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June 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 1 SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop Culture Shoko Nakagawa to perform in large-scale Hong Kong anime event ‘ACG 2013′ in July Source: scale-hong-kong-anime-event-acg-2013-july/ By Az on June 1st, 2013 Nakagawa in ACG 2009 Shokotan will be going to Hong Kong on July. She will be performing in large-scale anime event ACG Hong Kong 2013. ACG stands for Anime-Comic-Game. ACG 2009 It has been four years since Shokotan last performed in ACG and a year since she performed in Hong Kong as part of her successful Asia tour. ACG 2013 is an event that spans five days – from July 26 to 31. Shokotan’s performance is scheduled for the first day, July 26. But that’s not all, as she will be in the live house KITEC Music Zone on July 28 for the live event “Shoko Nakagawa GIZA☆HONKONG☆

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  1. 1. June 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 1 SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop Culture Shoko Nakagawa to perform in large-scale Hong Kong anime event ACG 2013 in July Source: scale-hong-kong-anime-event-acg-2013-july/ By Az on June 1st, 2013 Nakagawa in ACG 2009 Shokotan will be going to Hong Kong on July. She will be performing in large-scale anime event ACG Hong Kong 2013. ACG stands for Anime-Comic-Game. ACG 2009 It has been four years since Shokotan last performed in ACG and a year since she performed in Hong Kong as part of her successful Asia tour. ACG 2013 is an event that spans five days from July 26 to 31. Shokotans performance is scheduled for the first day, July 26. But thats not all, as she will be in the live house KITEC Music Zone on July 28 for the live event Shoko Nakagawa GIZAHONKONG
  2. 2. June 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 2 Looking forward to meeting you. There are no details on the ticketing for both events yet, so stay tuned for updates. Shokotan will also be releasing her latest single, Zoku Konton on July 5. With the guitarist ROLLY as her guest, she talked about the single in her regular Nico Nico Live show, Shokotan no wo and the happenings behind the making of its jacket, including being a black ribbon mummy. source: natalie Gintama the Movie: Final Chapter ~Be Forever, Yorozuya~ full trailer is up! Featuring a cool Shinpachi and Kagura Source: yoruzuya-full-trailer-up-featuring-cool-shinpachi-kagura/ By Az on June 1st, 2013 The full trailer for Gintama the Movie: Final Chapter ~Be Forever, Yoruzuya~, with an original story penned by Sorachi Hideaki himself, has been revealed to the public just a few hours ago today, June 1. The trailer features a very different Shinpachi and Kagura. The visual for future Shinpachi and Kagura has already been revealed in the visual release, but the trailer shows that not only their looks, but also their attitude has changed much to the shock of Gintoki. Shinpachi charges and mows down a group of thugs, donning Gintokis famous Lake Touya sword. Saying youre on par with the Yoruzuya Being this weak, arent you a hundred years too early for that?says Kagura, now all grown up and beautiful, wearing a China dress this time with a Gintoki-design. Backing them up is an aggressive looking Sadaharu. It seems that by a strange power, Gintoki has been thrown to a futuristic Edo one where he does not exist anymore. Gintoki is shocked at the sight of a once thriving city now crumbling and could not believe how his companions have become: a badass Shinpachi and Kagura succeeding the Yorozuya, their old home now empty with the signboard fallen off, a uniformless Shinsengumi, and many more. You could also hear the theme song, SPYAIRs Genjou DESTRUCTION, in the background. The only one who could finish me off Is me, and me alone. says Gintoki in the final seconds of the trailer. As said in the previous article, this will be the finisher to all Gintama anime and movies, and will be on theaters starting July 6. Sure, Gintama has trolled all of us about ending a couple of times before, but this time, it looks like its ending for real. Live on forever, Yorozuya! Source: natalie
  3. 3. June 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 3 Preview of Asami Imais music video Hoshikuzu no Ring now live Source: hoshikuzu-ring-live/ By SunSoftware on June 1st, 2013 The voice actress of Chihaya Kisaragi and Noire is releasing her next single this month, and you can hear a 3-minute preview of her dramatic ballad right here. Video game fans should recognize Asami Imai for her role as the idol Chihaya from The [email protected], followed by Kurisu from Steins;Gate and Noire from Hyperdimension Neptunia. Recently, she also held her birthday concerts in Shinjuku on May 25 and 26. Asami Imais eleventh single, Hoshikuzu no Ring, will be released on June 26. The song will be used as the opening theme of the anime Corpse Party: Tortured Souls The Cursed Screams of the Tyrannized Souls, which will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on July 24. As you can tell by the title, the OVA is quite heavy. Accordingly, Imais music video is deep and mournful, with dramatic opera vocals and piano parts. See for yourself with the preview below. The single will be available in a DVD edition that includes the full music video and a making-of video, so if you were impressed by the preview, you should get this edition for 2,310 yen. The normal edition without the DVD costs 1,680 yen. Along with Hoshikuzu no Ring, the single will include Tender is the Night, the ending theme of 5pb.s upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 game Disorder 6. The full tracklist of the single is as follows: 1. Hoshikuzu no Ring 2. Tender is the Night 3. Rojiura no Planetarium 4. Hoshikuzu no Ring (off vocal) 5. Tender is the Night (off vocal) 6. Rojiura no Planetarium (off vocal) For more of Imai coming this summer, check out the anime adaptation of Hyperdimension Neptunia and the PS Vita game Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP. Source: Famitsu 1/8 Takanashi Rikka by Kyoto Animation and Bandai Armor Girls Project Tobiichi Origami announced Source: bandai-armor-girls-project-tobiichi-origami-announced/ By spartanchef on June 1st, 2013 Kyoto Animation announced in their website that they will be releasing a 1/8 scale figure of the very cute Evil Eye Takanashi Rikka! The 1/8 PVC figure is produced by Kojima Shou and because she is kneeling, the figure only stands about 12 cm. The Rikka figure is in a kneeling pose with her
  4. 4. June 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 4 signature eyepatch and holding a pistol and her umbrella strapped in a holster in her left thigh. A perfect must-have for all them Chuuni fans Meanwhile, Bandai has announced that the latest addition to their Armor Girls Project (AGP) line will be Date-A-Lives Tobiichi Origami! This figure is made of PVC and ABC and stands about 140 mm. Like all figures under the AGP line, this figure is completely posable. She comes with her own flight pack as well as an array of spirit-fighting weaponry. All weaponry are removable. This figure is set for release September 2013 and costs about 7140 Yen.
  5. 5. June 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 5 gp Eevee and Friends Happy Party Time adds merchandise to Pokemon Centers 15th anniversary Source: adds-merchandise-pokemon-centers-15th-anniversary/
  6. 6. June 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 6 By Zenko on May 31st, 2013 With a month of school holidays and their fifteenth anniversary in full swing, the Pokemon Center has new Eevee merchandise to offer. Fifteen years of the Pokemon Center means fifteen years of Eevee merchandise as well, and to help celebrate Sylveon (Ninfia) has come along for the ride. Previously, the only goods available as part of the fifteenth anniversary were those you could win through lottery. One chance at this meant having to spend 3500 yen or more, with the lowest prize being a sticker sheet. Starting June 1, though, customers will be able to pick up their own Eevee merchandise to celebrate. Merchandise includes canvas carrying bags for bottles and make-up (or even pencils) T-shirts Keychains and pins with the English translation of the event (Eevee and Friends: Happy Party Time!): And of course any stationary you can imagine putting these happy Pokemon on to return to school in style: Mobile accessories will also be available so you can take Eevee and his friends anywhere you are. If your meal needs a little Eevee love as well, there are tumblers, coasters and bowls available too. Dont worry if you cant make it to the Pokemon Center in person as the Amazon branch will have the merchandise starting June 7. Source: Famitsu
  7. 7. June 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 7 Yukari Tamura takes on donut-cats in Donyatsu! Source: donyatsu/ By KaleNagasaki on May 31st, 2013 In the crazy and fantastical story about a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, donut-cats have even taken over beloved voice actor Yukari Tamura. In the short series Donyatsu, Yukari Tamura will play the main character, or should I say cat (or maybe donut-cat), Donyatsu. Yukari Tamura is best known for her roles in Muromi-san (Muromi-san), Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (Nanoha Takamachi), Gintama (Saki Hanano), and Kuroshitsuji (Elizabeth Midford). This year in particular seems to be a busy one for Yukari Tamura. Not only will she be the voice of Donyatsu, but she is also lending her voice to Ore no Imto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (Kanako Kurusu) and Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru (Masuzu Natsukawa). Yukari Tamuras beautiful voice has been capturing audiences since 1997. If you are unfamiliar with her songs, a great place to start would be her singles that were featured as the ending themes to the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series. These include Little Wish ~lyrical step~, Spiritual Garden, Hoshizora no Spica, and Beautiful Amulet. Other cast members for Donyatsu include Keiji Fujiwara (Blue Exorcists Shiro), who will play the bagel-cat Begaru, Junji Majima (Ore no Imto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nais Kohei Akagi, and Hunter x Hunters Leorio), who will voice the cougar-like cat Baumcougar, and Saori Hayami (Zettai Bei Leviathans Leviathan), who will voice the bear- like cat Kumacaron. Donyatsu was originally a manga illustrated by Yusuke Kozaki that was featured in Square Enixs Young Gangan in 2011. The approximately two minute anime shorts will be directed by Mankyu, the lovely genius that brought us Tono to Issho. Starting on June 1st, Donyatsu will run before feature films in T-Joy theaters, with a new short released every month.
