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  • 1.Digital Discourse Facebook for the Classroom Shannon Doherty Alger Intro to Technology Gordon College

2. WHAT IS EDMODO? Edmodo helps connect all learners with the people and resources needed to reach their full potential. Edmodo is an educational website that takes the ideas of a social network and refines them and makes it appropriate for a classroom. Edmodo is designed to get students excited about learning in a familiar environment. 3. HISTORY In 2008, frustrated about the negative perceptions among educational leaders and parents about social media in the classroom, Nic Borg and Jeff OHara started Edmodo. Their goal was to design a platform so educators could take advantage of the many positive aspects of social media and connect them to education practice. Edmodo has connected almost 35 million people globally 4. WHATS IN IT FOR THE TEACHER? FREE and PRIVATE Used in any subject Create polls and quizzes Great for formative assessments Classroom calendar for planning Snapshot related to the Common Core Easy to differentiate instruction Mobile APP Threaded discussions Parent access to the classroom groups-less emails! Use Edmodo instead of a website 5. WHATS IN IT FOR THE STUDENT? FREE and PRIVATE They love working on the computer They get information they need when they are absent. Teaches self-advocacy Teaches organization-Cant LOSE their homework They can contribute to their own learning Builds a sense of community Student Portfolio Reinforces Digital Citizenship 6. Edmodo Setup Edmodo is FREE! Please select the student sign in option. 7. No Email Needed for Students to Join a Group (Just a Group Code and log in using the website landing page) 8. GROUP CODE csktx2 9. Teachers Can Manage Their Own Groups (change passwords, remove students, make sub-groups etc. 10. Optional: Parents Can Access the Group (Each Student Has Their Own Parent Access Code) 11. Edmodo is Private Students Can Only Send Messages to the Group or Teacher 12. Send Out Directions Using The Note and Reply FeatureThreaded Discussions 13. Poll Students and Teachers that you are connected with! 14. Use the Assignment Feature as a Digital Dropbox 15. USING THE GRADEBOOK 16. Use the Library to Share and Store Files (Online Storage Space for Students o Podcasts o photos o Flipping your classroom o Great way for teachers to store lesson plans and maintain a digital filing system 17. Class Calendar 18. Get Updates Through Email and Text Messages 19. FREE APPS No red ink Math tutorials Picture editing Can browse by subject 20. Edmodo can be used on your mobile device 21. LIMITATIONS OF EDMODO Not all students have access to the internet outside of school Not all students have ipads or laptops In our school, teachers use computer labs and use Edmodo to give quizzes. No chat feature 22. EDMODO