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  • Monday – September 12, 2016 8:00 AM – +Pat Flynn rq. Ladies of St. Anne 12:00 PM (Noon) – + Jesus Hernandez 7:00 PM – Mass in Polish Tuesday- September 13—Memorial of St. John Chrysostom 8:00 AM – +Conrada Mozo 12:00 PM (Noon) – + Theodore Majewski rq. Audrey Janik 7:00 PM – Mass in Polish Wednesday- September 14 — Feast of the Exalta on of the Holy Cross 8:00 AM – Recovery of health for D&A Alfonso 12:00 PM (Noon) – Roudyn, Almeda, Ronaldo, Miranda 7:00 PM – Mass in Polish Thursday- September 15—Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows 8:00 AM – +LimAn Sim rq. Edida Ong 12:00 PM (Noon) – Recovery of health for Anthony R. Coco 7:00 PM – Mass in Polish Friday- September 16—Memorial of St. Cornelius 8:00 AM – Thanksgiving Mass for my Family 12:00 PM (Noon) – +Ne a & Leonard Lohrmann 7:00 PM – Mass in Polish Saturday- September 17, 2016 7:00AM- Mass in Polish 8:00 AM – Thanksgiving Mass for blessings received rq. Yolanda Duran 1:00 PM— Wedding Mass 3:00 PM— Wedding Mass 5:00 PM – +Walter Durak Sunday – September 18—25th Sunday in Ordinary Time 7:00 AM - O zdrowie i Boże błogosławieństwo oraz opiekę

    Matki Najświętszej w czasie choroby dla zięcia, o zdrowia dla mnie i całej mojej rodziny; + Ewa i Jan Kabat, +Maria i Jan Budzioch oraz ich dzieci,

    8:30 AM – Death Anniversary of +CathyLichay 10:00 AM – S.S Crocifisso rq. Frank Pavone 10:15 AM – Mass in Polish 12:30 PM – +Donald Jahnke 3:00 PM – Mass in Polish 5:00PM - Elanie M. Budzisz 7:00 PM – Mass in Polish

    Page Two 24th Ordinary Sunday September 11, 2016

    Mass Intentions The sanctuary lamps this week are lit for:


    Marriage Banns

    Rest in Peace

    EUCHARISTIC ADORATION - Held each Thursday following the 8:00 a.m. Mass un l 6:45p.m.

    + Rozalia Chrzastek O Dary Ducha Św. dla Davida, Barbary, Stefani

    We Welcome in Baptism

    Best wishes to couple married in our church: Mateusz Piczura & Monika Sobota

    First: Piotr Sierkowski & Agnieszka Gruba Second: Marek Strzelec & Mariola Krupa Third: Lukasz Michalski & Anna Wlodarczyk Rafal Poniatowski & Klaudia Sojka

    Please remember to pray for the souls of all our faithful departed, especially:

    Adam J. Shershen

    Sebas an Chwalek son of Tomasz & Izabela (Chudzian) Chwalek Casper Banaskiewicz son of Marek & Agnieszka (Florczak) Banaskiewicz Patric Jacob Kut son of Dariusz & Malgorzata(Kownacka)Kut Alexander Lucjan Kaczor son of Andrzej & Boguslawa (Raczkowska) Kaczor



    Rel. Ed.

    Remember in Prayer As members of the parish faith community, it is our responsibility to remember both in concrete and spiritual ways those who cannot celebrate with us each week because they are ill. Those who are sick in turn, remember all of us daily in their prayers and in their sufferings.

    September 11, 2016 24th Ordinary Sunday Page

    Our Stewardship of Treasure

    Mary Ayello Anthony R. Coco Lo e Chrapla Violet Del Vacchio Edward Waytula Pat Ostrowski William Keleher Arlene Garcia Diana Krzyzanowski Nick Paolino Jean Staniszewski Laura Schofield Calvin Upton Julie D’Agos no Luna Family Brianna Jurczykowski Susan Milostan Robert Malek Michael F. Coco Tish Vanoni Jodi Mack Geraldine Mack Agnes Coco Ester Baran Isabell Beyer Deadra Kusek Stanley Podgorny Laverne Greco Steve Johns Barbara Alderson Anna DeBold Kathleen Barr Lesley Barr Mary Hal n Virginia Starsiak Veena Bhat Veronica Segovia Frances Skrabacz Marion Watermann Richard Behrendt Joseph Biancalana Sr. Joseph Biancalana Steve Garorowski Grace Miceli