  8. 8. June 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 8 Check out the newly released ending below, sung by Hikari Shinna. Source: Crunchyroll OreImo Happy End turns your little sisters into idols Source: By SunSoftware on May 31st, 2013 Were you surprised when a game based on the anime and light novel series OreImo was announced for the PS3? Well, this isnt a visual novel like the PSP games this is the OreImo version of the [email protected] Previously, we discovered in Dengeki PlayStation that Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Happy End will feature five girls who, for some reason, decide to take over the idol world (isnt there another idol game coming out?). Those five girls are the little sister Kirino, goth loli cosplayer Kuroneko, deceptively refined yandere Ayase, small and arrogant Kanako, and the normal Minami. As the hero of the anime, Kyousuke, you work as the budding idols lucky manager. Why they want him to manage, we have no clue. Ore ga maneejaa ni naru wake ga nai! (I cant become a manager!) One of your jobs is to man the camera in photo sessions. This mode takes advantage of the PS3s graphics engine to make the girls look better than ever before in 3D. You get to decide their costumes and environments, so you can make them
  9. 9. June 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 9 look as charming as possible. However, if you try to take any weird photos, the girls will get mad and as OreImo fans know, its not good to make them mad. Each girl will also have her own website, where you can read her blog entries, write replies, give them life counseling, and upload pictures from your photo sessions. By coordinating the content on the site, youll strive to get as much page views as possible. Of course, in between jobs, youll get to talk to the idols through cutscenes. In the scenes below, Kirino is in a bad mood and Ayase is threatening to kill you, but those shots would get a lot of page views. We dont have any details on other parts of the game, but Bandai Namco has listed some information on the limited edition HD Complete Box. The info theyve given isnt very specific, but along with the game, the package will include: A box with a specially illustrated cover An booklet containing 2D scenes from the game An audio CD A movie Blu-ray Disc Other unrevealed content The limited edition will cost 10,980 yen, and the normal edition will cost 7,480 yen. Both editions will be released on September 26. Are you excited to turn your little sisters into idols this fall? Source: Dengeki Swimming anime Free! has new trailer, Haruka version Source: haruka-version/
  10. 10. June 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 10 By SunSoftware on May 31st, 2013 Animation Dos sexy swimming anime is coming this summer, but to whet our appetites, theyve given out a trailer featuring the cool-headed hero and even a glimpse of his muscular chest.Free! is the next anime coming from Animation Do, the division of Kyoto Animation responsible for hits like K-ON! and Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai. The anime was first teased in March in a commercial featuring a lot of manly pectorals, earning it the nickname that sexy swimming commercial. The story begins with a boy named Haruka Nanase who leads an uneventful high school life until his old friend Rin challenges him to a swimming match and utterly creams him. Ignited by a renewed passion, Haruka and Rin gather their childhood friends, who won a swimming tournament together in elementary school, and form their high schools swimming club. In this new 60-second trailer, we get to hear some lines by Haruka, voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki (Itsuka from Date A Live, Taichi from Tari Tari). Also, those of you who are lucky enough to live in Japan have a chance to watch the first episode of Free! at an advance screening and talk session with the cast on June 26 in Chiyodas Marunouchi Piccadilly 3. For more information, check the animes official website. The rest of us will have to wait until July to see more of Harukas chest. KyoAni will probably reveal four more trailers for the rest of the main cast. Who do you want to see? Source: Yaraon AKB48: Sayonara Crawl sells 1.763 million copies + Senbatsu Elections live broadcast details Source: million-copies-senbatsu-elections-live-broadcast-details/ By Az on May 31st, 2013 AKB48 continues to set and break records in the Oricon charts for the number of copies sold with their latest single, Sayonara Crawl. Sayonara Crawl has already sold approximately 1.763 million copies since its release on May 22 and will appear on the June 3 weekly ranking as the top-selling single for the week. This is AKB48s thirteenth million seller since 2011s Sakura no Ki ni Narou, putting them on par with rock
  11. 11. June 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 11 duo Bz. AKB48 is also now the top female seller of all time in Japan, overtaking Ayumi Hamasakis 21.41 million total copies sold with their 21.85 million copies, spear-headed by Manatsu no Sounds good!, another election single, which sold 1.82 million. What we can draw from this is that once again, the elections are fierce. Sayonara Crawl is an election single, meaning a copy of it allows for one vote. More than a million votes have yet to be revealed, since the first day counting has only around 350,000 votes, so anything can happen. The reveal of the vote counts and rankings will be on June 8 in Nissan Stadium, Yokohama. Which brings us to the viewing of the event itself. For those who have access to Japanese TV, you can tune in to Fuji Television on the night of the event as they have monopolized the TV broadcast of the event again this year. The show will be four hours and forty minutes long, one with the atmosphere of a real election one that is sure to be tense. There will also be a backstage coverage after the reveal of the top member (and after the weather forecast), giving us a glimpse of the heavy emotions that result from this heavy pressure AKB48 tradition. There is no word yet if Google+ or YouTube will livestream the event, but if the same broadcast system continues from last year, they probably will and with live translators too, so watch out for that. Members to look out for: (from left) Yuko Oshima, Mayu Watanabe, Rino Sashihara A total of 246 members have filed their candidacy for the elections, more than half of which are members of the sister groups SKE, NMB, HKT, JKT, and SNH. Aces from all of the groups are looking for a spot in the senbatsu, making 16 members seem a little too small for all the favorites. Fuji TVs AKB48 32nd Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo coverage is on June 8 (Saturday), starting 6:00 PM and ends 10:40 PM (JST). Will AKB48s reigning queen Yuko be the first to claim the top twice? Or will CG idol Mayuyu usher in a new generation as she claims rank 1? Maybe first day counting top one Sashiko will stay on top? No one knows. So for the love of your oshi, dont miss it. source: Oricon (1)(2) Nintendo Direct Japan May 31: Monster Hunter 4 set for September 14 release w/ 3DS bundle Source: hunter-4/ By KarbyP on May 31st, 2013 Capcom has announced a new confirmed release date for its highly-anticipated 3DS multiplayer action title in Japan, Monster Hunter 4 for the 3DS. The game will retail for 5,990 yen when it hits video game stores in Japan on September 14, which is a Saturday (and quite rare for Japanese video game releases). This date also happens to be just one week before Tokyo Game Show kicks off in Japan. For gamers who do not yet have a 3DS, or Monster Hunter fans who must have everything, Nintendo and Capcom are also collaborating on two special limited edition 3DS bundles: Goa Magara Black and Airu White designs. No price was announced for either limited edition SKU, but both were said to be available only in short supply. A new trailer for Monster Hunter 4 was also shown today. Weve embedded the full Nintendo Direct Japan broadcast
  12. 12. June 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 12 below; the Monster Hunter 4 trailer runs from 14:04 till the end of the video. That said, some of you might want to watch from the 07:50 mark onwards. Thats when the Monster Hunter 4 bit in the broadcast comes on. The games producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto, briefly summarises some of the new additions that the developer has made to the highly-anticipated 3DS title two new weapons, a bevy of new monsters to hunt, and more.
  13. 13. June 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 1 SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop Culture Gintama the Movie: Final Chapter ~Be Forever, Yorozuya~ visuals for the Shinsengumi and Katsura released Source: forever-yorozuya-visuals-shinsengumi-katsura-released/ By Az on June 3rd, 2013 New visuals for Gintama the Movie: Final Chapter ~Be Forever, Yorozuya~ has just been released. This time, its for the Shinsengumi and Katsura. The previous visuals showed us an adult Shinpachi and Kagura, donning Gintokis mementos and the full trailer showed us how badass they have become. The once idol- lover is now a skilled warrior, shown in his fearless charging towards a group of thugs. Sukonbu-musume is now a beautiful lady, now with a fouler mouth and still in constant quarrel with Shinpachi. But what of the others? As we all know, Gintama is not only about the Yorozuya trio, but each and every one. We were only given glimpses of the other characters in the full trailer, but fret not as full visuals for them have been released.
  14. 14. June 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 2 Sougo Okita. Shinsengumis most popular member and one with intentions to overthrow his superior officer, Hijikata. A powerful swordsman and Gintamas strongest sadist. He completely does away with his uniform (dont know about the bazooka though, could be hidden somewhere) and looks as if he stepped out from another samurai manga with his wanderer style. Isao Kondou. The captain of the armed police force Shinsengumi. A stalker to the woman he fancies, a gorilla to others. He may be a failure of society, but his nature is one that brings the rowdy Shinsengumi together. In the movie, he is a prisoner for some reason, as exemplified by his ragged look. Toshirou Hijikata. The infamous demonic vice-chief and natural mayonnaise glutton. Seen most of the time leading the Shinsengumi in the absence of Kondo and spearheading the movement against the Jouishishi. Future Hijikata completely does away with the Shinsengumis trademark coat and instead puts on a more stylish trench coat. He also looks like he means business this time. Kotarou Katsura. The so-called Mad Noble of Edo. Leader of the now underground terrorist group planning to overthrow the shogunate. Daily life includes evading the Shinsengumi. For some reason, future Zuras style is that of the Kiheitais leader, Shunsuke Takasugi.
