Shopping Mall Digital Kiosks and Digital Billboards

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In this document and article, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS show how Digital Signage Solutions, specialy when combined with Digital Interactive kiosks or Digital Billboards can improve the way companies and advertisers make advertising and also improve the customer experience. Interactive kiosk for vending or loyalty programs, digital billboards for digital signage, wayfind interactive kiosks, etc.

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  • 1. We make premium kiosks because we are a... kiosk manufacturer
  • 2. SHOPPING CENTER KIOSKS DigitalSignageKiosks Digital Signage Solutions The Present and Future of Digital Marketing Digital Signage systems allows the creation and management of multimedia content (images, videos, news, web content, etc.) and making them available through one or more displays. These displays can be in the same place where software is installed or in remote locations. The updating of the content in these displays can be performed remotely, thereby enabling the updating of content in dozens or even hundreds of displays that can be changed in a few seconds.
  • 3. Wings and Stylo Models SHOPPING CENTERS Display 32 (resolution 1920 x 1080) Integrated Speakers Change Content Automatically or with a Single Click Ads need to be relevant, and what is relevant hardly ever remains static for long. A cinema may advertise trailers of children movies in the afternoon and then switch to promote the most recent movies in scene, in the evening. With digital signs, the switch can be made automatically, with one click on the devices back office, or even remotely with an app-embedded smartphone or tablet. This eliminates the constant overhead cost of printing new banners and the daily labor of swapping them out.
  • 4. SHOPPING CENTER KIOSKS NomyuPremiumType Powerful and Professional ! Modern and Elegant Design In 2000 the production of first PARTTEAM kiosk started ! Since that time kiosk technology has been developed enormously. And so did PARTTEAM and their products, that has been synonymous with the design and production of state of the art kiosk technologies. NOMYU kiosk is the result of years of research and development , with innovative tecnhical features and a sophisticated design that result in a supreme product..
  • 5. SHOPPING CENTER KIOSKS PLASMV AND GAUZY MODELS Outdoor Indoor Objectives Digital signage | Corporate TV can be used in multiple locations and with different features, such as outdoor campaigns, information broadcast, and places with large amount of people. The main goal of Digital Signage | Corporate TV is the broadcast and presentation of information contents. This tool, used in an appealing way, has amazing results with the public because it is an extremely flashy...
  • 6. Real Catcher The Automated Audience Measurement Solution Real Catcher is based on innovative image analysis techniques and uses a standard webcam, ip camera, or special video analisys systems like Kinect, Primesense and others to perform an analisys to facial images of people watching displays. System analyzes the stream of images provided by the camera and enables to measure the effectiveness of digital advertising, counting number of people passing near the media, how many people are actually looking at the media and provides their dwell time, attention time and demographics and other indicators as viewers gender and age group. If you can not measure it, it does not exist. William Thomson, Lord Kelvin (1824-1907) SHOPPING CENTER KIOSKS
  • 7. SHOPPING CENTER KIOSKS Digital Billboard Real Time Communi- cations
  • 8. The Natural Development Of Communication! Todays world is, due to the technological revolution, undergoing in constant changes that affect the whole society. Regarding the communications and information systems, the world uses less traditional media information systems, demanding new systems, in which technology, broadcast all necessary information in real time, in a more accessible, attractive, organized and complete way. The use of such systems by citizens is fast and has excellent feedback. The Interactivity with this type of system allows user to quickly find more and better information. Since nowadays the messages are no longer limited to simple text, this system can combine images, sounds and even videos in order to get the attention of users in a natural way. SHOPPING CENTER KIOSKS VirtualDirectoryKiosks Stainless steel AISI304/316 or painted steel (RAL Colors)
  • 9. This type of system can outpace the "digital gap", because the touchscreen systems can reach a wide range of people of all ages. Usually these people don't look at this system as a simple computer with a mouse and a keyboard but rather as a simple and easy system to use. Decrease the use of traditional signage, reducing costs and providing greater harmony on the store/shopping. The system is attractive, efficient and intuitive when sending the information to the users. It also allows a quick and sensitive navigation throug the whole system.. CORAL AND TEMBU MODEL SHOPPING CENTER KIOSKS Recent studies indicate that the communication systems and interactive advertising where the user selects the information they want and when they want it, are growing and has just become an important tool for the organizations.
