Shipyard Management System

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Shipyard Management System “sistem management galangan” Kelompok 5 M. Sidiq Fanani M. Primadya Putra Moses Joshua M. Hudi Wibowo

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Shipyard Management System“sistem management galangan”

Kelompok 5M. Sidiq Fanani

M. Primadya PutraMoses Joshua

M. Hudi Wibowo

Page 2: Shipyard Management System

Aims of The Lecture

• To give an introduction to management system and it’s usage in the shipyard context

• To explore the application of management system

• To examine the production challenges and the way to overcome them

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What Is Management ?

• Management is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively.

• Management comprises planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization

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• Goal is a projected specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-targeted of desired end-point

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• Activities are practical implementation of a decision. Example in the shipyard application such as; purchasing, cutting, welding, assembling etc.

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Resources• Resources are entity of limited availability that needs to be

utilised or consumed to obtain a benefit from it

• In term of human resources they can also be defined as the skills, energies, talents, abilities and knowledge that are used for the production of goods or the rendering of services

• Resourcing encompasses the deployment and manipulation of human resources, financial resources, technological resources, and natural resources

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• The act of making things done in “time”, use budgeted resources efficiently through the work of different people

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Management System

• Management system is a structured arrangement of a set generic and logical action to ensure efective coordination of activities and resources to meet the goal

• Management is not absolute entity, there for any method could be adopted to the management system

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Method of Management System

• A.) Absolute and non absolute entity• B.) Iterating non absolute entity

Page 10: Shipyard Management System

Absolute and Non Absolute Entity

• Absolute is term used to describe something which has a uniqe meaning or value that would be uniformly interpreted by everyone

• Example : engine running condition on or off;purchasing yes or no;mathematical calculation;etc

Page 11: Shipyard Management System

Iterating non absolute Entity

• Since non absolute entity always has a relative meaning or value therefore any process related to it can always be iterated for continuous improvement

• The step have been taken can be rewrite dan structured as follow :

• Define >>> organize >>> implement >>> measure >>> review >>> back to define

Page 12: Shipyard Management System

Aplikasi Management Systemon Ship Production

Define – Perencanaan

• Ship built in accordance to the agreed contract

• Deliver ship on schedule• The ship built meet the

specifications, requirements and standards

• The ship built in the range of budget

Page 13: Shipyard Management System

Organise - Persiapan

• Prepare production Planning

• Prepare production budget

• Recruit human resources and sub-contractors

Page 14: Shipyard Management System

Implement - Pelaksanaan

• Produce detail design

• Purchase -- pembelian -- materials and equipment

• Implement production methods

• Deploy the human resources

Page 15: Shipyard Management System





Proses Scheme ( Rencana produksi )

Page 16: Shipyard Management System

Measure - Pengawasan

• Monitor and contol the production

• Inspect the works been done

• Test the system

• Conducting ship trials

Page 17: Shipyard Management System


• Experience learnt from the ship productions

• Input from ship owner and operator

• Explore scope for improvement

Ship owner Operator

Ship Productions

Page 18: Shipyard Management System

Addressing Production Challenges

A. Key challenges. Materials and ship equipment come as scheduled To the incoming materials and equipment meet the

requirement of the specifications The incoming materials equipment come in good

condition The production processes are properly carried out and no

rework is required The workers are properly qualified Clear and simple design and work instructions No botlle neck in production flow

Page 19: Shipyard Management System

• B. Possible Solutions
















Page 20: Shipyard Management System

Management aspect– Better purchasing planning– Better production planning– Better organising the human resource and sub-contracors– More comprehensive budget planning

Human resources aspect– Proper selection and allocation of human resources– Provide training and updating the skills and knowledge oe human

resources– Pay more attention to the welfare of the human resources– Maintain good industrial relation

Page 21: Shipyard Management System

Design and Engineering aspect– Implement design for production approach– Provide clear and simple work instructions– Implement efficient and systematic production procedures– Apply systematic and logic parts indentifications methods

Facilities and equipment aspect– Implement automatic or computerised production system– Plan the facilities and equipment utilisation properly– Adjust the production methods to the capasity of the avaible facilities

and equipment

Page 22: Shipyard Management System


a) Management is the process of coordinating activities and resources to meet a specific goal.

b) Management is a non-absolute entity.c) Management system is a structured arrangement of a set of generic and

logical action steps to ensure effective coordination of activities and resources to meet the goal.

d) Management system should be iterated for continuous improvemente) Management system can be applied to ship production.f) There are some challenges for its applications to the ship production, and

possible solutions are through: management, human resources, design and engineering and facilities and equipment approaches.

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