  15. 15. June 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 3 Feeling excited yet? Gintama the Movie: Final Chapter ~Be Forever, Yorozuya~ starts showing in theaters in Japan on July 8. As the title states, this is the final Gintama animation that will be made. source: natalie More characters revealed for moe fantasy Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Source: genei-wo-kakeru-taiyou/ By SunSoftware on June 3rd, 2013 The studio AIC has revealed more information on their upcoming fantasy action anime, including a lot of the curious characters and cast members.Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou (The Sun Penetrates the Illusion) is centered around a girl named Akari who becomes obsessed with tarot cards after her mother, a fortune teller, passes away. One night, Akari is attacked by a monster and awakens a magic power by holding the Sun Tarot. Soon after, Akari falls unconscious and wakes up in the company of an organization of tarot users called Sefio Fiore. From then on, Akari joins a group of new cadets who train to use their tarots and fight forces of darkness day after day. Along with the story details, the studio have also revealed some of the supporting characters and their cast members. Etia Visconti The commander of the Sefio Fiores Nagataki branch. She looks gentle on the outside while hiding a dark secret. She uses the World Tarot and is voiced by Aya Endou (Sheryl from Macross Frontier, Miyuki from Lucky Star). Ariel Valtiel Westcott The strict and merciless vice commander of Sefio Fiores Nagataki branch. She uses the Judgement Tarot and is voiced by Kikuko Inoue (Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess!, Cecile from Code Geass). Priscilla Twilight A cheerful older sister figure who serves as an upperclassmen for the new cadets. She uses the Fool Tarot and is voiced by Ruriko Aoki (Riina Tada from The [email protected] Cinderella Girls).
  16. 16. June 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 4 Meltina Melvis A mature and intelligent upperclassman. She uses the Magician Tarot and is voiced by Nao Touyama (Chiho from Hataraku! Maou-sama, Yui from Love Come wa Machigatteiru). Itsuki/Mutsumi/Nanase Tendo A homunculi trio. They work to detect Daemonia and analyze information. They use the Wheel of Fortune Tarot and are voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki (Natsume from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun). Fuyuna Shinzaki Akaris cousin and an honor student who likes to read. She is voiced by Ayane Sakura (Akane from Vividred Operation, Merry from Yumekui Merry). Hinata Taiyou Akaris late mother who was a tarot fortune teller. She is voiced by Aya Hisakawa (Ami from Sailor Moon, Cerberus from Cardcaptor Sakura). Laplace/Schrodinger A mysterious crow and cat who understand human speech and serve as watchmen for Sefio Fiore. Laplace is voiced by Chado Horii (movie and TV drama actor), and Schrodinger is voiced by Shiori Izawa (Sodoko from Girls und Panzer). Mama Nagataki/Lymro/Hanayume Some creepy fortune tellers in Nagataki. Mama Nagataki is voiced by Mao Uchino, Lymro by Minami Takahashi, and Hanayume by Hironori Kondou.
  17. 17. June 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 5 Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou will begin airing on July 6. If youre curious about this bishoujo fantasy, you can see the main heroines, trailer and more information in our previous article. Source: Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou homepage EA announced a new version of Scrabble and new content for Real Racing 3 Source: content-real-racing-3/ By bj0rN on June 3rd, 2013 For the first time ever, the SCRABBLE game will be available for Android devices outside of the U.S. and Canada under license from Mattel, and will be rolling out in six languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. SCRABBLE fans outside of the U.S and Canada can also look forward to a free-to-download version for Apple devices, as well as a localized Facebook version of the game, which will also be offered in the same six languages. This new version of the game will also add authenticity with the addition of the Collins and Larousse Official word lists. Utilizing the Origin cross-platform functionality in the Apple and Android versions, fans can also now play against their friends and like-minded opponents in the SCRABBLE game across multiple platforms. An ad-free version of the new SCRABBLE will also be available as a paid download on the App Store SM at S$2.58 (iPhone). The new, localized versions of the SCRABBLE game are now live on the App Store SM, Google Play and Facebook worldwide. Real Racing 3, the biggest racing game for mobile devices, has launched a new content update that features one of the worlds most challenging tracks, brand new cars from Lexus and Dodge, and 50+ new events. Players can now race on the all-new Dubai Autodrome with six different track layouts, challenging players to navigate technically tight corners and heart-pumping straights. Race during the day or experience twilight, while mastering one of the worlds most difficult tracks Four new cars join the extensive lineup, including the prestigious Lexus IS--F and Lexus LFA, along with the powerful Dodge Charger SRT8 and Dodge Charger RT. With more than 800 million races completed to date and 16 million races completed each day, players are sure to enjoy 50+ new events added across two series. Including this update, there are now more than 50 cars and 1000+ events available for players in Real Racing 3. The second content update for Real Racing 3 is available now on the App Store and Google Play. To download Real Racing 3 for free, please visit here Sailor Moon live-action musical all-female cast decided! Source: female-cast-decided/
  18. 18. June 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 6 By spartanchef on June 3rd, 2013 More than 20 years after the debut of the classic, Sailor Moon, an all-female cast for its stage musical has been announced. The stage musical will run from September 13, 2013 until September 23, 2013 with a break day on September 17. The musical will be held at the AiiA Theater in Tokyo. The play is written and directed by Takuya Hiramitsu with music by Toshihiko Sahashi. The cast is full of new faces as well as a veteran stage actress in Yuga Yamato. Playing the role of Usagi or Sailor Moon will be Satomi Okubo. This will be her debut role. The role of Ami or Sailor Mercury will be played by Miyabi Matsura. She was a Junon Girl Grand Prix winner. The role of Rei or Sailor Mars will be played by Kanon Nanaki. She is a magazine model.
  19. 19. June 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 7 The role of Makoto or Sailor Jupiter will be played by Yu Takahashi. She had a role in Kamen Rider Kiva as Yuri Aso. She also modeled for several magazines. The role of Minako or Sailor Venus will be played by Shiori Sakata. She appeared in the NHK show Goldfish club with the role of Aya. and finally, the dashing Tuxedo Mask will be portrayed by Yuga Yamato. She is a veteran stage actress having starred in the broadway musical, Curtains. Sailor Moon is one of the most loved Magical Girl (Mahou Shoujo) series of all time. It started its run as a manga in 1991 and was published by Nakayoshi Magazine. Its anime adaptation went on to becoming one of the most popular anime of all time with a total of five seasons. The original manga is written by Naoko Takeuchi and has her work translated into multiple languages and the manga sold millions of copies worldwide. The manga won the Kodansha manga award in 1993. It follows a girl named Usagi who finds a talking cat named Luna. Luna reveals that Usagis real identity is Sailor Moon, a magical warrior destined to save the world. Along the way, she meets other Sailor Senshi like Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Chibi-usa and many more. The live-action musical is part of the 20th anniversary celebration.
