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SIMS Discover SIMS MultiView. Chris Sherwood. SIMS Discover Autumn Release. Half-termly Graphs: Attendance Behaviour Achievement Add Quick Search to Discover catalogue items Allow sharing of filtered graphs Copy graphs to clipboard Administration Utility improvements. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SIMS DiscoverSIMS MultiViewChris Sherwood

1Half-termly Graphs:Attendance Behaviour Achievement Add Quick Search to Discover catalogue itemsAllow sharing of filtered graphsCopy graphs to clipboardAdministration Utility improvementsSIMS Discover Autumn ReleaseHalf Termly Graphs

Attendance Graph by half-termBehaviour Points by half-termBehaviour Incidents by half-termAchievement Points by half-term

Half-termly graphs

Add Quick Search to Discover catalogue items

Allow sharing of filtered graphs

Copy graphs to clipboard

Ability to Change legend description in AU Tool

Remove the old Configuration and Hosted Transfer Tools

SIMS Discover Spring 2014 TBC.Post 16 Exam GraphsMore Pupil Discover Graphs:Bullying by typeBehaviour by InterventionGifted and Talented by subjectAttendance by Year / Reg. Group.More Staff Discover Graphs:Lesson Observation by TypeLesson Observation Grades by SubjectLesson Observation Grades for each Professional Standard

SIMS MultiView - Winter 2014 ReleaseSIMS MultiView - VisionProvide a solution so that groups of academies and schools have a central view of their schools academic performance so that they can centrally monitor and influence their schools.


SIMS MultiView - Enterprise Dashboard

13SIMS MultiView - School Dashboard

14SIMS MultiView - School Comparison Table


SIMS MultiView - School Comparison Graphical16SIMS MultiView Assessment Aspect MappingSIMS 7MultiviewAspect Result SetAspectResult SettexttextKeystageNameTypeYearTermKS4 Eng ReviewY10 SumKS4EnglishReviewYear 10SummerY7 MathsY7 SprKS3MathsReviewYear 7SpringY2 ReadingY2KS1ReadingReviewYear 2-SIMS MultiView Assessment Aspect Mapping

SIMS MultiView Assessment

Assessment Bar GraphUser able to adjust;Subject (S)Level(s)Count, e.g. 1, 3, 5 etc.Pupils, e.g. Year3, KS1Filter, E.g. FSM, Gender

Examples of usage;% achieving Level 2+ Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening, Maths, Science% achieving C+ in at least two Science GCSE% achieving C+ in at least one MFL% achieving 5A*-C, inc. English & Maths% achieving EBacc% achieving 5A*-G

Assessment Line GraphUser able to adjust;SubjectLevelKey StageCountPupilsFilter, e.g. FSM, GenderExamples of usage:Pupil tracking across Result Sets

SAAS annual subscription (3-year contract) plus services:800 SAAS p.a. per Secondary Academy400 SAAS p.a. per Primary Academy260 Connection Charge one off per Academy2,300 - 2-day Service Package per academy group1 day install 1 day project set up

SIMS MultiView - PricingConnection hosted SIMS is 52522

Thank YouChris Sherwood