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Transcript of Sep 2020 Reksa Dana Mandiri Investa Equity Dynamo Factor Reksa Dana Mandiri Investa Equity Dynamo...

  • Fund Fact Sheet, March 2021

    Mandiri Investa Equity Dynamo Factor Equity Fund Price: IDR 1,067.67 Reporting Date 31-March-2021

    Effective Statement S-255/D.04/2013

    Effective Date 29-August-2013

    Custodian Bank Citibank, Jakarta

    Inception Date 19-November-2013

    Asset Under Management IDR 36.17 Billion

    Currency Indonesian rupiah (IDR)

    Pricing Frequency Daily

    Investment Minimum IDR 50.000

    Number of Offered Unit (Two Billion)

    Management Fee Max. 3.75% p.a

    Custodian Fee Max. 0.15% p.a

    Subscription Fee Min. 1.00% Max. 2.00%

    Redemption Fee Max. 1.00% (< 1 Year) * holding period

    Switching Fee Max. 1.00%

    ISIN code IDN000168507

    Bloomberg code MIEDFAI : IJ

    Main Risk Factor - Risk of Deteriorating Economic and Political

    Condition - Risk of Default - Risk of Liquidity - Risk of Diminishing of NAV of each participation

    unit - Risk of Dissolution and Liquidation - Risk of Electronic Media Transaction

    Investment Period 5

    > 5 : long term

    Risk Level


    Description MIEDF Fund investing in Equity with Long Term and categorized High Risk. This Mutual fund’s Portfolio carries various risks for investor.

    Information on Mutual Fund Ownership Information on Mutual Fund Ownership Confirmation letter for subscription,redemption and switching of mutual funds are valid legal proof of mutual fund ownership issued and delivered by the custodian bank. In case there is Securities Ownership (AKSES) facility, Participation Unit Holders could see Mutual Fund ownership through KSEI Akses web page,

    About Mandiri Investasi

    Custodian Profile Citibank N.A., IndonesiaBranch (“Citibank“) is a branch office of Citibank N.A., a banking institution domiciled and having its headquarter in USA. Citibank has a license from the OJK to operate as a custodian in the capital market based on Bapepam Chairman Decision No. Kep-91/PM/1991 dated 19 October 1991. Citibank is registered and supervised by the OJK.

    Investment Objective To provide optimal long term capital appreciation primarily through investing in listed Indonesian equities.

    Investment Policy Portfolio Allocation Money Market : 0% - 20% Money Market : 5.57% Equity : 80% - 100% Equity : 94.43% Bonds : 0% - 20% Bonds : 0.00%

    Fund Performance MIEDF Benchmark*

    Feb-14 Oct-14 May-15 Jan-16 Sep-16 May-17 Dec-17 Aug-18 Apr-19 Nov-19 Jul-20 Mar-21








    Monthly Return MIEDF Benchmark*







    Aug-16 Jan-17 Jun-17 Nov-17 Apr-18 Sep-18 Feb-19 Jul-19 Dec-19 May-20 Oct-20 Mar-21

    Top Holding In Alphabetical Order

    Sector Allocation Biggest Sector

    Finance, 26.98% Infrastructure, 16.88% Consumer, 13.02% Property, 10.65% Others, 26.90%

    Performance - 31 March 2021 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years YTD Since

    Inception MIEDF -4.55% -8.06% 18.20% 23.04% -18.63% -7.81% -8.06% 5.66% Benchmark* -4.11% 0.11% 22.91% 31.87% -3.29% 23.53% 0.11% 31.39% Best Month Jan-19 15.19% This fund has achieved best performance 15.19% at Jan-19 and achieved worst

    performance -27.30% at Mar-20.Worst Month Mar-20 -27.30% * JCI

    Market Outlook

    Fund Bank Account Citibank NA – Indonesia Bank Mandiri Cabang Bursa Efek Indonesia, Jakarta REKSA DANA MANDIRI INVESTA EQUITY DYNAMO FACTOR REKSA DANA MANDIRI INVESTA EQUITY DYNAMO FACTOR 0-810-260-009 104-000-4509266

    Astra International Tbk. Equity Bank Central Asia Tbk. Equity Bank Mandiri Tbk. Equity Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk. Equity Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk. Equity Charoen Pokphand Indonesia Tbk. Equity Indofood Cbp Sukses Makmur Tbk. Equity Kalbe Farma Tbk. Equity Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. Equity United Tractor Tbk. Equity

    JCI path has dispersed in March from increasing global index movement where global investors are more keen to chase opportunity of the re-opening economy in developed markets. Despite many improvements in macro data have developed in Indonesia in the beginning of the year, economy progress in developed countries attracted a lot of attentions. US Government has got the approval of economy stimulus USD 1.9 trillion from the congress in March. The stimulus boosted the confidence that US economy will be recovering faster than expected before. The PMI Manufacturing Indonesia in March reached 53.2 showing acceleration in growth of output and new order on the hope that pandemic will end soon. Nevertheless, the volatility in bond market also added the fall in domestic equity market. The increase in bond yield has made fixed income asset class more attractive at current level compared to equity. But we think deep JCI correction should become the chance for investors to buy due to progressing in re – opening economy domestically.

    PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi (Mandiri Investasi) is a separate subsidiary of PT Mandiri Sekuritas established in December 28, 2004. PT Mandiri Sekuritas is Indonesia’s leading investment bank and a subsidiary of PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk., the country’s largest stateowned Bank. Mandiri Investasi and/or its predecessors have been managing investment portfolios since 1993, with Business License Number : No. Kep-11/PM/MI/2004. Mandiri Investasi is Indonesia’s largest domestic mutual fund, with total assets under management totaling Rp 60.23 Trillion (as of 31 March 2021).