  • 10. TEMBU, ZYTEC, AND ZYTAB MODELS The Kiosk, Mupi, display or other interactive support toolisapowerfulmarketing advertising the is a great advantage in the purchase of this kind of services/ products. Through these type of media, users have at their disposal informationpointsequippedwiththelastgenerationtechnology applications, involving the broadcast of multimedia content and all information related to the mall.
  • 11. SHOPPING CENTER KIOSKS MINDELO MODEL With the use of multimedia kiosks, the companies can reduce human resources and therefore costs, providing above all to the guests high quality and efficient services, and above all, much faster services. Studies indicate that the use of multimedia kiosks reduce by 35% the waiting time. Moreover, nowadays access control to companies, museums, stadiums, gyms, events, etc.. is performed in a fully autonomous way, through control access systems and queue management of several people. The multimedia kiosks represent an increasingly important role in the autonomy of the process that until this moment had to be performed by employees of such company. The Waiting Lines Are Now Finished !
  • 12. Thin Model The multimedia kiosks allow people to maintain the lifestyle that they are currently offered by information technologies, the autonomy to perform functions that in the past required the presence of another person ! The multimedia kiosks are now essential when it comes to buying tickets and checkin or access control systems. Entities and companies that have not yet acceded these systems, will certainly be a step backwards!
  • 13. SHOPPING CENTER KIOSKS The multimedia kiosks allow anyone to make the purchase of tickets (with payments by bill acceptors, coin acceptors or payment by credit card). Most people are used to deal every day with new technologies and with interactive products that allow them to take control of operations. It is also possible to equip two multimedia displays in the kiosks with a large one that can be used for advertising Besides the service they provide to the customer, companies can pay off the investment with the sale of digital advertising space.
  • 14. Self Service In Restaurants, Fast Food Chains, Etc This kiosk is an example of a self service kiosk and payment of services, with integration of coin acceptors, bill acceptors and credit card readers. They can also be used to purchase meals with ticketing systems on self-service restaurants, etc.. This kiosk can be stand-alone or, as in this case, integrated into a wall leaving only the front visible to customers. The versatility of this model is also one of its strengths since several components can be easily added.. Transact and Dali Models
  • 15. SHOPPING CENTER KIOSKS The Digital Signage Communication Transforms The Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, etc... The more people make their meals outside the home, more restaurants, cafes, etc..will have to use digital signage to improve communication with clients, updating menus,and create a livelier atmosphere for its customers. The digital displays are a unique opportunity for owners of establishments catering to easily improve their image by promoting offers more sophisticated and entertaining customers while they wait to be served. DigitalMenuBoards
  • 16. Digital signage is ideal for displaying menus, specials of the day, information nutrients /calories (increasingly required by law) Provide lists of wine, ice cream, soups, sandwich ... You can "earn" money by advertising partners, displaying ads within a larger and more attractive format Save money by eliminating the cost of printing and design Manage and update content easily - control multiple displays from a central computer Save Money and Earn More How Digital Menu Boards Increase Sales Volume Purchasing decisions are made at point of sale Average sales increase Sales increase for a featured product Increased foot traffic
  • 17. SHOPPING CENTER KIOSKS MyVirtualMirror Imagine that you can stop the time! One of the problems we have when we are experiencing clothes is the fact that we can not see all the details of clothing when we dress. Now this is possible with MyVM. To see the back of that dress or pants you like, you don't need to make any effort. With My Virtual Mirror, simply tap the delay button that will be available on the display, and your image will be saved while you are facing the opposite, and as soon as turn facing the mirror you will see the back of the dress, pants, or any other piece of clothing from the rear at all angles you desire. Besides simply press on the icons of the mirror to take a picture, record a video or even share with your friends on facebook or youtube. So now will be much easier to have the opinion on what you are dressing, even without their friends being present.
  • 18. Advertys Model The Ideal Marketing Tool For Any Clothing Store. The big fashion brands have just realized the great benefit that this product provides to those who try out any item of clothing. After wearing the chosen piece , the client moves to the My Virtual Mirror and his image appears on the screen. By tapping the display he can press the interactive buttons and choose what to do. The most innovative feature is undoubtedly the possibility that the client has to turn with his back to the virtual mirror and when they turn again the the front of the display the image they see is the back of the garment they are experiencing. Press the 5sec delay button and watch quietly all the details of the back of the cloth. Post photos on facebook so that your friends can see. Take pictures and email it. Record videos, send them by email or post on youtube. View the collections and the store models organized by brand / price / type / etc. What Can I Do In MyVM
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