Shropshire CCG - Shropshire CCG - ANNUAL ... Graham Shepherd (Shropshire Patient Group) for their...

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Transcript of Shropshire CCG - Shropshire CCG - ANNUAL ... Graham Shepherd (Shropshire Patient Group) for their...


    11.00am on Wednesday 11 July 2018 in The Sovereign Suite,

    Shrewsbury Town Football Club, Oteley Road, Shrewsbury,

    Shropshire, SY2 6ST


    11.00am Start (Refreshments available from 10.45am)

     Welcome & Introduction Julian Povey

     Apologies for Absence Julian Povey

     Minutes of Previous AGM (12 July 2017) Julian Povey

     Presentation by Chief Finance Officer Claire Skidmore

     Presentation by Accountable Officer Simon Freeman

     Open Session - Questions from the Public

     Thanks and Close of AGM Julian Povey

    The CCG’s Annual Report 2017/18 is available to view and download from the Shropshire CCG website (

    or can be obtained by contacting the Communications Team, Shropshire CCG, Somerby Suite, Mytton Oak Road, Shrewsbury, SY3 8XL

    tel: 01743 277500 or [email protected] mailto:[email protected]

  • Page 1 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting – 12 July 2017 TEJ Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group

    Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group



    AT 11.00AM ON WEDNESDAY 12 JULY 2017 Present Dr Julian Povey (CCG Chair) Dr Simon Freeman (Accountable Officer) Mrs Claire Skidmore (Chief Finance Officer) Dr Jessica Sokolov (Clinical Director – Women & Children’s Services) Dr Finola Lynch (Clinical Director – Communications & Engagement) Dr Steve James (Clinical Director - Primary Care) Dr Tim Lyttle (Chair – North Locality) Dr Shailendra Allen (Chair – South Locality) Dr Julie Davies (Director of Performance & Delivery) Mrs Sam Tilley (Director of Corporate Affairs) Mrs Nicky Wilde (Director of Primary Care) Ms Dawn Clarke (Director of Nursing & Quality) Dr Ed Rysdale (Secondary Care Clinician) Mr Keith Timmis (Lay Member - Governance & Performance) Mr William Hutton (Lay Member - Audit) Mr Meredith Vivian (Lay Member – Patient & Public Involvement) Mrs Sarah Porter (Lay Member – Transformation) Professor Rod Thomson (Director of Public Health) Mrs Tracy Eggby-Jones (Corporate Services Manager – Minute Taker) In Attendance Mrs Jane Chapman (NHS England Representative) Mr Graham Shepherd (Shropshire Patient Group – Observer) Mrs Jane Randall-Smith (Healthwatch Shropshire – Observer) AGM-2017-07.001 - Welcome & Introduction by the Chair 1.1 Dr Povey welcomed members, public, stakeholders and staff to the Annual General Meeting

    (AGM) of Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for 2016/17. 1.2 Dr Povey reported that the CCG’s Annual Report 2016/17 was available to download from the

    CCG’s website ( There were also a limited number of hard copies available at the meeting for members of the public. A copy was also available upon request from the CCG’s headquarters.

    1.3 It was noted that a copy of the full presentation from the AGM was attached as Appendix 1 and

    was also available to download from the CCG’s website at: RESOLVE: MEMBERS RECEIVED Shropshire CCG’s Annual Report for 2016/17. AGM-2017-07.002 - Apologies 2.1 Apologies were noted as follows:

     Mr Kevin Morris (General Practice Representative)

     Dr Deborah Shepherd (Chair – Shrewsbury & Atcham Locality)

     Mrs Gail Fortes-Mayer (Director of Contracting & Planning)

     Dr Geoff Davies (Clinical Director – Urgent Care & Finance)

     Mrs Wendy Saviour (Director of Commissioning Operations - NHS England North Midlands)

  • Page 2 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting – 12 July 2017 TEJ Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group

     Mrs Vikki Taylor (Locality Director - NHS England North Midlands) AGM-2017-07.003 - Minutes of the Previous AGM : 14 September 2016 RESOLVE: The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on 14 September

    2016 were presented for approval. These were proposed by Dr James, seconded by Mr Hutton and ACCEPTED as a true and accurate record by Members.