    Dolly D’Agos no Jerry Mack Julia Szyelik Jim Jezuit George Keehn Donald Trainor Maureen Keith Dolly Aloisio Michael Spano Judy Fahey Lee Ready John Ready Gack Fahey Jadwiga Glowacz Petronella Latuszek Jack Fahey Jany Aloisio Margery Janz Jody Panek Chris ne Gross Zareli Saavedra Helen Szostak Be y Hotcaveg Mary Lynn Remijan Wiliam Remijan Arle e Prasteher Richard Wojcichowski Frank De Marco Stefan Wiśniewski Carmela DiTata Stanisław Cwieka John Brown Joanna Grzeszkowiak Felix Aquino Marry Henning Teri & Fred Bauer Lena Dorado Elaine M. Budzisz Pat Wenzl Mary Ann Reynen Sco Paterson Adam Shersshen


    SPC Jeffrey Foerster ; SA Andrew Rios

    Pvt2 Nicholas Whelan; CPL Derrick Mateja

    Thank you!

    Thank you for sharing your „TREASURE” with St. Ferdinand Parish



    “Everything I have is yours.” Luke 15:31

    Our Heavenly Father gives us everything, including the chance to share in His eternal kingdom. Yet, like the

    Prodigal Son we are o en lured away by the materialism of our society. Do we really want to turn our backs on all that

    God offers in exchange for a material wealth that has no las ng value?

    We invite anyone able to help with the church cleaning. Please join us weekly on Mondays at 5:00 pm

    and Fridays at 10:00 am. Thank you!

    Sincere THANK YOU to all who give their me to keep our church clean. Thank you for your faithfulness and dependability. Please know

    that your help is very much valued and appreciated.


    5:00 PM J. Lohrmann E. Mele. D. Lasiewicz

    8:30 AM

    10:00 AM (chapel)

    12:30 PM


    N. Rodriguez

    J .Zarate, M. Madrano

    H. Syodia L. Perez

    E. & T. Anaya, R. Serran, J.Benez

    S. Kass, P. Macias

    M. Syodia, H. Syodia

    SATURDAY, September 17

    SUNDAY, September 18

    A. Vaccaro, T. Kass

    J. Zarate

    SUNDAY,SEPTEMBER4th Envelops: $ 5,827.00 Loose: $ 2,531.00 Total: $ 8,358.00

  • September 11, 2016 24th Ordinary Sunday Page Four


    Communion Procession is a profoundly religious action tells us something about the way in which we should participate in this procession. We are the Body of Christ, moving forward to receive the Christ who makes us one with himself and with one another. Our procession should move with dignity; our bearing should be that of those who know they have been redeemed by Christ and are coming to receive their God!

    The General Instruction asks each country's Conference of Bishops to determine the posture to be used for the reception of Communion and the act of reverence to be made by each person as he or she receives Communion. In the United States, the body of Bishops determined that Communion should be received standing, and that a bow is the act of reverence made by those receiving. These norms may require some adjustment on the part of those who have been used to other practices, however the significance of unity in posture and gesture as a symbol of our unity as members of the one body of Christ should be the governing factor in our own actions. Those who receive Communion may receive either on the tongue or in the hand, and the decision should be that of the individual receiving, not of the person distributing Communion. If Communion is received in the hand, the hands should first of all be clean. If one is right handed the left hand should rest upon the right. The host will then be laid in the palm of the left hand and then taken by the right hand to the mouth. If one is left-handed this is reversed. It is not appropriate to reach out with the fingers and take the host from the person distributing!

