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2. Savannah plants Baobab, okra, candelabra tree ,gumArabic, elephant grass , jackal berry tree ,umbrella thorn acacia , whistling thorn 3. Animals in thesavannah Emu , lion ,zebras , wild dog ,koalabear , cha-cha baboon , black mamba ,wild hog ,giraffes, vervet monkey ,cheetah , hippocampus, hedgehogs,ant, aard wolf, lemur 4. Weather The savanna is very very hot.It is mostly sunny every day in the savanna. 5. WHERE IS THE SAVANNAH The savanna is all around Africa.There is lots of land for the animals. 6. FACTS Fact 1 T h e s a v a n n a h c o v e r s o n e f if t h o ft h e w o r ld . Fac t 2 G ir a f f e s e a t g r a s s a n d le a v e s o ntre e s . Fac t 3 A g ir a f f e s n e c k is 5 t o 8 f e e tlo n g . 7. FOOD CHAINProducers Trees, grass and shrubs Primary producers Zebra, elephants, antelopes and water buffalo Secondary consumers Cheetah, lions, snakes and lemurs Scavengers Ant, crickets and termites Decomposes or detriments Mushrooms and insects 8. The web sites I used for my slide show are: ByThank you forwatching my slide Shannonshow about thesavanna and thegiraffes