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Shadow Byte Inc . C o l l e g e F o o t b a l l Z o n e. Jonathan Block Anne Rathe Jared Scallan John Tsimis. Agenda. What do you look for in a sports website? What we offer Functional and Nonfunctional Requirements Target Audience Funding Options - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shadow Byte Inc.

Shadow Byte Inc.College Football ZoneJonathan Block Anne Rathe Jared Scallan John TsimisAgenda What do you look for in a sports website?What we offerFunctional and Nonfunctional RequirementsTarget AudienceFunding OptionsWebsite breakdownFinished homepageUse Case DiagramQ&A

ProblemHave you ever wanted to be more connected to your college football team?

What do you look for in a sports website?

Only you know! What we offer:A more personal way to access college sports information.

Functional And Nonfunctional RequirementsFunctional 1. Registration 1.1 Allow the user to create a username 1.2 Allow the user to create a password 2. Customizable content 2.1 Allow the user to choose the school they desire to follow 2.2 Allow the user to choose their favorite statistics they want to follow 3. Homepage 3.1 Allow the user to access recent activities/stats/ breaking news 3.2 Allow user to access current statistics/leaders 3.3 Allow user to access historical stats 3.4 Allow user to access upcoming matchups 3.5 Allow user to access media/videos/ news articles 3.6 Allow user to access national ranking 4. System update 4.1 Allows user to update content upon request Non-functional 5. Operational 5.1. Information is compiled and translated by user preference. 5.2. Runs in web browsers and potential mobile phone app. 5.3. Statistical credit to where the information comes from. 5.4. Security 5.5. User information will be secure. 5.6. System will be available 24/7/365

Target AudienceCollege studentsAlumniSports enthusiasts age 22-55

FundingLocal and regional advertising




Example criteria / OptionsPlayer InformationTeam InformationNCAAF InformationMeta game analysis / Miscellaneous InfoHome Page

Use Case Diagram