  20. 20. June 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 8 Source: Animate Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate to dabble in freemium/free-to- play business model on the PlayStation Network Source: By KarbyP on June 3rd, 2013 When Tecmo Koei Games Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate hits the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles later this year, several editions for the 3D fighter will be available. Theres the standard edition. The limited edition. And, announced today via a Famitsu interview, a freemium/free- to-play edition that will come out on the PlayStation Store day one. The free PSN version will come with only four characters to play with Kasumi, Ayane, Hayate, and Ryu Hayabusa and will not come with the contents of the games story mode. But otherwise, most of the modes in the full game (all online modes, and all offline modes except Story mode) will be fully accessible. Users on this free version will even be able to play online with gamers who bought the retail version. Although initially only four characters are playable in this freemium version, users will be able to purchase additional fighters at 400 yen per character to play with. The games story mode will also be accessible in this freemium version, for the price of 1,500 yen. Thats compared to the 6,090 yen price for the retail version, that will come with access to the story mode and all characters. Save files from the original Dead or Alive 5, as well as all DLC purchased for that version, can be carried over to both the full-priced and freemium versions of DOA5U. Of course, you wont be able to access DLC costumes for characters that are locked in the free version. This is incredibly generous of Tecmo Koei Games and Team Ninja. It is also, I believe, the first time any fighting games publisher have tried this model, which makes a lot of sense not just for casual fighting game fans, but also for hardcore fighting game enthusiasts like myself who may not be able to commit as much time to playing DOA5U to justify buying a full-priced retail game. If, like me, you only plan to play one or two characters in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate to begin with, then this essentially means that you can have most of the games functionality for the low fee of 400 or 800 yen (US$4 or US$8 respectively). But will the strategy play out well for Tecmo Koei Games? Every customer who downloads the free version of the game is one who did not buy the full-priced retail version, after all. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 comes out September 3, 2013 in the US, September 5 in Japan, and September 6 in Europe. Currently, the freemium version of the game (exclusively on PlayStation Store) has only been announced for the Japanese market. Well have to wait and see if Tecmo Koei Games decides to roll out a similar deal for other territories. Source: Famitsu
  21. 21. June 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 9 Genki Rockets vocalist, Rei Yasuda, makes her solo debut with Yamato 2199 ending theme Source: yamato-2199-theme/ By Zenko on June 3rd, 2013 Rei Yasuda, famous vocalist for Genki Rockets, is kicking off her solo career with the new ending theme for Yamato 2199 this June. Genki Rockets was a big name on the Japanese pop scene in 2006 when their first song Heavenly Star hit YouTube. The song has since appeared in numerous mash-ups on Nico Nico Douga, but not much was known about their lead singer. This is because she was promoted as a future idol and the first human born in outer space, Lumi. However, now that Rei Yasuda is pursuing a solo artiste career, more is being revealed about the voice and face behind the Rockets lead singer. Born in North Carolina, USA, Rei Yasuda moved to Japan when she was only three years old. When she was 13, she passed the test to join the Genki Rockets and entered as a vocalist. When the first single debuted via music video, however, her identity was not revealed. When asked what it was they were looking for in recruiting the key member of their group, Kenji Tamai and Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the brains behind Genki Rockets, responded that they had looked throughout several countries for a lone girl to take the part. They also wanted a voice that would appeal worldwide, and decided the voice of a 13 year old girl would suit their needs better than an adult. They also wanted someone who would not be looking for a solo debut during the course the Genki Rockets were active, so that their entire focus could be on their work in it. Because she fit these qualifications, Rei Yasuda took on the role, but now, at twenty, she is launching her solo career. She will be doing this with her original song Best of My Love for the recent continuation of Yamato 2199. The debut is being handled by Sony Music Entertainment (SME Records) and will be handled in two key ways. Starting June 2, her song will premiere as the ending theme of the 9th episode. Then, starting July 27 and running for two months, she will make plans for fan events. She has said that she will make the best use of her English skills, even in Japan, so that she might reach a global audience. Source: AnimeAnime Check out cast, character designs, and PV for Makai Oji: Devils and Realists Source: makai-oji-devils-realists/ By KaleNagasaki on June 2nd, 2013 According to the Makai Oji: Devils and Realists official website, we now know the voice actors and designs for all of the major characters. Takuya Eguchi, who voiced Inu x Boku SSs Banri Watanuki and My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFUs Hachiman Hikigaya, will play the main protagonist, William Twining. The son of a famous aristocrat who lost his money to an investment failure, William does not believe in demons. His name probably comes from the famous literary figure.
  22. 22. June 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 10 Takuma Terashima, who was the voice of Agamase Touma in The [email protected] and Yoshifumi Aoki in Kokoro Connect, will play Williams close friend Dantalion. Although he appears as Williams classmate at the academy, Dantalion is actually a demon summoned by William. Dantalions job is to stay by Williams side until the young aristocrat chooses a substitute king. This is easier said than done though, since Williams lack of faith in demons proves quite the obstacle. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, whose lengthy and impressive resume includes Sword Art Onlines Kirito, will voice Sitori. Despite the feminine appearance, Sitori is a rival of Dantalion as candidate for substitute king. Within academy walls, Sitori becomes seen as a princess-like figure. Tetsuya Kakihara (Ao no Exorcists Amaimon and Fairy Tails Natsu Dragneel) will voice Camio, another candidate for substitute king. He is half-demon and half-human, and is a prodigy of sorts at the academy. As you can already tell, there is some fierce competition for the position of substitute king, and William has a tough decision to make. Getting away from all this talk of demons, Jun Fukuyama (Valrave the Liberators A-drei) will voice the butler of the Twining household, Kevin. Although Kevin had been trying to catch Williams uncle, the reason for the business failure, Kevin now works as a teacher for the academy. He is a fan of gambling, and has some secrets locked away behind his demure smile. Last but not least, Motoki Takagi (Kamanosuke Yuri in Brave 10) will voice Isaac Morton. Although he is a friend of Williams at school, unlike William, Isaac believes in and knows much about demons. Consequently, he often gets pulled into the battles between the demons over William. Other voice actors include Kousuke Toriumi as Gilles de Rais, Mitsuki Saiga as Solomon, Yuuki Ono as
  23. 23. June 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 11 Mycroft Swallow, Hiroki Yasumoto as Baphomet, Kazutomi Yamamoto as Amon, and Yuuto Suzuki as Mamon. Now that you know all of the main characters, check out the promotional video below. I guarantee it will make fangirls squeal! Makai Oji: Devils and Realists was originally a manga by Utako Yukihiro and Madoka Takadono. Chiaki Kon (Junjo Romantica, When They Cry Higurashi) will direct the anime adaptation. Michiko Yokote, who also worked on Junjo Romantica, will be in charge of series composition. Kikuko Sadakata (Muromi-san, Corpse Princess) will be the chief animation director and character designer. Makai Oji will premier July 7, so stay tuned! Dont forget to also keep a look out for the opening and ending singles to be released on July 24. Both the opening and ending theme songs, Believe my Dice and A Shadows Love Song respectively, are performed by Takuya Eguchi (William), Takuma Terashima (Dantalion), Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Sitori), and Tetsuya Kakihara (Camio). Source:, Crunchyroll The [email protected] series general producer: Look forward to info on a console game release Source: look-info-console-game-release/ By KarbyP on June 2nd, 2013 Namco Bandai Gamess general producer for The [email protected] series, Yozo Sakagami, appeared as a special guest on Segas Samurai & Dragons Fan Meeting 2013 Summer event in Akihabara held earlier today. He was there mostly to talk about the [email protected] collaboration card pack that Sega announced today for Samurai & Dragons, which is a pretty big deal if youre a fan of both The [email protected] and Samurai & Dragons. But, you know, Samurai & Dragons isnt exactly released worldwide (only in Asia and Japan). Plus the two franchises couldnt be more different from one another. If youre an [email protected] fan, I wouldnt blame you at all if the collaboration card pack announcement might as well be moot to you. But fortunately, thats not all Sakagami talked about at Segas event. At the tail end of The [email protected] X Samurai & Dragons segment, Sakagami once again teased a little about what [email protected] fans might be able to look forward to further down the line: a full-fledged [email protected] console game release. This year The [email protected] series is reaching its eighth anniversary. Were working hard to bring the fans more and more things, so for instance were doing a [concert] tour in July well, weve done a live tour every year and this time were be starting the tour in July, Sakagami said. With The [email protected] series, we started service on these social games [which have attracted a lot of attention] But, like many what many would probably think, wed also like to to put out the franchises next console game release. Were currently looking into some ideas on that front, working hard on something that we hope to announce in the near future, so please look forward to that. Do you think well see The [email protected] 3 announced this year? Which platform would you want to see the next [email protected] game be on?
  24. 24. June 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 12 Samurai & Dragons to launch [email protected], God Eater 2, DOA5U collaboration card packs Source: god-eater-2-doa5u-collaboration-card-packs/ By KarbyP on June 2nd, 2013 At a Samurai & Dragons Fan Meeting 2013 Summer event held today at Akihabaras UDX Theatre, Sega announced a number of collaborative card packs featuring game franchises owned by Namco Bandai, Tecmo Koei, and Nihon Falcom Corporation that would be released at some point during the upcoming fourth season service of the PS Vita free-to-play simulation/action/trading card MMO game. Note that the collaborative card packs announced today are meant for the Japanese version of the game, and may not necessarily make it into the English and Chinese versions currently playable in Asia (youll need an Asian PSN account to access the game). That said, past collaborations with franchises such as Fate/ Stay Night have indeed made it into the Asian version of Samurai & Dragons, albeit on a service date different from the Japanese version. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate First-print editions of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate in Japan will code with a special Samurai & Dragons contents key that will give players access to an Ayane card. The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki
  25. 25. June 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 13 God Eater 2 The [email protected] series Rather than a specific game, the collaboration here features characters from across the entire The [email protected] franchise which includes the social game [email protected] Million Live.
