1. Luxury in a digital world
    The new reality
    The New Reality
  • 2. A world driven by conversations ishere to stay
    Old broadcast formats and Command & Control communication structures have collapsed. Content is everything
    Technology has empowered people. Brands, companies and media need to take heed.
    Consumers have become the most important players.
  • 3. Everyone and anyonecan comment on anything
    New media modelshave emerged often online; often moderated by blogs
    A new breed of journalistshas arrived often bloggers, but not always
    Multiple channels provide multiple ways to tell a story. The mainstream media is no longer the only outlet to reach
  • 4. Micro is the new Macro
    brands need to change how they reach people
    The challengefor companies and for brands is how to reach, connect with, and sell to these new and receptive micro markets
  • 5. More and relevantcommunication
    Anongoing conversation is critical for success. Doing it in infrequently is not enough..
    A need to increase the frequency with which we communicate.
    The more brands appear, the more of an impact they have.
  • 6. Communities matter, but.
    Facebook proves thatpeople have always longed to belong .
    Brands and Companies need to be careful. These are not places where you can simply run ads and expect to build relationships.
    Not all communities are right for all brands. Facebook may not be appropriate.
  • 7. Build relationships with key media
    Choose which journalists, bloggers and commentators to communicate with and build strong, long term successful relationships:
    Understand the different types of media: Journalists vs bloggers !
  • 8. Image Advertising still matters
    To maintain the dream
    To counter the brands fractional presence in digital media
    So that consumers can still aspire when they see their brand in full gloss.
  • 9. Considered Activities
    Reach the right audience with the right tone of voice.
    Be seen in the right circles.
    Be seen in the right venues.
  • 10. Targetted High End Search
    Longtail search phrases to reduce wastage and hit the elites.
    Use the language of the target.
  • 11. Do Social Media well
    Or not at all !
  • 12. Find The Right Marketing Partners
    Who has the best technology ?
    Who gets the strategy ?
    Who understands the target ?
    Who delivers creative stand-out solutions ?
  • 13. The Specialists add value
    Brands need to work with skilled producers , thinkers creators and technologists.. e.g.
    - Digital Media specialists
    • High quality film production for content
    • 14. - social media crisis PR advisers