Sher khan shaheed

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karnal sher khan

Transcript of Sher khan shaheed

  • 1. Haris Mustafa Ali L1S13MBAM2113

2. 15 Years Back a Youngster Sacrificed His Life For Nation 3. 15 Years Back an Officer Gave The Color Of His Life To Make Our Life Colorful 4. 15 Years Back He Gave His Today For Our Tomorrow 5. Karnal Sher Khan (Shaheed) He was Born in 5 July 1970 at (SAWABI) His Nick Name is (SHERA) He completing his school from Govt. College Sawabi. And join Pak Army in 1992 in 90th PMA Long Course. 6. Karnal Sher Khan (Shaheed) His actual rank in army was Captain. But his Father wants that his son become Colonel in Pak Army. So he registered his name karnal Sher Khan. And he is famous for that name. 7. Karnal Sher Khan (Shaheed) He died at kargil on 07 July 1999. He is the great example of bravery. Awarded by Pakistan highest Gallantry Award NISHAN-E-HAIDER 8. Karnal Sher Khan (Shaheed) He was the first Solider who is awarded by the recommendation of Indian Army. Due to his great bravery during war against India in Kargil. 9. Karnal Sher Khan (Shaheed) He was the first officer from the Khyber- Pakhtunkhwa province to be awarded with NISHAN-E-HAIDER 10. Soldier I m born , soldier I ll die , 2 stars on my shoulder are better than millions in the sky , If I die in the battle zone , box me up and send me home , Tell my mom did my best , pin the medals to my chest , Tell everyone not to cry , coz I m a soldier And soldier Never die. 11. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD PAK ARMY PAINDABAD