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To make your successful career in dentistry, you have to keep updating your knowledge about it. Short term dental courses is the best medium to fulfill that incomplete gaps.Within short period of time you get to learn about different aspects of dental implants, cosmetic dentistry & full mouth rehabilitation programs.

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Impart Education

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About Us:Impart education is an honest and sincere effort taken by Dr. Udatta Kher and Dr. Ali Tunkiwala towards providing continuing education in the field of dentistry. We strive to impart knowledge by conducting several courses for motivated clinicians and dental students with hands on experience sessions. Emphasize is given on having interactive and practical sessions to enhance the learning experience.With our clinical experiences, we wish to impart knowledge and inspire clinicians and their approach towards dentistry.With our passion, experience and teaching skills we want to make a contribution to the future of dentistry.

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Pursue your Career in Dentistry

Short term dental courses are better options to prepare for the first years of dental school.

Dentists have only some choice for their career including specialization in one of nine acknowledged areas.

There are general 80% practitioners, who work as dental hygienists and dental assistants and around 20% are specialists.

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Benefits of Dentist Profession: Flexible work hours set by individual private practice. High reimburse with a median income. Stability because people will always want to see a dentist

for varying oral problems and job prospects.

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Go for short term dental programs:

Continuing education is a part of renewing dental licenses and at different states has its own rules and regulations.

Best way to replenish new technique & updating your knowledge in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation & various other dental procedures.

In this course, you get to explore more in dentistry as special attention is provided with practical knowledge.

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New Technique in Dental Implants:

Flap vs. Punch Technique in Implant Surgery:This techniques for instant tooth replacement in the esthetic zone have become more trendy and predictable.

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Two different clinical scenarios in dental implants:

The immediate temporization of implants placed into healed or augmented ridges is illustrated.

Benefits of augmentation prior to implant placement and temporization are that flap elevation is not required; thus, the blood supply to the labial plate is not compromised, thereby eliminating potential mid-facial recession.

In addition, the soft tissue sub-gingival shape of the temporary crown can be non-surgically sculpted at the time of implant placement since the patient is already anesthetized. 

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Esthetic and Functional Rehabilitation:

Esthetic case planning and a new entire protocol of tooth preparation for full crowns will be highlighted utilizing modified enamel chisels and the dental microscope.

Utilization of multimedia will be for optimal visual learning using magnification photography and videos to focus on specific details are required to improve your dental skills.

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Complex Case Rehabilitation in Light of New Technologies:

A step-by-step full arch restoration (upper and lower) rehabilitated utilizing new technologies in dentistry.

CAD/CAM technology has changed a lot in technician's working process & the clinician's, offering new benefits to clinical workflow.

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With the help of clinician's and professional technician's backgrounds are critical to achieving optimal aesthetic and functional results.

Whereas prosthetic success depends upon an in-depth knowledge of the subject and their properties and on carefully performed clinical procedures.

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Contact Us: Impart Education Administrative Office,

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Course Co-ordinators: Riya: +91 9819930452,Sushma: +91 9820883533

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