  26. 26. June 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 14 Source: Dengeki Aku no Hanas concept CD Aku no Kafu includes creepy ending theme Source: includes-creepy-theme/ By SunSoftware on June 2nd, 2013 Have you seen that anime airing this season called Aku no Hana? Do you know that ending song with the terrifying, inhuman voice? Well, that song is coming in a CD. Aku no Hana (The Flowers of Evil) is an unusual anime. For one thing, it doesnt try to seem enjoyable. The animation looks dreary at first, the background music is low-key, the story is smothered with a gloomy atmosphere, and it has one of the most haunting ending themes you will ever hear: Despite all that, the anime has gained a lot of fans who like its controversial and realistic story, which is about a boy who steals the gym clothes of the girl he likes, causing wild rumors of a pervert in his school. Now, Aku no Hana is getting its own concept CD featuring all four versions of the opening theme composed by Uchuujin, Aku no Hana, along with the full version of the ending theme performed by Asa-chang and Junrei, Hana -a last flower- (yes, its the deranged song above). The full tracklist of the CD is as follows: 1. Hana -a last flower- 2. Aku no Hana -Sawa Nakamura- (vocals by Mariko Gotou) 3. Aku no Hana -Takao Kasuga- (vocals by Noko from Shinsei Kamattechan) 4. Aku no Hana -Nanako Saeki- (vocals by Shiho Nanba) 5. Aku no Hana -Gunma Prefecture Kiryuu City- 6. Hana -a last flower- (off vocals) 7. Aku no Hana -Sawa Nakamura- (vocals by Mariko Gotou) (off vocals) 8. Aku no Hana -Takao Kasuga- (vocals by Noko) (off vocals) 9. Aku no Hana -Nanako Saeki- (vocals by Shiho Nanba) (off vocals) 10. Aku no Hana -Gunma Prefecture Kiryuu City- (off vocals) 11. Hikarigoke On a side note, the band Uchuujin have released their second single featuring the original version of the opening theme, which is different from the versions in the anime, so if youre curious, you can pick up that single now. Did you expect all of those weird songs to be released? Source: Natalie
  27. 27. June 4th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 1 SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop Culture Be as pretty as Sailor Moon with new Miracle Romance compact Source: romance-compact/ By Zenko on June 4th, 2013 For those who have ever wanted to be as pretty as a Sailor Scout, your chance is coming with the new release of a Miracle Romance Shining Moon Power compact. Bandai Premium goods is getting ready to release a special item aimed at adult fans of Sailor Moon, specifically Sailor Moon R on June 4. Retailing for 3980 yen, the compact will based on the one Serena (Usagi) uses to transform throughout the Sailor Moon R series. Bandai Premium had previously released a themed compact for Precure, and felt it would not be too difficult to recreate a similar item for adults. They decided to base it on the popular Sailor Moon series because it is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year, and has another upcoming series later this year. The compact will be joining their Creer Beaute line, which features other anime themed make-up, such as Rose of Versailles mascara and Yatsura themed lip balm. Like Sailor Moons Crystal Star Brooch it will feature a mirror, styled to look like the silver crystal, and an outer casing designed to match the one seen in the show. It will be packaged with a pink colored sparkling powder blush and Adults are cute (Otona kawaii) insert to help you feel like a princess too. To add to the appeal, a Luna themed concealer will also be bundled in the package. Preorders for the compact will open June 4 at Bandais good website and at Animate stores in Japan. It will ship sometime in October. Source: Famitsu Get ready to die a lot again- Dark Souls 2 has a release date Source: release-date/ By hikarucon on June 4th, 2013
  28. 28. June 4th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 2 Namco Bandai has officially confirmed that in March of 2014, Dark Souls II will be released. The announcement came soon after a picture of a banner of Dark Souls II from this years E3 event was taken, revealing the date of release. Initially announced last December, Dark Souls II has been welcomed by the fans at arms lengths after the director of the game revealed that this game would be more straightforward and approachable as compared to the last two iterations of the game which were designed to challenge the player to the point of masochism. Fears of that were mostly dispelled as we got to see the game in action. Dark Souls II comes out March 2014. Hopefully more details to follow at E3. Attack on Titan manga breaks through 20 million copies Source: million-copies/ By SunSoftware on June 4th, 2013 Are you enjoying the anime Attack on Titan? Have you read the manga yet? Well, a whole lot of people have.As of today, the manga Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) by Hajime Isayama has been released in 10 volumes and printed into 20 million copies since it began serialization in September of 2009 in Bessatsu Shounen Magazine. In comparison, by last December, the manga had sold 10 million copies thats only half as much! Of course, the reason the total sales doubled in half a year is because of the anime adaptation. Since the anime started airing just two months ago, the manga has sold a whopping 8.7 million copies. On average, manga series from the publisher Kodansha sell about 2 million copies, and officials from the company describe Attack on Titan as the type of masterpiece that appears once every ten years. In case you have read this far and dont know about Attack on Titan, the story is set in a world where human civilization has built three gigantic, circular walls to protect itself from man- eating Titans. One day, a colossal Titan breaks the outermost wall, causing a swarm of Titans to kill one third of the human population. The hero is a boy named Eren Jaegar who vows to have his revenge against the Titans after he witnesses his mother being devoured. The manga series first broke through 1 million sales in December 2009, when there were only two volumes, and it has also been translated into English by Kodansha Comics USA. The first Blu-ray volume will be released on July 17. How many copies do you think that will sell? Source: Yaraon Prepare your battle lawns for Plants vs. Zombies 2: Its About Time Source: zombies-2-time/ By KaleNagasaki on June 4th, 2013
  29. 29. June 4th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 3 According to the PopCap official website, Plants vs. Zombies 2: Its About Time will be released worldwide for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on July 18. When the first Plants vs. Zombies came out, I remember staying on my phone for days straight the game was just so addicting! If youve had a similar experience, then it surely is about time that Its About Time is coming! As a plus, you dont have to anticipate any fees or hits to your wallet. PopCap assures us that players can face every zombie and access every level in every world at no cost. There will be upgrades and items available for purchase, but they will not be necessary to experiencing the awesomeness of the game. The same concept we fell in love with before is still there: defend your house (and your brains) from the onslaught of zombies by building a bastion of plants. However, PopCap promises that Plants vs. Zombies 2 will bring tons of new levels, multiple-themed worlds, new types of plants and zombies, and even a way for players to directly take on the zombies. Some of the themed-worlds include Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas, and the Wild West. How cool do these levels look? Senior producer Allen Murray says: Were confident that players will see the love and attention weve put into this game. Weve created wild new ways to experience the plants and zombies you know and love as well as packing the game with tons of completely new content, and were still hard at work coming up with even more cool stuff that will keep Plants vs. Zombies 2 fresh and evolving in the months and years following launch. But enough talking, check out the official trailer below! I cant tell you how happy it makes me that Crazy Dave is still in there. If youre hungry for more information, stay tuned for E3 next week, where more announcements about the game should be made. In the meantime, I will be replaying the original Plants vs. Zombies. Sources: IGNAsia Could the Deathstroke DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins not be coming to the Wii U? Source: origins-coming-wii-u/
  30. 30. June 4th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 4 By hikarucon on June 4th, 2013 It might not be the best day to be a Wii U owner and a fan of the Dark Knight. Theres currently a lot of confusion whether or not the Wii U version of the Warner Brothers upcoming game Batman: Arkham Origins is getting the Deathstroke DLC. According to some box art posted by NeoGaf, the WiiU version is the only one without a sticker saying that the Deathstroke DLC is included. The Deathstroke DLC includes 2 challenge maps and 2 Deathsroke skins for free as long as you pre-order the game. The Wii U not getting DLC on a multi-platform release is nothing too new (see Mass Effect 3) but still difficult to believe. Some retail sites such as Amazon do list the Wii U as including the DLC but there is no official word yet whether or not this is the case. Batman: Arkharm Origins is scheduled to hit PC, PS3, Xbox360, and Wii U worldwide October 25, 2013. Kanjani8s new single Namida no Kotae will accompany Okura Tadayoshis role in 100 Kai Naku Koto Source: accompany-member-okura-tadayoshis-role-100-kai-naku-koto/ By KaleNagasaki on June 4th, 2013 Earlier today it was announced that Kanjani8 will be releasing their second single of 2013. Following
