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SHED Background of the organization :The Society for Human and Environmental Development (SHED) is working for the slum dwellers in Mumbai and its surrounding areas since last 28 yrs with its six different centers located in various slums like Dharavi, Jogeshwari, Sagbaug, Andheri, in Kalina its head office and one more centre at Virathan in Thane District for the rural & tribal community. The Prime objective of Society to promoting the welfare and improving the living conditions of those living in urban slums and tribal area by providing basic amenities, health and family welfare clinics, arranging medical check ups, nutritional programs for children and expectant mothers, recreational and educational facilities for children and grown ups, and training in skills by establishing Vocational and technical Institutions and training cum Production centres, Counselling Centre for harassed women, Day Care Centre for Grannies. The Society also promotes environmental and personal cleanliness and hygiene among slum dwellers, villagers and tribals. Societys Philosophy :The Dignity of the Human Being and Equality for all, irrespective of caste, creed or colour. Vision To help formation of a just, participatory, self-reliant and sustainable society, where people from the socially and economically backward communities, especially tribals and women, will have the right and freedom to decide, plan and lead a life of their own choice without fear of threat from any one, and will be equal partners in the spheres of their Development, with a girl childs right to Education, a happy and healthy childhood, and protection from abuse and labour. Mission To empower the underprivileged, marginalized and vulnerable sections of Society, especially Women and Girls through activities promoting self reliance and human dignity, with an involvement in values.

1. Background of the Project Area. Society for Human & Environmental Development (S.H.E.D.) is an NGO working in Tribal Area of Thane district in Maharashtra as well as in Dharavi Slum of Mumbai for more than 20 Years. It is working in the area of Women Empowerment, Non- Formal Education, RCH and Income Generation. SHED has brought out reports of various socio-economic surveys in these area. It has been observed in the tribal communities in Saphale Block of Thane District that people are facing problems of child health, low income, Illiteracy, School Drop out and Poverty related economic and social hazards. The area is hilly, remote one and many villages are scattered and unapproachable. Therefore there are limitations of Government functionaries working in this area. The result is that the development of this tribal area is not getting momentum. To attract and motivate the target population, it is desirable to also attract them through a variety of programmes of interest to them for their benefit and overall development. In view the increasing Violence and Atrocities on young women / girls and denial of right, we have now been concentrating on women and girls / child. Our capacity building process including Awareness, Educational Development, Vocational Training and Income Generation Activities. Problem Identification:While working with the Community, we observed that the drop out rates among the girls upto 7th STD is quite high 52% Parents continue to give more importance to male child, on the other hand they expect the girls to help in the household work and also to earn. Low income leads to extreme poverty and related problems such as low esteems, school drop out, child labour, poor health and low social status. The fate of the girls becomes grimmer once she is married, in order to give the girls self confidence and economic strength, there is needs of Income Generation activities based on local vocational training courses in disciplines which are is as per their aptitude and have market value and self employment opportunities. We will also have awareness classes to give them self confidence and knowledge about their rights.

Problem Formulating :As stated earlier, due to economic reasons, the illiteracy among slums girls is high that is 42%. We started non formal education for this category of girls. After 2 years we have given Vocational Training to selected girls. Due to the lack of fund the number is small. There is a great demand from the tribal community for more advance training courses for their girls. To study the requirements, a simple random sampling method was camed out.

Objective :To study Economic conditions of the community. To find out Drop out rate in our project area of girls child / women. To find out interest of the girls/women towards Vocational training. To identify education level of women.

Adolescence Education is a growing need. The girls in the age 13-19 need to be oriented for various adolescence issues as well as HIV/ AIDS and Sex Education. These are various needs of the tribal Community. Special vocational training programmes are needed for solution of these problems.

14. Personnel involved in Project implementation:Name 1. Shri Rajendra Tawde 2.Ms.Alka Gharat 3. Ms.Suresh Wadkar 3.Ms.Deepa Zende 4.Ms.Shyamala Surve 6.Ms.Sunita Beliage 7.Ms.Alka Gharat 8.Mr.Ayesha Tamboli 9. Ms.Yogita Pamar Designation CEO Asst. Director Director Project Accountant Instructor (Tailoring) Instructor (Beautician) Instructor (Mehendi) Instructor (Jewellery ) Qual B.Com H.S.C T.Y.B.Com H.S.C B.Com S.S.C S.S.C H.S.C S.S.C Org 20yrs 25 yrs 18 yrs 5 yrs 13 yrs 24 yrs 25 yes 4 yrs 4 yrs

Problemsy Space ConstraintsShed includes all kinds of courses necessary for the capacity building and income generation of women. All these courses are taken in a 2 story building. Teachers have to conduct classes outside the room, and have difficulty in scheduling their classes at the same time. There is also no scope to include any new course with this Problem in hand. y Women who are trained,they directly start doing jobs, or go to their clients to generate income. They dont come back to give the exam which would provide them the necessary certification. y Networking Shed basically includes women residing at dharavi and kalina as these 2 areas are closest to it and have been effected by riots severely. SHED wants to increase its networking to other parts in Mumbai, so that they can RecommendationsA special marketing unit is the need of the hour. A few individual assigned with the responsibility of propogating the brand and the work done which would eventually help the Women trained in Shed. A new centrally located place on lease can be utilized for various courses which cannot be conducted due space constraints. Use of better equipment for all the courses and to take the learning to a new level for ex- in beautician course special chairs used for eyebrows should be available rather than our normal chairs. The organization should keep a follow-up of women who have completed their course to keep a proper track record.


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