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  • 1. Technology and MeA personal timeline of educational technology

2. Overview My name is Shanae Ubando.I started school in 1987 inWaialuaI graduated from high school in2000 in Kahuku.I first went to college at HawaiiPacific University in 2000.When I finish my degree, I hope 3. My definition of educational technologyEducational technology iseducating students of today using something meaningful to most of them: technology. Itsa way of enhancing learning using technology. 4. Web sites on ed tech history 5. Kindergarten technology TelevisionsFloppy Diskswith littlememoryBasic CalculatorsCassette tapesand VCRsNot widely 6. High school technology 7. College technology DataprojectorsDigital CamerasInteractivewhiteboards,likeSmartboards,are becoming acommon thing 8. A vivid technology learning experienceEngageslearners,increasesstudentmotivation.Providesopportunities forstudents to useoutsideresources.Links daily, realworld 9. A technology I want to use in my classroomCell phones because I want students tobe able to work collaboratively in andout of school. Instead of having todiscipline students for hiding cellphones, I want them to use cell phonesproductively. 10. My vision of the classroom of the future Interactive. Filled with variety so each student can learn the best way for himself. Versatile. Students will have the technology to communicate with others and teachers in different ways like through email, cell phones, online 11. A challenge for teachingFunding distribution. All schools are not treating equally and therefore technology, supplies, and programs vary 12. Words of wisdom'It is todaywe mustcreate theworld ofthefuture.'