  • Page Five 24th Ordinary Sunday September 11, 2016

    ARE YOU SOMEONE OR DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO… • Has expressed an interest in becoming Catholic? • Has a child over the age of seven who has not been bap zed? Was bap zed Catholic as a child, but has not celebrated the Sacraments of Confirma on and Eucharist? We offer an opportunity to come together in a small group to learn more about our faith. Sessions focus on the teachings and experience of Church and prepare individuals to celebrate the Sacraments of Bap sm, Confirma on, and Eucharist during the Easter season. There are separate sessions for children or youth. You are welcome to par cipate in the process with your ques ons, your insights and your faith story in a warm accep ng se ng. For more informa on please contact Stan Mastalerz 773-865-4151, Jeff Aloisio 773-263-6786 or Zofia Mazurek (Parish Secretary) 773-622-5900.

    ST.PATRICKHSOPENHOUSESeptember15Saint Patrick High School would like to invite all 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th grade boys and their families to our Open House on Thursday, September 15, 2016 from 6-8 p.m. Join us for a tour of our facility, meet our dynamic students, dedicated faculty and discover THE SAINT PATRICK EXPERIENCE. Eighth graders can become a Shamrock-for-a-Day by signing up for a shadow day. For 156 years Saint Patrick High School, Chicago’s Oldest Catholic High School for Boys, has been preparing the young men of Chicago for college and for life.

    ST.FERDINAND’SLADIESOFST.ANNESeptember21St. Ferdinand’s Ladies of St. Anne will have their mee ng on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 11:30AM. The address is St. Ferdinand’s convent, 5936 W. Barry in Chicago. This is the 1st mee ng of the year, so let us have a good turnout. A light luncheon will be served. Everyone is welcome.

    FAREWELLTOSR.ANNAGORSKANext Sunday, September 18th at the 10:15AM Mass we will say Farewell to Sr. Anna Gorska, Missionary Sister of Christ the King for Polonia, for her two years of dedicated service to our parish. Sr. Anna is moving on to her new assignment. Immediately following the Mass you are invited for a small recep on to Jason Torba Center to personally thank Sr. Anna for her ministry to our community.

    CatholicCharitiesVolunteerOpportunitiesAre you looking for an opportunity to volunteer? Catholic Chari es of the Archdiocese of Chicago is looking for helpful, friendly volunteers to serve as greeters at the hospitality ta-ble at 721 N. LaSalle St. in Chicago. The volunteers will wel-come guests and help with the intake of clothing dona ons. The volunteer would serve 2-3 hour shi s on a Monday, Thursday, or Friday of their choice between 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. For more informa on email [email protected] or call the Volunteer Rela ons department at 312-655-7322 Catholic Chari es Crisp! Mobile Grocer Crisp! is a social enterprise of Catholic Chari es of Chicago. A mobile grocer, it offers affordable groceries delivered right to the door of residents in the city of Chicago. You can order by telephone or online, and have groceries delivered right to you! Crisp! offers fresh produce, meat, seafood, and dairy products among its large selec on of items, including generic and name brands. Crisp has op ons for those looking to live healthier lifestyles as well with recipe packages, low sodium and sugar free products. With only a $10 minimum pur-chase, Crisp! serves those who can truly benefit by this con-venient service. First me customers receive $10 off their order of $30 or more with code “getcrisp.” To order or for more informa on call 312-948-7800 or visit HURTING FROM ABORTION? There are people who understand and can help. Are you hur ng emo onally and spiritually a er an abor on? There is hope for your future! If you're suffering because of an abor-

    on, you may feel alone. But you are not. Call 1-888-456-HOPE. www.hopea erabor One-on-one lay coun-seling, referrals to trained priests and understanding profes-sional counselors and day-long retreats provided.

  • Page Six 24th Ordinary Sunday September 11, 2016


    Monday — September 12, 2016 10:00AM — Friendship Club (Convent) 6:00PM — Cub Scouts (Convent) 6:00PM — Troop #51 (Jason Torba Center)

    Tuesday — September 13, 2016 10:30AM — Irving Park Women’s Club (Convent) 1:00PM — Jr Legion of Mary (Convent) 5:00PM — Radosc (Jason Torba Center) 6:00PM — Chicagowskie Slowiki (Chapel)

    Wednesday — September 14, 2016 5:00PM — Our Lady of Perpetual Help Novena (Church) 6:00PM — Cub Scouts (Convent) 6:00PM — Polonia Group Dance (Jason Torba Center) 6:00PM — Chicagowskie Slowiki (Chapel)

