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  • profinet

    Company-wide automation,integrated communication.PROFINET, the openIndustrial Ethernet Standard

  • New perspectives inindustrial automation ...

    Increasing the productivity of your plant has the very highest priority.

    You want your investment to convert your production more quickly

    to the latest market demands and shorten your time to market. That

    is why you need a continuous flow of information company-wide

    from the first production step via the plant control level to the

    corporate management level for your strategic decisions.


  • ... through PROFINET, the innovativeIndustrial Ethernet Standard

    The increasing significance of vertical integration shows what a

    decisive role industrial communication plays in modern automation

    as a whole. PROFINET, the open, cross-vendor standard based on

    Industrial Ethernet, enables direct and transparent access from the

    corporate management level all the way down to the field level.

    PROFINET is based on established IT standards and provides un-

    qualified support for TCP/IP.

    Utilizing synergies and securing investments:simple integration of existing systems

    Do you want to continue to use and expand existing systems and plantsections which communicate via PROFIBUS and other field buses in thefuture? No problem! PROFINET makes integration of the existing basiseasy, and with a minimum of effort. PROFINET ensures a high degree ofinvestment protection for existing systems and you have the advantagesof an innovative standard now and in the future.

    The optimum basis for PROFINET Industrial Ethernet

    Ethernet has established itself as the standard bus system in the officeworld. Thanks to its huge market acceptance, Ethernet development(e.g. transmission rate improvement) is continuing unabated. Siemenshas been offering Industrial Ethernet as a standard-based network withinthe rough industrial environment for more than 15 years now.

    PROFINET utilizes this basis to interface devices from the field level to themanagement level, thus combining industrial performance with theuniformity, continuity and transparency of corporate communication.


  • Industrial installation engineering, real-time capability, the integration of distributed

    field devices, isochronous motion control applications, simple network administration

    and diagnostics, protection against unauthorized access, efficient, cross-vendor

    engineering and a high degree of machine and plant availability all of these

    demands are fulfilled by PROFINET, the open, cross-vendor standard.

    The solution for every demand ...


  • ... PROFINET, the comprehensive standard for the automation world



    IT Standards& Security



    DistributedField DevicesPROFINET



  • PROFINET: comprehensive and innovative

    PROFINET is Real-Time Ethernet

    PROFINET is based on integrated communication and simul-taneous, unrestricted use of open IT standards as well asTCP/IP.

    PROFINET enables the transmission of time-critical (Real-Time RT) signals which can attain response times equiv-alent to those of todays fieldbus systems. This performancelevel can be achieved with standard components.

    A further step is the use of PROFINET with IsochronousReal-Time (IRT) for high-performance, isochronous motioncontrol applications. IRT provides deterministic real-timecapability and fulfills all the necessary requirements:response times well under 1 ms, isochronous transmissionand jitter of less than 1 s.


  • PROFINET with distributed field devices

    PROFINET enables the direct interfacing of field devices onEthernet and is capable of high-speed data interchangewith the controller. Configuring is done in the familiarmanner using SIMATIC STEP 7. You do not need to learnanything new, and it goes without saying that the sameextensive device diagnostics familiar from the PROFIBUSworld are also available for PROFINET, as is the transparentintegration of PROFIBUS devices.

    PROFINET and motion control ensure the highestperformance level

    PROFINET allows you to create extremely fast, isochronousdrive control systems for high-performance motion controlapplications with a minimum of effort. Your benefit: aquantum leap compared to todays solutions and that whileusing TCP/IP communication. The integration of isochronousreal-time (IRT) in PROFINET devices opens up the world ofhigh performance. The engineering is simple: it is donewith familiar tools such as SIMATIC STEP 7 or SIMOTIONScout.




    IT Standards& Security




  • 8

    PROFINET and distributed intelligence

    PROFINET opens up new perspectives in the implementationof distributed automation structures: uncompromisingmodularization with plant-wide engineering, namely Com-ponent Based Automation: intelligent modules consistingof mechanical components, electrical/electronic componentsand the application software are pre-tested and deliveredto the plant ready to use. SIMATIC iMap allows you to graph-ically configure the relationship between the individual,reusable modules on both PROFINET and PROFIBUS. It isuser-friendly and requires no additional programming.

    PROFINET for easy network installation

    PROFINET allows you to install your network without theneed for expert knowledge. In addition to star-shapedcabling, PROFINET also supports line and ring structuresthereby allowing you to minimize cabling overheads andensuring a high degree of availability. The industrial cablesand rugged connectors are specially designed to meet EMCand temperature demands and are standardized within thePROFINET framework. This ensures compatibility withdevices from different manufacturers. The user-friendlyPROFINET Installation Guide serves as the guideline fornetwork installation and ensures simple machine and plantcommissioning procedures.





    DistributedField DevicesINET

  • PROFINET IT standards & security

    PROFINET provides all the functions required for the optimalconfiguration and diagnostics of PROFINET devices andnetworks using proven standard IT technologies such ashttp, HTML, SNMP, DHCP and XML. The integration of theseservices in PROFINET means potential savings in commis-sioning and maintenance. In addition, you have Internetaccess from any location in the world to all relevant dataany time you need it.

    The importance of network security in the areas of dataand communication technology has increased enormouslyin recent years. Security means protection against systemsabotage and unauthorized access to sensitive data.PROFINET already has an integrated security concept inplace which is capable of minimizing the security risks foran automation network without unnecessarily affectingproduction.

    PROFINET with Safety Integrated

    PROFINET also fulfills the demands for a complete securityconcept for humans, machines and the environment. Thanksto PROFIsafe, the standard profile for fail-safe communi-cation, PROFINET can be used for both standard and fail-safe applications a single network for everything. Thefreely programmable security logic uses standard tools tosimplify commissioning and programming.

    PROFINET in process

    PROFINET is designed as a comprehensive standard for allautomation tasks. Special requirements for its use in indus-trial plants and the interfacing of process instrumentationand analyzers are currently being dealt with as part of theoverall efforts toward standardization. The first stage willprovide transparent integration based on existing PROFIBUSsolutions.


  • Siemens already offers an extensive range of products

    for PROFINET which includes the SIMATIC S7-300 and

    S7-400 programmable controllers, PCs and workstations.

    Field devices from the SIMATIC ET 200 product family

    can be directly connected to PROFINET. Existing

    PROFIBUS devices can also be integrated in a PROFINET

    solution. The product line is rounded off by a

    comprehensive range of active and passive network

    components, security products for the creation of secure

    Industrial Ethernet networks and the option of wireless

    communication with industrial WLAN.

    Products that makeapplications with PROFINETeasier




    Industrial I


    Distributed Field Devices

    IE/PB Link

    Switch Switch

    DistributedField Device



  • PROFINET controllers for automation systems

    For SIMATIC S7-300 there is the CPU 317-2 PN/DP withintegrated PROFINET interface. The CP 343-1 communica-tions processor also makes it possible to interface S7-300stations to PROFINET. The CP 443-1 Advanced communica-tions processor with integrated switch serves as a PROFINETinterface for the powerful SIMATIC S7-400 PLCs.

    PC / Workstation


    This communication software makes it possible to operatefield devices directly from a PC via Ethernet.


    This communication software makes it possible tointegrate a PC or workstation as a component in an application with Component Based Automation.

    SIMATIC WinAC PN with software PLC

    SIMATIC WinAC PN is a software PLC based on SIMATIC WinAC V3.0. It canbe integrated as a component in an application with Component Based Automation and functions as a proxyfor as many as 60 PROFIBUS devices.

    Distributed fie