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Do aliens exist?

Transcript of Shradha Agarwal: Project Aliens

  • 1. Shradha AgarwalVIII - BScienceDo Aliensexist???

2. Do Aliens Exist??? 3. What isExtraterrestrial life? 4. Water world, abound our Solar System 5. Crop Circles 6. U. F. O.s (UnidentifiedFlying Object) 7. Stephen Hawking too believes in ALIEN life!!! 8. 9 Exo Planets that couldhost Alien life -Gliese 581gGliese 667CcKepler-22bHD 40307gHD 85512bTau Ceti eGliese 163cGliese 581dTau Ceti f 9. Moon Landing andAlien rumors 10. Aliens in Movies 11. God only knows till date, Aliens exist or not, sciencehas still no proof, but very soon the time will comewhen our near and dear ones would hail from theMars, Venus or Jupiter or so, we would have our homes there and will go for ajoy trip to our favorite Alien friends on Moon or so - Thank You!