    Thursday — September 15, 2016 2:30PM — Jr. Legion of Mary Adora on (Church) 6:00PM — Girls Scouts (Convent) 7:00PM — Filareci Choir (Chapel) 7:00PM — Parents Mee ng 7gr (Cafeteria) 7:45PM — School Board Mtg (Cafeteria) Friday — September 16, 2016 6:30PM — Pilgrim Virgin (Convent) 7:00PM — Divine Mercy (Church) Saturday — September 17, 2016 1:00PM — Polish Scouts (Convent) 6:00PM — AA Mee ng (Convent) Sunday— September 18, 2016 8:00AM — Rodsatry Gorup Mee ng (Jason TOrba Center) 10:00AM — First Sunday Family Mass (Chapel) 11:15AM — Lednica 3:00PM — Bap sm in Polish (Church)

    DIVINEMERCYCHAPLET Divine Mercy Chaplet is prayed in English everyday from Monday to Friday following 8:00 a.m. Mass. Please take a short break from your busy life and join the ladies in prayers. On every Saturday right a er 8:00 a.m. Mass prayer to St. Anne is being said. Please stop by the Church and offer to God at least a few moments of your


    HolyFire—October14&15All students in 6th through 9th grade are invited to a end Holy Fire, one day events of live entertainment, dynamic speakers, and fellowship all inspired by authen cally Catholic values. The two mirror events will be held at the UIC Pavilion and will challenge young Catholics to respond to the Holy Father’s call to become missionary disciples who are not afraid to witness the faith. Do not miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to witness the young and living Church in ac on! All 6th to 9th grade students from parish Religious Educa on programs and Catholic Schools together with their teachers, catechists, youth ministers, chaperones, and pastors are invited. Archbishop Blase J. Cupich will offer those present words of welcome and encouragement and lead a reflec on on the gi s of the Holy Spirit. The UIC Pavilion will be our host for two mirror-days of programming. Groups can a end this event on either Friday, October 14th or Saturday, October 15th. Bus parking will be available. Start Times: 9:45 AM | End Times: 4 PM

    NORTHWESTSIDEHUNGERWALKThe 2016 Northwest Side Hunger Walk will be held on Sunday, September 25, 2016 to raise awareness and funds to reduce hunger in the local community and throughout the world. The annual Northwproceeds support Misericordia’s programs for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabili es. Receive a fun-filled a day out with family and friends, and give an opportunity to someone in need. For ckets and info call: 773-273-2768 or visit Side Hunger Walk is an ecumenical effort by local churches and the community and funds will be donated to organiza ons that serve the people on the neighborhood, citywide and interna onal level. Funds are donated to the following organiza ons: New Hope Methodist Food Pantry, which serves neighborhood residents on the northwest side Chicago; Catholic Chari es, which serves the Chicagoland area; and Heifer Interna onal which serves the interna onal community. The walk will begin and end at Resurrec on College Prep High School at 7500 W. Talco Avenue in Chicago. Par cipants do not need to register in advance. Sign-in will be at 1:00 pm on Sunday, September 25, 2016 in the Resurrec on College Prep parking lot. Walkers will step off at 1:30 pm for the approximately 3 mile walk. All community members are welcome to par cipate and informa on and a pledge sheet can be found at or dona ons can be made the day of the walk. Ques ons may be directed to Kathleen Heneghan at 773.775.6616 Ext 125 or [email protected]

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  • September 11, 2016 24th Ordinary Sunday Page Eight

    On Sunday, September 4th, his Excellency Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki, Metropolitan Archbishop of Lviv of the La ns in the Ukraine, the

    former personal secretary of St. John Paul II and Pope

    Benedict XVI dedicated the bas-relief sculpture of the

    Last Supper that was installed at the main altar in

    our church.

    W niedzielę 4 września Ksiądz Arcybiskup

    Mieczysław Mokrzycki, Metropolita Lwowski dla

    obrządku łacińskiego, były osobisty sekretarz św. Jana Pawła II i Papieża Emeryta Benedykta XVI, poświęcił

    płaskorzeźbę Ostatniej Wieczerzy, która została

    zainstalowana w głównym ołtarzu naszego kościoła.

