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Silver Surfers Dating is all about dating a 50 plus or more. It's all about companionship and lately it will develop into love.

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  • 1. The Rise of the Mature Internet Savvy Wooer

2. Why is there a proliferation of silver surfers dating siteson the internet? What has been the biggest change inthe online dating industry?First of all, what is a silver surfer?For most people a silver surfer is one of the baby boomgeneration, aged 50+ who is able and willing to use theinternet to buy goods online, to book hotels or holidays. 3. They are also now increasingly using the internet, andin particular the silver surfers dating market to find love,or at least companionship a key word for many silversurfers. 4. The baby boomers are now extending their activitiesinto the silver surfers dating market or the 50 plus datingmarket.Whatever you call it those who are 50 plus are gettingmore and more active in the over 50 dating scene.Traditionally personal ads of people looking for lovecould be found mostly in newspapers and magazines,but the internet has changed all that. 5. Now there is a multitude of sites providing an onlinedating service which has grown into a worldwideindustry worth more than $2 billion per year. 6. With more and more people getting used tocommunicating in a virtual world, on desktops, laptopsand increasingly on smartphones, it is hardly surprisingthat online dating, and in particular dating for the overfifties has largely replaced the old fashioned printedpersonal ads.What has been less expected is that an increasingnumber of people using the internet to look for dates arein the more mature age groups.This service is not just for the people in their twenties toforties, who have been the traditional users of personalads. 7. Recent surveys have shown an increase of nearly 40%in the number of people using the internet in the over 50dating group in the last three years, while somecompanies have reported a doubling of more maturesingles looking for a companion in the same period.So what are the causes of this online explosion? 8. It is one of the great clichs of our time that children arefar more adept at learning computer and internet skillsthan their parents.The explosion of social media such as Facebook andTwitter and the rise of the smartphone, making theinternet instantly accessible anywhere, have offered ahuge range of opportunities for the young.But while the social media sites may be dominated bythe young, the older generation have been quietly usingtheir computers and the internet for purposes which suitthem. 9. They are buying books and electronic goods fromAmazon, talking to friends and family home and abroad,using Skype, printing digital photos or sending them tofamily members by email, booking rail or air tickets atthe touch of a button, or searching for weekend breaksby the sea.Armed with all these skills these mature silver surfersare equipped to enter the silver surfers dating industry. 10. A key characteristic of many of the silver surfers, in their50s and 60s, is that they have money.They are not fabulously rich but many will own asubstantial property, often with the mortgage paid off. Ifin their 50s and early 60s they are likely to be at theirearnings peak.Their children have probably grown up, drasticallyreducing some of their financial commitments.If the children have gone the silver surfers will havemore time to do what they want rather than being a taxiservice for their children. 11. If they are already retired then many of them will bereceiving substantial pensions, which, with the pensionscrisis engulfing us, are likely to be greater than thepensions received by younger generations when theirtime comes.All this affluence means that the silver surfers are in aposition to spend money on themselves expensiveholidays abroad, good quality dining out, purchase ofthe latest electronic wonder, or by joining up with thesilver surfers dating market, instantly paid for onlineusing a credit card. 12. But are people happy with all these opportunities if theyare alone and have no one to share these experiences?Increasing numbers of people over 50 are living alone.In the last United States census 37% of people over 50were found to be unmarried mostly divorced, andthese figures are matched in the UK and in other partsof Europe.Add to that those who are widowed and you have asubstantial number of older people living alone.With life expectancy also increasing someone in theirearly 50s has the potential to have decades more of life.Do the silver surfers want to spend all that time alone? 13. They may have great and busy social lives, but theymay also lack that special someone to share all theseopportunities which they now have available.Start living again and sign-up free here.Get a date by clicking here: