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  • 1. CUSTOM SILHOUETTEPORTRAITSI provide art and inspiration

2. Why? Weddings (oops, the registry is alreadycomplete) A friend or family member is a dog/catperson (and they consider it a Just for fun 3. Your silhouette can be used in many creative ways 4. 1. 2.3.4. 5.6.1.) Invitations and announcements 2.) Elegant wedding displays 3.) Cake toppers4.) Creative mugs 5.) Christmas ornaments 6.) Personalized pillows 5. There are endless resources for printingI am your advisor (part of my service)Do not pay a middle man.As part of my services, I will work with youon the creative process of using your portraitin other mediums.I work closely and efficiently with all myclients 6. Customer Reviews Fast shipping, great communication. They areso cute and original! Great seller! Went through hoops to get theproduct exactly as I wanted! Cannot recommendenough. [Her] work is amazing and so reasonablypriced. Im looking forward to having you domore silhouettes for me. 7. Publicity 8. Its the thought that countsShow them you gave it some. 9. WARNINGThis product is associated with the followingreactions:Expressions of pure joy (including long hugsfrom Grandma,Disdain from family and friends because yourgift was way better than theirsSleep deprivation. How do you top this?