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  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 Ser e This Not That! June 10, 2014 AIBTM Tracy Stuckrath, CSEP, CMM, CHC, CFPM @tstuckrath @thrivemeetings
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 Tracy Stuckrath Certified event professional, strategic meetings manager & health coach One of 15 million+ Americans with food allergies Studied at Institute of Integrative Nutrition Founded Thrive! in 2010 Not a doctor, nutritionist or lawyer CSEP, CMM, CHC, CFPM @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014April 23, 2014
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTM 2014June 10, 2014 Understand the Different Dietary Needs Grasp Similarities & Differences in the Dietary Needs Learn how to navigate a catering Menu & what questions to ask of F&B partners Essential Learning Components u v w
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 our common ground, ~James Beard Food is a universal experience.
  • Foodis the only thing you're going to buy that becomes you.Carlo Petrini
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 1.8 MillionMeetings
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 1.8 MillionMeetings 225 MillionPeople $54.5 BillionFood & Beverage
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 Gluten Free Food Allergies RAW Organic Local VEGAN Vegetarian Pescitarian Halal Kosher Tree Nuts Celiac Corn Clean Eating Macrobiotic Paleo Rave Buddhism Crohns Menu Labeling Food Safety ADA FALCPA
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 7:10Chronic Disease
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 25.8 millionDiabetes
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 35%/17%Obesity
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 15 millionFood Allergy
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 1:133Celiac Disease
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 27 millionVegetarian & Vegan
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 36%Religious
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 11.2 millionKosher
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 Milk Allergy | Gluten-free | Peanut Allergy Peanut Butter Milkshake Chocolate M&Ms TwizzlersFrench Macaroons @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014April 23, 2014 Serve This, Not That
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 < Pescetarian | Gluten-free | Lent Serve This, Not That Fish Fried Pig Fried ChickenMuffins @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014April 23, 2014
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 Vegan | Gluten-Free | Dairy Allergy Kale Salad w/ Quinoa, Tangerines & Roasted Almonds Grilled Chicken Cheese, Nut & Fruit Tray Pasta Alfredo with Spinach @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014April 23, 2014 Serve This, Not That
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 No Mammals | Lactose-free | Kosher BBQ Shrimp with Coleslaw Caramelized Onion, Spinach & Blue Marble Quiche MeatballsSalsa Baked Salmon @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014April 23, 2014 Serve This, Not That
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 Tree Nut Allergy | Celiac Disease | Melon Allergy | No Seafood Roast Chicken with Pesto Pan-fried chicken, beets & Brussels sprouts Shaved Cantaloupe and Prosciutto Salad Walnut crusted Halibut @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTM 2014April 23, 2014 Serve This, Not That
  • food decision Every wemake sendsamessage toourbody. Dr. Berardi, Precision Nutrition
  • opportunity Providesan todirect,shape, &remake Dr. Berardi, Precision Nutrition
  • health. Our Dr. Berardi, Precision Nutrition
  • Dr. Berardi, Precision Nutrition body composition. Our
  • Dr. Berardi, Precision Nutrition performance. Our
  • Dr. Berardi, Precision Nutrition well-being. Our
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 Elc #1 Addressing Dietary Needs Food Allergies | Medical Conditions | Personal Preferences | Religious Beliefs
  • 8 150+ 90 120
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 Celiac Disease Genetic autoimmune disease 1:133 Malabsorption Avoid Gluten No cure Oatmeal? Wheat | Rye | Barley
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 Sugar Addictive, destructive substance 142 pounds Inammation Diabesity A little creates desire for more 57 different names for sugar
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsMPI Northern California: Menu ImpossibleFebruary 19, 2014
  • We are at a time when it is unprecedentedly to be a ! Adam Shprintzen, The Vegetarian Crusade living easy vegetarian.
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 Vegetarian No Beef Pork Poultry Fish Shellfish
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 Vegetarian
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 Vegan
  • Paleo Processed foods Sugar,candy Sweetfruit Grains Beans Dairy SeedOils No
  • Foodis an important part of my and the way I Arlene Mathes-Scharf, religion live my life.
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 Judaism Kosher x Kosher nned sh only Kosher Not with meat Buddhism x x some P P Hinduism x x Restricted/ Avoided ? x Islam Halal x Halal x P P x Rastafarianism x x no sh over 12 x Seventh Day Adventist x x x ? Sikh in some sects Halal or Kosher x
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 JANUARY Chinese New Year (Confucian/Taoist/Buddhist) ! ! FEBRUARY Ash Wednesday (Christian) Lent (Christian) ! ! APRIL Good Friday (Christian) Easter (Christian) Shavuot (Jewish) Passover (Jewish) ! ! JUNE/JULY Ramadan (Islamic) ! JULY/AUGUST Eid al-Fitr (Islamic) Krishna Janmashtami (Hindu) ! SEPTEMBER/ OCTOBER Sukkot (Jewish) Rosh Hashanah (Jewish) ! ! OCTOBER Navratri (Hindu) Shemini (Jewish) Yom Kippur (Jewish) Simchat Torah (Jewish) Eid al-Adha (Islamic) ! ! NOVEMBER Diwali (Hindu/Buddist/ Sikhism/Jainism) Thanksgiving ! ! DECEMBER Hanukkah (Jewish) Christmas (Christian)
  • @tstuckrath @thrivemeetingsAIBTIM 2014June 10, 2014 Vegetarian Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Kosher Catholicism Halal Eggs P O P P P P P Milk P ALTERNATIVE Almond, Soy, Coconut, Hemp, Rice Milks AVOID Wheat, Rye, Barley, Couscous, Starches, Malt, Casein, Bread, Crackers, Cereal, Dairy, Cheese, Milk, Buttermilk O AVOID milk products and meat at the same meal P ? Soy Great source of protein Great source of protein P AVOID LEGUMES & BEANS: soy, lentils, black beans, pinto beans, red beans, peanuts, white beans, garbanzo beans++ During Passover some Jews avoid all legumes P Good source of protein Wheat P P AVOID wheat, rye & barley and anything that contains a form of them AVOID ALL GRAINS wheat, rice, corn, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, wild rice, spelt, rye, sorghum, oats, teff, amaranth++ During Passover only unleavened breads are allowed; grains P ? Shellsh ? O P Wild caught, grass-fed, hormone & antibiotic free Meats, Fish, Pork, Poultry, Shellfish, Turkey, Goat, Lamb O During Lent, this is only animal protein allowed on Friday P Fish ? O P Finned fish only P Tree Nuts Good source of protein Good source of protein P! Need to read packaging for flavorings & spices P P P Good source of protein Peanuts Good source of protein Good source of protein See Note Soy Above During Passover some Jews avoid all legumes P Good source of protein GV E Vg N Sf W M F S P P J C H