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Need a prom dress? Sherri Hill has a large selection of prom dresses in various styles. Whether you're looking for sequins, lace, or a more bold beaded or two-piece style, Sherri Hill has it! You can shop Sherri Hill prom dresses at Rissy Roo's prom dress shop online at


  • 1. SHERRI HILL PROM DRESSES Available at Rissy Roos!

2. Need a Prom Dress? If you need a prom dress, Rissy Roos is a great place to look! We offer an extensive collection of designer dresses including the 2014 collection by Sherri Hill. Check out the next few slides to see some of the featured Sherri Hill prom dresses! 3. Two Piece Dresses Two piece prom dresses are all the rage this year! Sherri Hill offers a wide selection of two piece dresses in various styles such as beaded and lace! 4. Two Piece Dresses Sherri Hill 11068 Beaded Two Piece Sherri Hill 11068 Sleeveless Two Piece 5. Hi-Low Dresses Cant decide between a long gown or a shorter dress? With a hi-low dress you can have both! These unique dresses are long in the back and short in the front. Sherri Hill has a ton of styles and colors to choose from for this particular style! 6. Hi-Low Dresses Sherri Hill 9713 Lace High Low Dress Sherri Hill 11077 Two Tone High Low 7. Chiffon Dresses Chiffon is a very popular prom dress style. It is very light weight making it the perfect blend of comfortable and sexy. Rissy Roos offers the sexiest Sherri Hill chiffon prom dresses. 8. Chiffon Dresses Sherri Hill 11088 Sexy Chiffon Dress Sherri Hill 8532 Strapless Chiffon Dress 9. Sequin Dresses Sherri Hill knows that prom is the one night where you want to look your best and make a big statement. What better way to be noticed than with an attention-grabbing sequin dress? Youll find all the best Sherri Hill sequin prom dresses at Rissy Roos! 10. Sequin Dresses Sherri Hill 21325 Sparkly Sequin Gown Sherri Hill 21231 Sequin Cocktail Dress 11. Lace Dresses What makes lace such a great material is that it can be both elegant or sexy. Its perfect for prom dresses! Rissy Roos has a large selection of lace prom dresses from top designer Sherri Hill! 12. Lace Dresses Sherri Hill 21234 Lace Cocktail Dress Sherri Hill 11084 Lace Mermaid Gown 13. Beaded Dresses One of the most popular prom dress styles for 2014 is the beaded dress. These dresses feature beautiful designs that make for very sexy prom dresses. Sherri Hill designs beaded dress in a variety of lengths and styles. Youll find her designs at Rissy Roos. 14. Beaded Dresses Sherri Hill 11085 Strapless Beaded Gown Sherri Hill 11069 Beaded Evening Gown 15. Purchase Sherri Hill Prom Dresses Like what you see? You can purchase all of these Sherri Hill prom dresses and view our full inventory at designer/sherri-hill.html