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Slide deck from SharePoint Saturday UK event in December 2012. The deck covers the new Workflow Manager and its configuration

Transcript of SharePoint Saturday UK - Workflow Evolution

  • 1. Workflow Evolution For SharePoint 2013 Alan Richards

2. About Me Worked in the education sector for over 17 years Speaker / Blogger SharePoint MVP 3. Agenda Whats New Configuration Demo ? 4. Whats New 5. Expressive SharePointDesigner 2013 can do more Connected Cloud ready UsesSharePoint app model Authorisation Unbounded onPrem Inthe cloud Scalable 6. Expressive Stages & Transitions Stages carry out a function Transition to stages Looping Loopn times or with condition Start classic workflow Visual Designer (Requires Visio Professional 2013) 7. Connected Cloud ready Runs onPrem or in SharePoint online REST web services External Data Webservices JSON 8. Connected SP2010 Workflows ran as the initiator or as publisher(Impersonation step) SharePoint 2013 - Workflows are apps Workflows have an identity Read/write to site App/User combination by default for permissions Use an App Step to use Workflow as app for permissionto a location the user does not have permission for 9. Unbounded Loosely coupled Runs a separate server Workflow Manager Manageable& scalable 10. Configuration 11. Workflow Manager Downloadable product Install with SharePoint Install separate to SharePoint Powershell command to connect the two together Workflow client Installed to SharePoint server if Workflow manager on separate server Service Bus Azure service now used onPrem Manages communication Uses oAuth for communication http or https 12. Collocated 13. Federated 14. Topology is your choice Install on same server as SharePoint Install on standalone Server (Install workflow client to SharePoint server) Scale as necessary First workflow server creates the farm Add servers to workflow farm Load balance http or https communication PowerShell connects it all together 15. Summary Expressive Better flow control with stages & transitions Visual Designer Connected Cloud ready REST web services JSON Unbounded Loosely coupled with SharePoint Manage and scale independent of SharePoint 16.