Shared Hosting - A Fruitful and Affordable Hosting

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Shared Hosting - A Fruitful and Affordable Hosting Service

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Transcript of Shared Hosting - A Fruitful and Affordable Hosting

1. Shared Hosting - A Fruitful andAffordable Hosting Service 2. Why SMEs Should Opt For SharedWeb Hosting?A shared hosting server or service is alsoconsidered as virtual website hostingtechnique. This web hosting technique isunique in its own ways. A shared webhosting allows and resides numerouswebsites on a single server.Though, each site has its own limitationsand this spate each site from the other.Shared web hosting is one of theeconomical web hosting techniques andmainly caters to the SMEs and other smallscale organizations. Companies, which havelimitations on budget can save their moneyeasily and can opt for a shared web hostingservice. 3. Have A Look On Some CommonShared Web Hosting Features Guaranteed 99.95% uptime for all the websites hosted on same server Unlimited disk storage capacityMaximum guaranteed bandwidth that ensures handling ample amount of trafficUnlimited domain hosting strategy for each site Easy to create and manage emails via POP/IMAP/SMTP accounts Avail round the clock support on the hosted servers Robust web based control panel that allows creating several email accounts, accessto billing information and to contact technical support. 4. What Are Features Of Linux SharedWeb Hosting Plans? Quality and performance oriented control panel Avail a c Panel with WHM Latest and Upgraded Email hosting solutions A Linux shared web hosting plan supports e-commercewebsites Advanced technology based infrastructure forbest solutions Trust worthy support from the administrators 24/7/365 support to the customers 5. Why Windows Shared Web Hosting Plan isPerfect? Robust Control panel that manages several web pages, display statistics of websites,helps to create and manage email accounts Latest technology email hosting solutions A Windows shared hosting support e-commerce sites as well Round the clock support for your server Quick access to the hosting administrators Advanced infrastructure for better performances 6. Numerous Benefits of a SharedWeb Hosting A shared web hosting plan is affordable to smallscale organizations. The server is managed by the web hostingprovider There are shared web hosting plans which arecustomizable and can be upgradedUser can avail guaranteed 99.95% uptime foryour websites Websites can be benefitted with round the clockinstant support Shared web hosting offers enough space forsufficient data storage space Websites can avail advanced infrastructure andbest efficient services. 7. Best Option for Start up companiesA shared web hosting saves lots of money of anorganization. The prices are easily affordable and besthosting services can be availed for the websites. Itoffers guaranteed uptime, so your website or evenonline shop will never face trouble for sure. Dont belate if you have a hosting plan, subscribe shared webhosting now!