  • September 11, 2016 24th Ordinary Sunday Page Nine

  • Page Ten 24th Ordinary Sunday September 11, 2016



    Podhalanie i Miłośnicy Tatr pod patronatem Matki Boskiej Ludźmierskiej

    zapraszają na Wielką Zabawę Jesienna do sali Jason Torba Center, 3115 N. Mason


    Cena biletu $25 od osoby

    Bar i kuchnia obficie zaopatrzone.

    W czasie zabawy bogata loteria fantowa. Do tańca przygrywać będzie wspaniały zespół Casablanca.

    Serdecznie zaprasza Prezes Tadeusz

    Kulasik wraz z Zarządem Po więcej informacji prosimy dzwonić (773) 715-7605 — Prezes (773) 636-4695 — V-ce Prezes


    W niedzielę, 18 września podczas Mszy św. o godz. 10:15 podziękujemy Panu Bogu za dwuletnią posługę Sr. Anny Gorskiej, które została posłana przez swoje Zgromadzenie na nową placówkę. Bezpośrednio po Mszy św. zapraszamy na poczęstunek do Jason Torba Center, aby osobiście podziękować siostrze za posługę w naszej wspólnocie parafialnej.

    SPOTKANIEINFORMACYJNEnt.POMOCYFINANSOWEJNASTUDIAPoradnia Zawodowa Zrzeszenia Amerykańsko Polskiego zaprasza wszystkich zainteresowanych na bezpłatne spotkanie informacyjne dotyczące procesu ubiegania się o FAFSA federalną pomoc finansową na studia Prezentacji dokona przedstawiciel Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) Podczas spotkania omawiane będą między innymi następujące zagadnienia: Co to jest Free Applica on for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)? Jakie dokumenty są potrzebne, aby wypełnić aplikację? Jakie są terminy składania aplikacji? Od czego zależy wysokość otrzymanej pomocy? Jak można dowiedzieć się czy pomoc finansowa została przyznana? Inne formy pomocy finansowej (pożyczki, program Federal Work -Study, stypendia) Spotkanie odbędzie się we wtorek, 20 września, 2016 o godzinie 18:00. Dodatkowe informacje (773) 282-1122 wew. 414

  • September 11, 2016 24th Ordinary Sunday Page Eleven


    WSPÓLNOTAMIŁOSIERDZIABOŻEGOZaprasza na Mszę św. w pi ątek 16 września na godz. 7:00 wieczorem. Jest to godzina Miłosierdzia Bożgo w której uprosisz wszystko dla siebie i innych . W tej godzinie stała się łaska dla całego świata—miłosierdzie zwyciężyło sprawiedliwość. Przyłącz się do Wspólnoty Miłosierdzia Bożego podejmując dzieła Miłosierdzia Każdego dnia. Celem naszym jest: • Dążenie do doskonałości

    chrześcijańskiej drogą ufności w stosunku do Boga i miłosierdzia Bożego

    • Poznawanie i głoszenie tajemnicy Miłosierdzia Bożego

    • Wypraszanie miłosierdzia Bożego dla całego świata

    „Na tym właśnie polega miłosierdzie, ze strony Boga, że w swojej hojnej

    miłości przyjmuje nas takimi jacy jesteśmy. Bóg wychodzi

    do nas, nie pytając się czy najpierw się nawróciliśmy”.

    Bp. Grzegorz Ryś

  • September 11, 2016 24th Ordinary Sunday Page Twelve

  • St. Ferdinand Parish

    September 11, 2016 24th Ordinary Sunday Page Thirteen

    Support Staff Mrs. Zofia Mazurek, Parish Secretary Sr. Kamila Wojdyla, Administra ve Assistant Ms. Elizabeth Ceisel-Mikowska, Bulle n Editor Mr. Paul Kolodziej, Website Editor