    AGM-2017-07.004 - Chief Finance Officer’s Report 3.1 Mrs Skidmore gave a brief presentation on the CCG’s financial position for 2016/17 and noted

    that a copy of the full financial accounts were included within the Annual Report. 3.2 Mrs Skidmore began by reporting that the CCG received an initial allocation of £417.56m to

    spend on the population of Shropshire of which £2.54m was non-recurrent (ie a one off sum). Of the allocation received in 2016/17, £6.6m had been earmarked for the running costs of the organisation and £410.96m for the purchase of healthcare for the CCG’s population

    3.3 Mrs Skidmore noted that the CCG received its funding from the government to commission

    healthcare for the population of Shropshire. The CCG then passed this on to partners through contracts, grants and other agreements. In 2016/17 the CCG had been asked to:

     Spend a proportion of its funding on “one off” projects

     Achieve its statutory financial duties

     Retain 1% of its funding to support the wider NHS system 3.4 Mrs Skidmore reported that the CCG ended the year in a deficit position of £21.9m, and

    cumulative debt position of £33m. Therefore, it had not achieved its financial statutory duties during 2016/17 and had exceeded its annual income.

    3.5 Mrs Skidmore highlighted the key areas of expenditure which totalled £450.18m, as follows:

     Acute £209,757

     Community Services £45,998

     Prescribing £50,731

     Primary Care £10,919

     Primary Care Co-Commissioning £40,992

     Mental Health & Learning Disabilities £30,472

     Continuing Healthcare £40,746

     Other Healthcare (including Better Care Fund) £12,889

     Running Costs £7,679 3.6 Mrs Skidmore acknowledged that the CCG would continue to face a range of financial risks

    attributed to both national and local social, economic and policy issues. These included:

     The challenge of achieving the required efficiencies to return to financial balance

     Growing demand for healthcare and a drive to maintain and improve the quality of services that the CCG commissions

     Challenging financial position of the wider health and social care economy. RESOLVE: MEMBERS RECEIVED AND ADOPTED Shropshire CCG’s Annual Accounts 2016/17,

    as presented by Mrs Skidmore. AGM-2017-07.005 – Chair & Accountable Officer’s Presentation 4.1 Dr Povey began his presentation by reporting on the substantial changes within the CCG over

    the past 12 months and noted that Dr Simon Freeman had been appointed as the substantial Accountable Officer during 2016. Dr Povey expressed his thanks to Mr Dave Evans, Interim Accountable Officer and Mr Andrew Nash, Mr Ray Davey and Mrs Deborah Hayman, Interim Chief Finance Officers for their valuable input over the year in addressing the CCG’s financial challenges.

  • Page 3 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting – 12 July 2017 TEJ Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group

    4.2 Dr Povey also thanked Mr Michael Whitworth, Mrs Anne Dray, Mr David Harry, Mr James Aker and Mr James Slater for their work and support around contracting, planning, performance and governance.

    4.3 Dr Povey noted that the CCG’s three Locality Chairs had recently retired (Dr Alan Otter, Dr

    Stuart Wright and Mr Kevin Morris). Although it was noted that Mr Morris would remain on the Governing Body as a practice representative. Dr Povey was pleased to report that Dr Shailendra Allen, Dr Tim Lyttle and Dr Deborah Shepherd had been appointed as the new Locality Chairs.

    4.4 Dr Povey reported that the Lay Member representation on the Governing Body had been

    increased from two members to four, with Mrs Sarah Porter and Mr Meredith Vivian recently being appointed to these roles. Dr Povey recorded his thanks to Mr Hutton and Mr Timmis as the existing Lay Members for the continued support to the Governing Body and CCG.

    4.5 Dr Povey felt that the CCG was now in a stable position, with an agreed financial recovery plan

    in place and highlighted that returning to financial sustainability was a fundamental part of addressing the legal directions as set out by NHS England. Dr Povey noted that the CCG was likely to be removed from special measures shortly, following the substantive appointment of the Executive Team, as follows:

     Claire Skidmore – Chief Financial Officer & Deputy Accountable Officer

     Sam Tilley – Director of Corporate Affairs

     Gail Fortes- Mayer – Director of Contracting & Planning

     Dawn Clark – Director of Nursing & Quality

     Dr Julie Davies –