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  • 1. By: Madeleine Kate Y. Siy Sherwin Gatchalian

2. Born on April 6, 1974 Mayor Win is the eldest son of business, philanthropist , and former presidential advisor William Gatchalian. Studied elementary and high school at G.C.H.S Graduated with a Business administration degree at Boston University in Massachusetts Information 3. Finished advanced studies in Corporate Finance and language courses at the Beijing Language and Culture Before electing in government officials, he worked for several blue companies. Maintain as corporate executive, Gatchalian had founded the WIN Action Center, Inc. which aims to serve the people of Valenzuela. Information 4. The center which is under operation, regularly carries out medical mission, feeding programs, calamity response and assistance, scholarship grants and youth outreach programs across Valenzuela. In 2001, Mayor Win ran for his elective post and easily won the Congressional seat at 1st District of Valenzuela. Information 5. More than a decade of commitment to education and community has between 18 to 40 years old and instated him as The Outstanding Young Men 2011 (TOYM) Awardee for Public Service. Has made the education the core development program of his administration, offering to an end-to-end that subsidizes education to all levels, from care centers to universities. Reasons for being awarded 6. After Typhoon Ondoy hit the country in October, he initiated the first and the only housing project in country specifically intended for the Ondoy victims. His efforts in transparency and good governance made Valenzuela City the Best Governed Highly Urbanized City and one of the Business Friendly Cities in the country. Reasons for being awarded 7. Aims to develop graduates to find immediate employment but also have skills to boost Valenzuelas competitiveness against traditional business hubs in Metro Manila. Haves a heart that goes for the poor and the needy, he understands the plight of the informal settlers . Most recently it was hailed as one of the 2013 Champions for Health Governance Awardee Reasons for being awarded 8. People said that one thing that they were certain is his unbending dedication to his job. Gatchalian leads the city like a private corporation, with local a private corporation, with local employees as prime assets, the citizens as valued assets, and Valenzuela City a trusted brand name. Comments from other people 9. Similarities that I can found between Sherwin Gatchalian and Jose Rizal is that they both strongly promote education. They both like every children to receive education, boys and girls will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling. They are willing to serve for the country. Without the fear of contradiction, they both are exemplary qualities we Filipino should practice. Conclusions 10. Difference between them is that they were given different position to work for the country. Sherwin Gatchalian has the financial support, but Jose Rizal experience hard time in financial problem to solve problems. Conclusions 11. Lessons that I can learn from Sherwin Gatchalian is that if were willing to learn and not afraid to copy, we get many ideas from many places in the country. We can do better for our nation by investing the time and resources for the youth. He instilled in us that value of hard work and perseverance. He challenges us and always encourage us to aim higher and higher. Conclusions 12. Caia, L. Z. (2011, November 07). Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian Leads TOYM Honorees For 2011, Retrieved from 40 under 40 International Development Leaders. (n.d.). Retrieved from Make a Difference Camp. (2013, December 07). Retrieved from Sources 13. Macaraig, A. (2012, September 26). Congress, not Senate, for Sherwin Gatchalian Retrieved on 2013/13082-congress,-not-senate,-for-sherwin-gatchalian Sherwin WIN T. Gatchalian. (n.d.). Retrieved from "Realizing Good Governance through Good Education(2013, October 1). Retrieved from 20%20Governance%20Statistics%20(LGU)/IPS20_1_Realizing%20Go od%20Governance%20through%20Good%20Education.pdf Sources