  31. 31. June 4th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 5 Hesomagari/Koko ni Shika nai Keshiki, which came out last April, Kanjani8s new song will be titled Namida no Kotae. The song was composed by SEKAI NO OWARI, and will be out June 12. You can own the single in three editions: - Limited A with DVD that includes the full music video for title track, 24pg booklet/special jacket, and deluxe packaging. - Limited B with DVD that includes version of music video and making-of footage. Deluxe packaging. - Regular CD-only with extra coupling song. First Press version adds a bonus remix track and deluxe packaging. Check out the short version of the song below: Namida no Kotae, besides likely becoming another hit under Kanjani8s belt, will also be the main song for the upcoming movie 100 Kai Naku Koto (To Cry 100 Times). If you plan on seeing the movie to support Kanjani8, you will be doing so in more ways than one. Not only will Namida no Kotae be extensively featured, but member Okura Tadayoshi is also starring in the movie. In 100 Kai Naku Koto, Okura Tadayoshi plays Shuichi Fuji, a man beleaguered by memory loss after a dramatic motor cycle accident. Mirei Kiritani will also grace the screen with Okura. Mark your calenders for June 22, and get excited to hit the movies. Heres the trailer! It seems that Kanjani8 has established a trend with producing a song that will be featured in a movie in which one of the members act. Concerning their last single, Hesomagari/Koko ni Shika nai Keshiki, Hesomagari is the theme song for the TV series Otenki Oneesan, and Okura Tadayoshi stars in it. Koko ni Shika nai Keshiki is the theme song for the movie Kencho Omotenashi Ka, and (surprise surprise) member Ryo Nishikido starred in it. But this is all good news: it means we can get our Kanjani8 fix in one place! Sources: Jpopasia, New Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC announced! And its SCORPION! Source: scorpion/ By spartanchef on June 4th, 2013 DC Comics fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us has been making waves since its release last April 2013 and now, they have announced a new DLC character, Mortal Kombats Scorpion! Scorpion would the only character not from the comic books so far. Scorpion is from NetherRealms Mortal Kombat series which had a cross-over with DC previously with fighting game Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe. NetherRealm Studios is also responsible for Injustice: Gods Among Us so the news comes as no surprise at all. Scorpions new costume is a redesign by comic book artist Jim Lee who has made the artwork for several Marvel and DC comics like Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man, Batman, Superman among others. The other DLC characters for Injustice: Gods Among us were Lobo (First DLC character announced) and Batgirl (Second DLC character announced). Scorpion can be downloaded for US$4.99 on the PlayStation Network and 400 Microsoft Points for the Xbox 360. Injustice: Gods Among Us will also be available for the Wii U in the summer (2013). source:
  32. 32. June 4th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 6 Binbougami-Ga! manga ending Source: By spartanchef on June 4th, 2013 It has been announced that comedy manga Binbougami- Ga! is will now be having its final curtain call. The comedy manga about an extremely lucky beauty named Ichiko and a goddess of misfortune named Momiji has been handing out laughs through its witty and playful humor since November of 2008. The manga also had an equally hilarious anime adaptation which ran from July to September 2012 (Summer anime season 2012). The final chapter will be released in the August issue of Jump Square to be released July 4 in Japan. The story is about an extremely lucky girl named Ichiko Sakura. However, her luck comes from her sucking off the luck of others. As a result, the people closest to her become unlucky while she becomes super lucky. In order to stop this, a Binbougami or a goddess of misfortune named Momiji was sent to take away her good fortune. However, Ichiko is unwilling to give up her luck even when she almost had her beloved butler killed because of her selfishness. This results to a (very) funny battle of wits between the goddess of flatne I mean misfortune and Ichiko. Binbougami-Ga! is a comedy manga Sukeno Yoshiaki. It is serialized in Jump Square by Shueisha. Source: Mantan Details on Suda51s Killer is Dead: Premium Edition Source: premium-edition/ By hikarucon on June 4th, 2013 Romance and execution, two sides of the same coin come to life in Suda51s upcoming game Killer is Dead. As if just a standard version was not enough for this game, Suda51 is pushing a Premium edition with added DLC Beauty, Beast, and Lingerie, and an extra episode Blood Thief which upon clearing will earn you two extra sub-missions. The Premium edition will come with a reversible jackets with the product code put into a special design on the reverse side of it. The Premium edition will net you about 7980 yen (about $80)
  33. 33. June 4th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 7 One of the 4 Mondo girls: Betty aka Life Forcer Voice: Asakawa Yuu B/W/H: 88/56/84 Height: 170cm Age: 256 Residence: Germany Read our previous article for more information on our 256 year old beauty here Execution target: Sebastian Sex: Male Height 180cm Age: 50 Residence: England Special skills: Entrapping women with his gentlemanly demeanor. His deep interest in vampires becomes apparent when he fights and transforms into a form similar to the creatures. Enemy: Dark Eye Wires will suddenly appear floating around in front of you. Destroying the enemy is not as simple as it may look since it is a huge floating eyeball. The enemy is great not only in size but defensive capabilities cladding itself in thick armor making doing damage to it a difficult feat. The Dark Eye is not just good for defense though, the Dark Eye can also shoot out dark matter out of its eye which will make for some heavy damage. It can also summon its subordinate, the Red Eye. Since the Dark Eye is an airborne enemy, countermeasures need to be taken, thus players will be supplied with the Muscle Back in order to counter the enemies attacks. Red Eye
  34. 34. June 4th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 8 Similar to the Black Eye, it is a huge floating eye that will suddenly appear in front of the player meaning that the player needs to act quickly to avoid receiving any critical damage. The Red Eye has a thorny armor that kind of makes it look like a star. The Red Eye is a set with the Dark Eye so youll never just see a Red Eye hanging around by itself. Be weary that if you see a Red Eye, a Dark Eye is just around the corner. The Red Eyes offensive capabilities are nothing short of cruel and powerful. Furthermore, when the Red Eye is destroyed it explodes meaning that not only does the player have to worry about killing the creature, but also has to worry about its impending explosion. Sub-missions When you clear Blood thief, you will be able to do two more sub-missions, Scheme of the bats and Legendary Liquor which players will be able to select sub-missions upon clearing an episode. In each new stage there will be various gimmicks that correspond to each stage that is chosen. Of course, this game would be nothing without extra goodies and Killer is Dead delivers. In order to receive more presents and items from the beauties, you will need to earn money in short missions. In the submission Scheme of the bats, Sebastians bat underlings plot his revival and youre the only one who can stop it. In order to prevent the impending revival of Sebastian, players must protect the light of sealing that keeps Sebastian asleep.
  35. 35. June 4th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 9 On the other hand, Legendary Liquor takes place in an ancient castles underground area where a special wine has been hidden. The players mission is to find and acquire as much wine as possible. The more received, the better the turn outs of the mission. Killer is Dead is working towards an August 1st release. Team Ninjas Yosuke Hayashi: DOA5U freemium/free-to- play to launch worldwide [Translated Interview] Source: interview-translated/
  36. 36. June 4th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 10 By KarbyP on June 3rd, 2013 In a lengthy discussion with Famitsu on Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (PS3, X360, September 2013), which weve translated in full below, developer Team Ninjas Yosuke Hayashi talks about the rationale behind adding Momiji, Ein, and Virtua Fighter 5s Jacky Bryant to this iteration of the game. He also explains why they could not roll out DOA5 Ultimate as a DLC upgrade for those who already own the vanilla version, and mentions that the freemium/free-to- play version of DOA5U revealed today for the PS3 (it will be rolled out to all PSN regions) may also be released on the X360 negotiations for that to happen are currently underway. Negotiating with whom? He didnt say! But heres what he did talk about: The addition of several popular characters! Lets start the interview by talking about the reasons behind why youve decided to add Momiji, Ain, and Jacky into the game this time around. Team Ninjas Yosuke Hayashi: We decided to call this title Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate because we wanted our fans to truly feel that this iteration is truly the definitive version of the series. As part of making sure our fans feel that way, we began by adding Momiji to the cast as she was a frequently requested character from the fans. Then we added Ein because there were a lot of fans who told us that theyd like for us to please bring him back. In other words, they were basically popular fan-choice characters who made it in, huh? Wel what about Virtua Fighters Jacky then? Hayashi: In Dead or Alive 5, which was released in 2012, we introduced three guest characters in Akira, Sarah and Pai. But actually we shortlisted four character candidates in the beginning. After we decided on Akira and Sarah, we couldnt quite decide on who between Pai and Jacky we should add as a third guest character. At the time, we thought that for the Dead or Alive series its probably a better idea to go with a female fight, and thats how we decided on Pai. This time around, as Jacky is quite popular as a beginning character for the Virtua Fighter series, to the point that people will tell you just start playing by picking Jacky, we talked to Sega about it and managed to their approval for him to appear. Was Sega also involved in the production work for Jacky as a DOA5U character, like with past guest characters? Hayashi: Yes. This time around too, the Virtua Fighter team worked together with us on the guest character. Shinjuku Jacky (a Sega employee who does planning work for them and who was regarded as one of the strongest players in the Virtua Fighter community) did the checking work on our Jacky Brayant, so I think the character will play quite true to his original series.
