SEO Post Penguin - Be Wizard 2013

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My deck on SEO Post Penguin, Be Wizard 2013.

Transcript of SEO Post Penguin - Be Wizard 2013

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Principal SEO Consultant, [email protected]@hannah_bo_bannaSEOmoz Associate.Writer for SEO Chicks & State of Search. Caffeine addict.Hannah smith

SEO Post PenguinHannah smith

nothing has changed



@hannah_bo_bannait just gotapril 2012In the next few days, were launching an important algorithm change targeted at webspam. The change will decrease rankings for sites that we believe are violating Googles existingquality guidelines.Matt Cutts, April 24th [email protected]_bo_banna

like panda weve seen updates

but they are

far less frequentMay 25th 2012

Penguin [email protected]_bo_banna 5th 2012

Penguin [email protected]_bo_banna give some context

april 2012 february 2013:

11 Panda [email protected][email protected] Result SERPs[email protected]_bo_banna[email protected]_bo_banna Layout #[email protected]_bo_banna


all thenoisemakes diagnosis [email protected]_bo_bannabut not [email protected]_bo_bannastep 1:





step 2:page level keyword level or sitewide?

can you get a

new page ranking for a non-competitive [email protected]_bo_bannayes? page level or keyword [email protected]_bo_bannano? [email protected]_bo_bannapage level or keyword level?

move your content to a brand new [email protected]_bo_bannathe content


@hannah_bo_bannadont 301 or rel-canonical to @hannah_bo_bannathe penalty will pass @hannah_bo_bannadoes it [email protected]_bo_bannano? keyword [email protected]_bo_bannayes? page [email protected]_bo_bannasitewide / keyword levelrecovery


[email protected]_bo_banna @hannah_bo_banna

[email protected]_bo_banna @hannah_bo_banna

or move to

a new site

dont 301 or rel-canonical

@hannah_bo_bannathe penalty will pass @hannah_bo_bannalink building

post penguin

just because youve not been hit [email protected]_bo_bannadoesnt mean youre [email protected]_bo_banna

what does an unnatural linklook like? @[email protected]_bo_banna

homepage is PageRank zero (or has lost PR)

@hannah_bo_bannathe page that your link is on isnt [email protected]_bo_bannasite is openly selling links

@hannah_bo_bannasite sells advertorials withfollowed links

@hannah_bo_banna features commercial anchor text links for a variety of niches (often in) sidebars & footers

@hannah_bo_bannafew or no social signals (tweets, likes, comments etc)

@hannah_bo_bannasite contains lots of low quality and / or unrelated content

@hannah_bo_bannasite shows no sign of editorial control

@hannah_bo_bannasite is infected with malware


@hannah_bo_bannaWWMCT?could you show this link to Matt Cutts? would he think it was ok?

@hannah_bo_bannahow much can you

get away


If you dont have a single, genuine, editorially given [email protected]_bo_banna

I thought it was all about

anchor text

most SEOs agree you should have 50%+ branded anchor text

@hannah_bo_bannabut in the future I think itll be the links not the anchor text that will be the problem


were swiftly reaching thebrink

@hannah_bo_bannafaking itrequires almost the same amount of effort as

@hannah_bo_bannamaking it



87linking root domains


121linking root domains


remember where we started?

@hannah_bo_bannanothing has changed


it just got real

@hannah_bo_bannastart doinggreat things



@[email protected] Credits

No Traffic - - March - - Impossible - Cutts - Future - Time is Now -