    Liturgical Bro. Dr. James Drangsholt, Director of Music/Liturgy, Lector & EM Coordinator Dcn. Irv Hotcaveg, Deacon Emeritus Ms. Jane Lohrmann, Homebound Ministers of Care Scheduler Parish Council Mrs. Sophie Kass—President, Stanley Mastalerz, Anthony Mangiaracina, Peter Holod, Denise Akana, MaryAnn Barnhart, Joyce McGiniss, Elizabeth Kata, Maria Gal, Br. James Drangsholt, ExOfficio Members: Sr. Dorota Domin Parish Finance Commi ee Mr. Tom Bucaro-Chairperson, Robert Groszek, Tadeusz Czosnyka, Edith Anaya, Mrs. MaryAnn Barnhart, Mr. Gene Szaben, Greg Ramel, ExOfficio Members: Mr. Mar n Wojtulewicz-Parish Accountant, Sr. Kamila Wojdyla, Denise Akana Parish Organiza ons and Prayer Groups Boy Scout: Mr. Vince Clemente, Coordinator Fish Fry: Mrs. Pat Wenzl and Mrs.Mary Ellen Leavy Coordinators Friendship Club Girl Scout: Mrs. Joyce McGinniss, Coordinator Knights of Columbus—Mater Chris Council: Mr. Mark A. Duce, Grand Knight

    Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary: Marcia Codak Ladies of St. Anne: Mrs. Violet DelVecchio, President Legion of Mary: Miss Aurora Almeida — President Legion of Mary, Juniors: Mrs. Emma Camara, President Irving Park Catholic Woman’s Club: Mrs. Dolores Schoewe Polish Altar Servers — Fr. Michal Wyrzykowski, Moderator English Altar Servers: Fr. Pawel Adamus, Moderator Polish Club of the Good Shepherd: Mr. Andrzej Parada, President Polish Rosary Group: Mrs. Helena Lesak, President Polish School Parents’ Assn.: Mrs. Bogusława Łakomy, Pres. Radość: Ms. Marzena Kulesza, Music Teacher Kropeczki: Sr. Dorota Domin Lednica Group: Fr. Michal Wyrzykowski Polonia: Ensemble Ms. Anna Krysinski 847-529-2555 MOP: Mrs.Marta Robak 847-312-6144 St. Ferdinand Athle c St. Ferdinand Polish Highlanders Club: Mr. Tadeusz Kulasik, President St. Ferdinand School Board: Mrs. MaryAnn Barnhart, Chairperson St. Vincent DePaul Society: Mr. Michael McGinniss, President Teens of Our Church: Fr. Pawel Adamus —Youth Minister The Associa on of Apostles of the Divine Mercy: Fr. Michal Wyrzykowski, Moderator Ushers Club: Mr. Peter Holod, President Pro-Life Coordinators: Tony Mangiaracina, Helena Lesak Chapel Choir – Conductor Julie Tupiak 773-742-2611 Word of Life — Dito Camara 773-344-8514 Holy Spirit Missionary Associa on: Sr. Elwira Dziuk

    ON LOST THINGS, AND BEING FOUND — Copyright 2015 by John B. Reynolds ([email protected]) In my memory, it was a white Tupperware comb. That’s the thing that went missing when I was a kid, and I didn’t deal well with the loss. I’m not saying this kept me up at night, but I looked for it like crazy un l it surfaced. And coming from a guy who no longer carries a comb (and who hasn’t for a long me), this may sound strange. Agreed, but that comb and I were ght. I think my mom got it as a give-away for buying so many plas c containers. All I know is, it ended up in my back pocket and had a place of honor there for years. I valued it so much because it doubled as a microphone when I was with my friends and The Lion Sleeps Tonight by the Tokens came on the radio. Man, I could rock that song--at least lip-sync-wise--and the white comb added to the panache! The mic/comb has gone the way of history now, but the memories are solid, and the serious me I spent finshing it was serious me well-spent. This comes to mind because I’ve just spent some serious me looking for two other lost things that showed up in the end. The first was my Cross pen. Unless I’m sleeping, running, swimming, or in the shower, odds are good that it’s on me. My daughter Sarah gave it to me as a gi years ago and I used it faithfully un l the mechanism failed. Cross replaced it for no charge, so the pen is once again in my front pocket, ready for use when I need it. Already troubled by this loss, though, I was troubled further s ll when my pocketknife next went missing. I can’t recall who gave it to me, but I’ve had it for years, and like the pen, it’s almost always on me. I looked everywhere for both items, and when they finally