  37. 37. June 4th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 11 Like I thought, [Jacky was picked because] you wanted to prioritise characters that were easy to play with. Hayashi: Of course. As Jacky is an easy to use character in the Virtua Fighter series even for beginning players, naturally hed be easy to use here. We think that most 3D fighting game fans whos never played Dead or Alive before, will probably be familiar with Jacky, so were hoping that this will get more of them to try out the game, and from there, gradually learn the systems in Dead or Alive. What about Ein, whom youre bringing back from Dead or Alive 2. Will he play the same way he previously did? Hayashi: Weve added quite a number of moves to his arsenal in this iteration. That said, the fundamentals with him are still largely the same, so we think fans who previously played him in DOA2 will be able to start playing him here without any problems adjusting, right away. Although in terms of the games storyline, Ein and Hayate are actually the same person, [we're treating them like two separate characters so] you can play a tag-team conprising Ein and Hayate if youd like to. We sort of see this title as a compilation title for the DOA5 series, so this time we can include new characters who are not related to the games story at all. In that sense the atmosphere in this game is like that of a festival. Ninja Gaidens Momiji makes her debut appearance in the Dead or Alive series here. Whats her battle style like? Hayashi: In the Ninja Gaiden games, Momiji fights with a halberd and she has a double-jump, but this time around she has to fight bare-handed. There are already a lot of fast and nimble ninja fighters like Kasumi and Ayane, so to give the game a good sense of contrast, Momiji will fight with Hayabusa-style Aikijutsu (mix of Aikido and Ninjutsu) and Kobudo (a type of Japanese martial arts). Furthermore, she has her double-jump here as well, and can repeatedly perform aerial attacks. So her play style relies on using the opponents strength against them with traditional techniques, throw them off-balance, and then proceed to perform a flurry of attacks. It seems like, compared to the past ninja characters, youre pushing for a completely different type here. Hayashi: Thats right. Well if you just hear about the double- jump ability, I bet youll get the impression that Momiji will be quite a difficult character to use. But Momiji is really quite a popular character and we expect that many players will want to pick her, and so were planning to make her play style one thats suited for beginners. Also, as Momiji is a kunoichi whos still in training, so we hope that through players will help to make Momiji stronger by discovering new things about her moves. Besides Momiji, Ein, and Jacky are you planning to add other characters as well? The parting scene in this following PV appears to depict a certain character were thinking of Hayashi: Who could that be? Well, since this is DOA5 Ultimate, there could be more characters (laughs). Why put out a free basic version? Can you share with us what you hope to achieve by putting out a free basic version of the game? Hayashi: The main aim with doing this, is to open the floodgates and rope every gamer into playing Dead or Alive, into wanting to get into playing fighting games. Personally, I believe that fighting games hold limitless potential, and we want for many gamers to experience this title and think so fighting games can be enjoyed like this too, huh! In 2012, quite a few publishers put out a fighting game, and we feel that every single one of them were well-impressioned and performed quite favourably with their fans. We dont want this fighting game boom to just end with the core gamers appreciating it, and we hope to bring more gamers into the movement. In other words, its an attempt to reach out to people whove never played fighting games before, I suppose? Hayashi: Thats right. Back in the heyday of Street Fighter and Virtual Fighter, the fighting game boom was such a great social phenomenon that pretty much everybody played them. Wed like to try and bring back that sort of boom. But for that to happen, we need to rope in a vast number of people, and so we think that the best way to make that happen is to somehow put out a free basic edition of the game. Our goal is to get everybody who owns a PlayStation 3 to at least give the game a shot, and hopefully from there theyll join and participate in the fighting games community. If the basic version is free, then it makes it easy to invite your friends to join in the fun too, huh? Hayashi: Exactly. Amongst Dead or Alive 5s passionate fanbase, weve had people who volunteered to run their own tournaments for the game, and event went as far as to invite us to come attend it. Were really humbled by the the passion theyve got for Dead or Alive, its incredibly admirable. But when those passionate fans of ours try to encourage their friends to join in the fun, usually theyd have to say something to their friends like its a really enjoyable game, why dont you buy it so that we can play together? Im sure there were a few friends whod respond quite despondently to that. This time around, since theres a free basic edition, itd be easier to recommend the game to their friends. Fighting games are sort of unique in the sense that, if you dont have an opponent then you cant really play. In that sense, being able to casually invite your friends to join in on the fun seems like a really good idea. Hayashi: Yep. Since Dead or Aliver 5 came out in 2012, there have been tens of thousands of players whove played the game online. But as more and more time pass since the initial release date, you gradually have this divide in skill between the really good players, and those who are at the intermediate and beginning levels which further divides up the possible pool of players available only for a match. So we thought, wouldnt it be great if we could make it so that players could ask their friends to join in on the fun easily, which would not only make it easy for beginning players to play against other beginning players, but also just create this casual atmosphere of playing for fun. We think we can achieve that by putting out a free basic version, and improve things on that front. When it comes to online, we want to popular the online servers with a lot of players at each and every skill level.
  38. 38. June 4th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 12 When youre playing with an opponent of the same skill level as you, when as a beginning player this makes for a very enjoyable experience. Hayashi: When it comes to fighting games, there are players whod learn every character and see that as depth, but there would also be players who cant use more than one or two characters. In that case, we thought, why dont we make the game accomodating of these different play styles by putting out a different way of purchasing the game (free-to-play plus paid characters)? With the free basic version, players could buy just the characters they play, and check out only the new characters that theyre personally interested in. Or if a player plans to spend several hundred hours playing with all the characters, then buying the retail version would make more sense. It certainly is true that there are quite a lot of different styles of play when it comes to having fun with a fighting game. Hayashi: And the thing when youre talking abotu players whod pick their mains and subs, and whod want to try out the new characters, those are really folks whove been following the series for a while. When it comes to new players, when they look at the character select screen with over 25 characters to pick from, they may get frustrated not knowing which one to pick. If they were to try out one character per match, then youd need to play at least 20 matches to try all of them. To find a character that suits ones play style, thats even worse, youd have to do several hundred matches. So with regards to that, wed also like to limit the barriers of entry by just giving beginners the characters that we highly recommend, to start with. Youre referring to the characters available from the outset in the free basic version, huh? Kasumi, Ayane, Hayate and Hayabusa. Hayashi: Thats right. We picked characters that would give beginning players a good idea of what sort of game Dead or Alive is. Initiailly there was some discussion internally on whether it was really a good idea to give away the games lead characters, but in the end we decided, because theyre the lead characters, they should especially be the ones who are included in the free basic verison of the game. So four characters are selectable. Are there any restrictions in terms of opponents a player in the free basic version can fight with? Hayashi: Not at all. While in the free version players only have permission to play as four characters, in online battle and the various modes offline, these players can still fight Momiji and the rest as their opponents. There are also no limitations on stage selection. All of them can be fought on. I see. In the future are you planning to increase the number of free playable characters? Hayashi: Were thinking of doing something like a limited- time-only promotional campaign where, for instance, for this week only, Tina is free-to-play so that players on this version can be encouraged to try the other characters. Apart from such promotions, every character outside of the initial four will have to be purchased. And players from both the free and paid retail versions will be able to play against one another? Hayashi: Of course they can. Online there wont be any sort of discrimination against a player whos on the free version of the game, versus a player whos on the retail version. In the free basic version, the Story mode and additional characters are paid DLC, but apart from that there is no distinction between this and the full retail version. In other words, the free basic version will include all the new features added from the PS Vita version of DOA5 Plus, such as deeper tutorial and training modes. Using these practice modes, its possible for a player to train and be the worlds best Dead or Alive player just with the free basic version. Recently theres been a lot of livestreams for tournaments held all over Japan, huh? When a gamer gets hyped watching one such livestream, and decides to check out the game him or herself, the basic free versio nis really handy for that, huh? Hayashi: As more and more of these tournaments are streamed live, the number of people watching and enjoying those videos increase. Yet at the same time, those people would actually need to buy the game to actually be able to play it, and so they dont thats sort of how its always been. With a free basic version, we feel that the barriers to entry have been lowered enough for gamers like that to join in on the action. By the way, for fans who bought DLC costumes for Dead or Alive 5, will they be transferrable to Ultimate? Hayashi: All of that data will be transferrable to Ultimate. For the free basic version, these costumes will be useable for the characters theyve paid to use in the game. From the free basic version, gamers will also be able to purchase DLC costumes that were initially released for Dead or Alive 5, to further customise their favourite characters styles. Of course, we also plan to release brand new DLC costumes for Ultimate.
  39. 39. June 4th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 13 When most people think about the premium model, its hard not to think that there might be hidden charges or some sort of gacha lottery system for DLC content Hayashi: We wont have any of that. The only things youd ever need to buy in the free basic edition are the characters, and the story mode, and youll get exactly what you paid for. Of course, there wont be restrictions on how much you can play in a game either. We wont be implementing those sort of freemium systems where every fight in the game costs stamina to play, or that you can only play X number of matches per day and have to use paid items to recover your stamina. Theres no such thing here, you play without restrictions as much as you like. Thats good to hear. I was thinking that if you were to implement a gacha random lottery system, then we might end up with a situation where Ill buy a DLC costume and go what the hell, I got Baymans costume again! (Laughs) (Translators comment: EA and Bioware, you taking notes?) Another thing: Will users who currently own Dead or Alive 5 for the PS3 and X360 will be able to upgrade to Ultimate via DLC? Hayashi: This time we couldnt do that, as we had to make many root changes to the games system in order to improve the overall play experience. Weve made severe tweaks to the game program, and as such it would be incredibly difficult to roll it out as an update. But this time around were doing both a retail version and a downloadable free basic version, so for fans whore still on the fence on Ultimate, they can try before they buy with the free basic version. At the moment, the free basic version has only been announced for the PlayStation 3. That said, negotiations are currently underway as to whether or not we could also put out a similar solution for the Xbox 360 version. Wed very much like to do it on the X360 as well, but as this is something new were trying, we cant promise at this moment that it will be doable on the platform. I think thats something a lot of Xbox 360 users will be looking forward to, so were hoping for good news on that. By the way, when you say that severe tweaks were made to improve the game, does that include tweaking the online experience to be better as well? Hayashi: Yes. Were planning to make huge changes with that too. With Dead or Alive 5 we were able to change a lot of things that werent so good initially, with game patches. And with Ultimate were improving the game even further than that. For that reason, DOA5U is not compatible with DOA5 or DOA5 Plus, not even in terms of letting players from each version play against one another. Previously you organised an official tournament with Dead or Alive 5. Do you plan to do that again with Ultimate? Hayashi: Yes we do. As fighting games are also about determining whos the strongest, wed like to be able to present some sort of target for fans to try and aim for. At the moment we still dont know how far we can go with those tournament plans, but personally Id like to do some form of events that we could take all over Japan. And at those events we could give out special player titles/tags/descriptions. When it comes to organising a nation-wide fighting games tournament in Japan, I think thatd be quite difficult to do without the aid of arcades. Do you plan to roll out an arcade version? Hayashi: Since 2000s Dead or Alive 2 Millenium, we have not released an arcade version of Dead or Alive. So its been about 13 years. After Dead or Alive 5 was released, a number of folks asked us if we were going to do an arcade version, and there are certainly requests for that to happen. Personally Id like very much to make an arcade version as well. Looking at the arcade scene lately, theres been a resurgence of interest in 2D fighting games ever since Street Fighter Ivs release. So please, we hope for an arcade release of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate that may bring about a resurgence for 3D fighting games the same way that Street Fighter IV did for 2D. Hayashi: Recently weve been studying the arcade business by literally visiting arcades ourselves. While we were there we did notice that 2D fighting games were noticeably more popular than the 3D ones. As a 3D fighting game maker ourselves, we were quite dispirited by that. Were hoping that Ultimate will bring about a resurgence in popularity for 3D fighters, and hope that as a result, the entire fighting games scene gets more hype. Lastly, do you have any parting words for the fans? Hayashi: When we released Dead or Alive 5 last year (2012), we received a lot of positive feedback from fans, which were very grateful for and which we see as a form of encouragement. However, at the same time, we were also aware that there were imperfections with the game, and weve tried to be well on top of that. We see Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate as a result of our hard work improving on all those flaws fans saw in the previous release, and in that sense, we want to bring out the absolute best game that we can to our fans, in Ultimate. So please look forward to the games release. As for gamers whove yet to try the Dead or Alive series, this time around were launching a free basic version so please do download it and take your first step into the world of fighting games with it. Furthermore, the free basic version will not just be distributed within Japan, but also to the entire world simultaneously. We hope to create a well-populated online scene where hundreds of thousands of gamers from all over the world would hop on. So everyone, please join the community. We hope you enjoy the game!
