Shipyard Begej Inland Chemical Tankers

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Shipyard Begej / Chemical Tankers / 1 Manufacturing inland customized vessels since 1947 SHIPYARD BEGEJ CHEMICAL TANKERS

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Shipyard Begej builds multi-purpose stainless steel Inland Chemical Tankers for transportation of dangerous liquid cargo, specialty chemicals and petroleum products

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  • 1. SHIPYARD BEGEJManufacturing inland customizedvessels since 1947CHEMICALTANKERSShipyard Begej / Chemical Tankers / 1

2. Chemical TankersTRANSPORTING WIDE RANGE OF DANGEROUS LIQUID CARGOCAN OFTEN BE A CHALLENGE.With stainless steel duplex hulls resistant to chemicals,Begej Chemical Tankersexcellent quality of stainless steel works and meticulousat a glanceattention to detail, from steelworks to outfitting and livingquarters interior design, state-of-the-art electronics and Market leader for stainlesssafety systems, Begejs chemical tankers are a worthwhilesteel tanksinvestment. Duplex steel specialty handling prefabricationBegejs experienced engineering team develops and weldinginnovative conceptual solutions in close collaborationwith our customers and Western European suppliers High quality, smoothand partners, utilizing our vast accumulated know-howweldingto improve the performance and profitability of our Excellent finishings andcustomers vessels. attention to detailShipyard Begej / Chemical Tankers / 2 3. Chemical TankersCHEMICAL TANKERS TYPE CType C tanker ship NG 288ZUIDWALType C tanker ship NG 287AVENTURABegejs inland Type C chemical tankers, featuring stainless-steelcoated double hulls and pressurized gas cargo pumps are yourbest solution for aggressive liquid cargo transportationShipyard Begej / Chemical Tankers / 3 4. Chemical TankersCHEMICAL TANKERS TYPE CZuidwal Type C tanker ship NG 288Highly efficient and dependable, chemical tanker type C is equipped with the latest technologies. Theentire piping system was prefabricated in Holland and installed at Begej, as well as individual pumps foreach tank, speeding up the loading and unloading process. It is a crew- and family-friendly vessel, withspacious living quarters.Dimensions: 110 x 11,40 x 4,60 mMaximum draught:3.35 mTanks:8 cargo tanks x 380 m3 with Galvosil coatingMax. tonnageapprox. 2.750 tTank capacity:approx. 3.040 m3Certification:Dutch Shipping Inspectorate and Lloyds Register EMEAAventura Type C tanker ship NG 287High performance, reliable Aventura type inland vessel, that is crew and family friendly,with spacious living quarters.Dimensions: 110 x 11,40 x 4,60 mMaximum draught:3.35 mTanks:8 cargo tanks x 380 m3 with Hempel zinc silicate CoatingMax. tonnageapprox. 2.750 tTank capacity:approx. 3.040 m3Certification:Dutch Shipping Inspectorate and Lloyds Register EMEAShipyard Begej / Chemical Tankers / 4 5. Chemical TankersCHEMICAL TANKERS TYPE NType N tanker ship NG 282STAVORDIAType N tanker ship NG 271PIZ PERFORMANCEOur Type N inland double hulled chemical tankersare a dependable, cost-efficient answer to increasinglystringent environmental regulations and unique hazardsthat the transportation of oils pose.Shipyard Begej / Chemical Tankers / 5 6. Chemical TankersCHEMICAL TANKERS TYPE NStavordia Type N closed tanker ship NG 282High performance, reliable Type N-closed inland vessel, that is crew and family friendly, with spaciousliving quarters and high-tech electronic equipmentDimensions: 86 x 11, 40 x 4, 75 mMaximum draught:3.20 mTanks:6 cargo tanksMax. tonnageapprox. 1.800 tTank capacity:approx. 2.280 m3Certification:Dutch Shipping Inspectorate and Lloyds Register EMEAPiz Performance Type N open tanker ship NG 271Dimensions: 85.86 m x 11,45 x 5,68 mMaximum draught:4.0 mTanks:6 cargo tanksMax. tonnageapprox. 2.500 tTank capacity:approx. 2.600 m3Certification:Dutch Shipping Inspectorate and Lloyds Register EMEA Shipyard Begej / Chemical Tankers / 6 7. Personal ServiceYOURE THE CAPTAINOnce at the shipyard, our staff will be there to help you explore everything we have tooffer. You will have an office of your own with all the necessary equipment and Wi-Fithat covers the entire shipyard grounds. One of our project managers will be your hostthe entire time, to help you get acquainted with the process and the people.You will meet our talented design team who will demonstrate their approach to allphases of the ship design. Our project managers will show you the production facilities,from steel cutting shops and prefabrication shop to the slipway. They will show youthe outfitting berth and introduce you to our interior design team.A project manager assigned to your project ensures that your vessel is ideally suited toyour business needs. You can influence all phases of shipbuilding through our uniqueproject management system that allows you to follow every step of the process. Weprovide 24/7 online support.The shipyards owner, Mercurius Shipping Group has been operating inland waterwaysvessels for decades now. Their on-site technical advisors are always there to sharetheir vast accumulated experience with customers. From minor outfitting or interiordesign details to complex engineering tasks, they help guide Begejs design teamsand project managers to achieve their goal building the best ship you can find, builtto your exact specification, right on time, better every time. Shipyard Begej / Chemical Tankers / 7 8. About Shipyard BegejShipyard Begej History Quality assurance and certificationShipyard Begej was founded in 1947. In its long history,shipyard Begej has produced nearly 300 inland waterway - Lloyds Registervessels. In the past 25 years, 60 projects were finished: 27 - Germanischer Lloyd (GL)were cargo-dry vessels, 18 cargo-liquid vessels and 15 specialpurpose vessels. - CE - EU Recreational Craft DirectiveIn 1966. Shipyard Begej started building inland transportation - Yugoslav Register ships: cargo and container ships and barges, chemical Belgradetankers and tug boats. In 2005 Shipping Group Mercuriusacquired Shipyard Begej and introduced modern systems- IACS - Internationaland procedures, turning the shipyards focus to inland fully Association of Classificationoutfitted vessels. Societies LTD.Our LocationTemisvarski drum bb23000 Zrenjanin,SerbiaOur ProductionProjects per commercial groups (%) Projects per constructions (%)Cargo-dry Cargo-liquid Tugboat 22%vessel vessel30%1.5% Pontoon25%Chemical Tanker1.5% Cruiser45%7% Bulk Carrier30%13% 25% SpecialContainer Barge Container Shippurpose vesselContactsT: +381 23 519 700F: +381 23 523 190 [email protected] inland customizedvessels since 1947