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SEO BASICS Internet Marketers #SEOmkt3730. Done By:  Evan Clough  Ashley Sellers Erik Wilson Stephen Glover. OUTLINE. Introduction of SEO  SEO History Tour of SEO "How To"  Examples of how to make your sites SEO friendly (Best practices- Case Study ) What's Next?  - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEO BASICSInternet Marketers#SEOmkt3730Done By:Evan CloughAshley SellersErik WilsonStephen Glover

OUTLINEIntroduction of SEO

SEO History

Tour of SEO "How To"

Examples of how to make your sites SEO friendly (Best practices- Case Study )

What's Next?

Conclusions & Questions Search Engine Optimization (SEO)SEO

TechniquesSEO History19901990 December - WWW Server PrototypeArchie19911991 April - Gopher1991 April -WAISpublisher fed search engine1991 May -WWWServer Production19921992 July - Lynx Web Browser1992 December Veronica19931993 February - Architext1993 March - First email message sent by Bill Clinton1993 March - Jughead1993 June - WWW Wanderer1993 August - Mosaic Web Browser1993 November - Aliweb1993 December - WWW Worm1993 December - JumpStation1993 December - RBSE19941994 April - WebCrawler1994 April - Yahoo!1994 July - Lycos1994 December - FirstW3Cmeeting atMIT19951995 February - Infoseek1995 May - SavvySearch1995 June - MetaCrawler1995 August - DejaNews1995 August - Magellan1995 September - Inktomi1995 October - Excite1995 December AltaVista19961996 January - BackRub1996 April - Alexa1996 May - HotBot1996 June - Archive.org1996 October - LookSmartDogpileMamma19971997 February - The Mining Company1997 April - AskJeeves1997 July - FAST Search1997 August - Northern LightGoTo

19981998 April - Direct Hit1998 May - Yahoo! Web Search powered by Inktomi1998 June - ODP/DMOZ1998 September - MSN Search1998 September - Google1998 October - Lycos acquires HotBotGoTo acquires WWW Worm19991999 January - At Home acquires Excite1999 February - GO Network1999 June - CMGI acquires AltaVista1999 July - Disney acquires Infoseek1999 August - AlltheWeb1999 September - FindWhat1999 November - NBCi/SnapAbout.com1990's

Early SEO

World Wide Web

On-Page FactorsDescriptive file namesPage titlesMeta descriptions.

SEO TermJohn AudetteBruce Clay

Mid-1990'sAbuse & Ranking Manipulation

Highly Ranked = Value

Keyword Density

Keyword Stuffing



GoogleOff-page factorsOn-page factors

Sergey Brin & Larry PagePageRank


Leading Search EnginesGoogleBingYahoo

PublishedRand FishkinBarry SchwartzAaron WallJill Whalen2005-2008 2005Personalized SearchLogged in

2007CampaignNofollow 2008"Ranking is Dead" - Bruce Clay2009History



Your FootprintYour digital "footprint"Online CommunitySocial Media PlatformsBacklinks

Won't happen overnightHow often do you contribute?Who is reading your material?Why should somebody subscribe to your page?SEOKeywordsWhatwill somebody type into an engine?SimpleUniqueRelevant

ContentHow"good" is your content?ImagesLinksVideosBacklinks?BE UNIQUE!

Example Blog

SEO Success StoriesCase StudyEverlasting MemoriesSEO techniques used:On Page Optimization Off Page Optimization Within 6 months...

SEO Success StoriesSwimwear BoutiqueStategies UsedLanier Handcrafted PensStrategies UsedBottom Line- SEO works and will get your business noticed!

Next with SEO

Smart Phones Google TV


What it is

This history

How to SEO your page

Success Stories

What is next to come

Questions??Thank You#Mkt3730