  40. 40. June 4th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 14 Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 comes out in the US September 3, 2013. The Japanese and European release dates are September 5 and 6 respectively.
  41. 41. June 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 1 SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop Culture Assassins Creed IV gets novel and art book Source: By KaleNagasaki on June 5th, 2013 To accompany the release of Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, Ubisoft has announced a tie-in novel and art book.Penguin Books will publish the novel, which will hit shelves November 7 for the UK and November 26 for the US, courtesy of Ace Books. The novel will be largely based on the game, and reveal the background history of the main character of Black Flag, Edward Kenway. According to the plot description, readers will discover how Edward Kenway started out as a mere privateer before becoming one of the worlds most deadly pirates and was drawn into the centuries-old battle between the Templars and the Assassins. Titan Books will release the official art book of Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag on October 28. If you plan on buying it, try to be one of the first five-hundred buyers, because theres some sweet bonus material for you. If you are lucky enough to get the special slipcase edition, then, in addition to the art book, you will also receive two exclusive concept art prints signed by the artists! Get excited. However, lets say you are a die-hard fan of the Assassins Creed series, and you want to support the series, but you arent sure if a side novel or art book would really be worth it. Ubisoft assures us that, highlights in the game, and in the art book, include one of the largest never-before-experienced nautical gameplay ever offered, with an amazing range of locations and action. The timing of the art book will nearly coincide with the release of the game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U on October 29th. Black Flag will come to the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 later, but in the meantime you can satisfy your craving with the novel. For more information on the game and the official trailers, check out our previous coverage here. Source: IGNAsia StarCraft II now offers option to spawn into higher edition game Source: higher-edition-game/ By Zenko on June 5th, 2013 Players of StarCraft II can look forward to some added bonuses with the new spawning feature. If you have a lower version of the game, such as the Starter Edition or Wings of Glory, but have friends with the full Heart of the Swarm edition, they will be able to upgrade you through spawning. The feature, which was popularized during the era of LAN parties with Warcraft II and the original Starcraft, allows those with the full copy of the game to bring in those who do not own it or would like to try the features out, to try it for free. Additionally, those with Wings of Glory can also upgrade their friends for free.
  42. 42. June 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 2 For those spawning into the higher tier game this means having access to features locked in the starter edition. That includes playing against AI opponents in multi-player mode, access to ranked and unranked ladder matches and mixing things up with access to all custom game maps released to date. Unfortunately, however, it does not include the ability to choose race for those spawned into the game and goes off of whichever race is active in the Starter Edition of the game. The player that is upgraded will display the games update icon in the party menu, and will have an upgrade button linked in their main menu. For those hosting spawned players you will not be going unrewarded. The game will reward you with an additional 25% experience bonus for playing. Although this feature is already set in motion for anytime you play with a friend, it certainly could help to convince your friend who may be on the fence about buying the game to do so. If you have more than one friend, that also is no problem as it allows the max amount of party members available to be spawned into the game, which means up to fourteen friends at once. It is also particularly useful if you just want to bring in a friend for a one-shot match or to introduce them to the game entirely. Below is Blizzards intro video to the new process to help you get started. Source: YouTube Answers to how many anime series can you identify just by their school uniforms Source: school-uniforms/ By hittokiri on June 5th, 2013 We asked how many anime series can you identify just by their school uniforms earlier. Here are the answers. 1. Fate/stay Night 2. Accel World 3. Clannad 4. Toradora! 5. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 6. Smile Pre-Cure! 7. Persona 4 8. Toaru Mahou no Index / Toaru Kagaku no Railgun 9. Bakemonogatari 10. Mirai Nikki 1. Azumanga Daioh 2. MM! 3. Star Driver 4. Zegapain 5. Night Wizard
  43. 43. June 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 3 6. Pani Poni Dash 7. Fruits Basket 8. Lamune 9. Sora wo kakeru Shoujo 10. Seitoukai Ichizon 1. Angel Beats! 2. High School of the Dead 3. To Heart 4. Hanasaku Iroha 5. Saki 6. Hyouka 7. Lucky Star 8. Ore no Imouto ga konna ni Kawaii wakeganai 9. Mawaru Penguindrum 10. Busou Renkin 1. Kannazuki no Miko 2. Yuru Yuri 3. Puella Magi Madoka Magica 4. Shoujo Kakumei Utena 5. Mariaholic 6. Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjyu 7. Inazuma Eleven 8. Rokyuubu 9. Little Busters! 10. Card Captor Sakura How many anime series did you identify correctly just by their school uniforms? Source : Yaraon Nendroid Faris Nyan Nyan pre-order starts Nendroid Kurisu re-released Source: start-nendroid-kurisu-re-released/ By spartanchef on June 5th, 2013 The pre-orders for Good Smile Companys latest nendroid, Faris Nyan Nyan has now started.Not only that, the nendroid Makise Kurisu is being re-released, so if you missed out on her, now your chance! The new Faris nendroid features her in her May Queen maid uniform. Included with the figure is a plate of delicious (but unfortunately inedible) plate of May Queens Omurice with The world is in trouble written in it. It also comes with a nendroid-sized set of Rai-Net battle cards which Faris is known to be extremely good at. The figure also comes with three facial expressions; one smiling, one smug and one winking. The figure is sculpted by Maruhige and is approximately 100 mm tall. The nendroid will be released October 2013.
  44. 44. June 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 4 Source: Hobby Search Finally, we go to the tsundere genius, Makise Kurisu! The assistant, Christina nendroid will be re-released September 2013! It is also sculpted by Maruhige and also stands at approximately 100 mm. A nendroid-sized folder and her cellphone are also included.
  45. 45. June 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 5 source: Hobby Search Fable HD remake for Xbox 360 teased! Source: By spartanchef on June 5th, 2013 Nearly 10 years after its release, Lionhead studios, developers of Fable recently posted a video teasing fans of the classic adventure game. Lionhead Studios admitted that fans have always demanded an HD remake of the game. And with the video, they showed how much fans wanted it and released a reply from (of all people), the good-old Jack of Blades! The new HD remastered Fable will be for the Xbox 360 and the PC. The remastered version offers better graphics, almost instant loading times, an all-new interface, achievements, Xbox Smartglass support and more. Were really excited to bring Fable to Xbox 360. said Ted Limmins, Lead designer for the anniversary edition of the game. He continued, Its the game that the Fable community has been asking for, so we wanted to make sure Fable Anniversary delivered the definitive Fable experience for both long-time fans and newcomers to the franchise. For the first time, the game will feature achievements. According to Limmins, Fable has always been about choices and consequences, so were trying to put that into our Achievements. However, he emphasized that while they are bringing a newer and modern approach to remaking the game, he promised that the game will stay true to its roots. Its probably the hardest part of the job. We needed to keep Fable the same, but also make it different, it was a case of playing through the game over and over and writing down a list of the things we wanted to address in order to bring Fable to a 360 quality level that people expect.
  46. 46. June 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 6 And then, Timmins added that there is now a LEADERBOARD for kicking chickens! The video game was released for the Microsoft Xbox in 2004 with sequels for the Xbox 360; Fable 2 in 2008 and Fable 3 in 2010. The original was the top selling game of 2004 and was well received by critics and fans alike. HIDE THE CHICKENS!!!! Source: Xbox news and Digital Spy UK Company of Heroes 2 Open Beta launched Source: launced/ By weiq on June 5th, 2013 Relic Entertainment had just announced the Open Beta of Company of Heroes 2 is now live, and can be downloaded and played through Steam.Writing to the Company of Heroes forum, producer Greg Wilson revealed that theyve added new match-making servers, implemented a significant amount of Closed Beta feedback and fixed more bugs, compatibility and performance issues. The team will continue to read comments and feedback in the official forums and participate in regular playtests with the community. Relic Entertainment will be patchi