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  • 1. S ingaporeand its city innovation strategy


  • Economic Development Path
  • 1965-1970sThe industrial take off phase
  • 1970s-1980s Local Technology characterized by rapid growth of local process technology capabilities brought by upgraded MNC operations
  • 1980-1990 Applied R&D characterized by rapid expansion of applied R&D activities by global MNCs
  • 1990s onwards the shift towards high technology entrepreneurship and basic R&D characterized by an emerging emphasis on indigenous technological innovation capabilities,the formation of local high tech start-ups and shift towards science-based industries, particularly life science

3. National Innovation SystemsOf SingaporeStylized Model of Singapores Enterprise Ecosystem in the 1980s-1990s 4. Multinational corporationMNCs Singapore primarily reliedupon MNCs to product the National Innovation SystemsOf Singapore

  • Knowledge Spillovers
  • Technology Transfer

5. The FDI Leveraging Model of Singapore : Process specialist strategy, followed by reverse value chain strategy on a smaller scale Application Pioneering strategy strong among service firms National Innovation Strategy of Singapore: FDI-Leveraging Model (MNC) (MNC) 6. Emerging Institutional Framework for S&T Policy in Singapore 7. Innovation & Enterprise R&D Strategy : Bottom-up Approach Top-down approach 8. Total Singapore Patents (1967-2003) 9. Singapore Financial Hub 10. T hank you