    showed up, I rushed to my wife to share the good news. Years ago, I wrote her a poem, and per one of the lines, “...your laughter is like morning a er night, like sunlight upon water, like the lost thing found once more.” All of which brings me to today’s Gospel, with Jesus telling us three separate lost/found stories back-to-back-to-back. The parables are prompted by the religious elite complaining amongst themselves that Jesus welcomes sinners, and even dines with them. Jesus begins by asking, “What man among you having a hundred sheep and losing one of them would not leave the ninety-nine in the desert and go a er the lost one un l he finds it?” explaining that there is more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous individuals. Jesus con nues: “Or what woman having ten coins and losing one would not light a lamp and sweep the house, searching carefully un l she finds it? And when she does find it, she calls together her friends and neighbors and says to them, ‘Rejoice with me because I have found the coin that I lost,’” again explaining that the angels celebrate over a single sinner who repents. Then Jesus concludes with the parable of the Prodigal Son. I don’t know about you, but falling short in my discipleship--ge ng lost, if you will--is pre y much a daily occurrence for me. I know that God chases a er us even in our shortcomings, though. Actually, especially in our shortcomings. So let the heavenly celebra ons con nue. For if daily we are lost, daily we are found.

  • St. Ferdinand Parish Phone: (773) 622-5900

    Rev. Zdzisław (Jason) Torba, Pastor Rev. Pawel Adamus, Associate Pastor Rev. Michael Wyrzykowski, Associate Pastor Rev. Albert Judy, OP — PT Associate Pastor Rev. Raymond O’Connor, CMF — Weekend Help Br. James Drangsholt, OSF — In Residence

    MASS TIMES ENGLISH POLISH Weekdays W ciągu tygodnia 8:00 AM & 12:00 Noon 7:00 PM Saturdays Sobota 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM (Anticipated) 7:00 AM Sundays Niedziela 8:30 AM 7:00 AM 10:00 AM (Chapel) 10:15 AM 12:30 PM 3:00 PM 5:00 PM 7:00 PM


    Monday—Saturday / od poniedziałku do soboty

    6:30 PM — 7:00 PM Saturday / Sobota

    8:30 AM — 9:00 AM First Friday of the month / Pierwszy piątek miesiąca

    6:00 PM —7:30 PM

    St. Ferdinand School: 773 622-3022 Ms. Denise Akana—Principal Religious Education Office: 773 622-3022 ex. 352 Sr. Dorota Domin St. Ferdinand Polish Saturday School: 773-622-3022 ex 303 Sr. Dorota Domin — Principal Christian OutReach (COR): 773 622-9732 Mr. Michael McGinniss, Director Missionary Sisters of Christ the King - 773 889-7979 Sr. Dorota Domin—Superior Sr. Kamila Wojdyla, Sr. Anna Gorska


    For Children: a pre-Baptism class is required for Baptism of the first child. Classes are held in English on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30PM in the Church, and in Polish on the last Tuesday of each month at 7:30PM in the Church. Following registration, the sacrament of Baptism is celebrated in English on the second Saturday each month at 6:00PM and on the fourth Sunday of the month at the 12:30PM Mass. The sacrament of Baptism is celebrated in Polish on the first Saturday of the month at 6:00PM and on the third Sunday of the month at the 3:00PM Mass. Please call the rectory to register at 773/622-5900. For Adults: Classes are taught through the Rite of Chr istian Initi-ation Program (RCIA) on Sunday mornings at 10:00AM. Please call Stan Mastalerz, the RCIA Director at 773/865-4151 for more infor-mation. MARRIAGES: Must be arranged at least four months prior to the ceremony. Please call the rectory.

  • CHURCH NAME AND NUMBER — St. Ferdinand #639 ADDRESS — 5900 Barry Avenue Chicago, Illinois. 60634 PHONE — 773-622-5900 CONTACT PERSON— Elizabeth Ceisel-Mikowska 630– 308-2609 SOFTWARE — Microsoft Publisher 2010 Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pak 4 PRINTER — HP Photo Smart P1100 TRANSMISSION TIME— Wednesday, 7:00AM NUMBER OF PAGES SENT — Cover through 16 (ads on page 14 and 15) Page 16 is church copy SUNDAY DATE OF BULLETIN — September 11, 2016 SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS —

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