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Transcript of Seneca Valley Band Booster Eppler * + French Horn 12 hrissy Otteni French Horn 12 Patrick O'onnor...

  • December 2013

    Hello Everyone,

    It’s hard to believe we’re already in the

    midst of the holiday season. Hope you all

    have a wonderful Thanksgiving! The

    Zelienople Christmas Parade and Winter

    Concerts will certainly help to put us all in

    the holiday spirit!

    By January 1, all students who are

    planning to go on the trip to the Azalea

    Festival/NATO Parade of Nations should

    have half the funds required in their trip

    account. Please be prompt with your

    payment so we can meet our due date

    with the travel agency.

    Congratulations to all of the students who

    were chosen for the PMEA Honors Band.

    The large number of musicians who were

    selected from our school shows what an

    excellent band program we have! See the

    article later in this newsletter from the


    I would also like to thank all of the

    Concession and Chaperone volunteers who

    worked so hard during the football games

    over this past season. I encourage all

    Booster parents to get involved. Your

    support is much needed and greatly


    Hope to see you at the parade and


    John Campbell


    President’s Gavel

    Seneca Valley Band Booster Newsletter

    Inside this issue:

    President’s Gavel 1

    Director’s Note 2

    Thank You’s 3

    Driving for Dollar$ 4

    Dining for Dollar$ 4

    Pasta Dinner & Raffle 5-6

    Band Trip 7

    Volunteer Corner 8

    Calendar 9

    We're On Facebook! The Seneca Valley Band Boosters now has a Facebook page. https:// svbandboosters Like us!

    December 2013

  • December 2013

    Congratulations to all of the students who auditioned for PMEA District 5 Honors Band at Westminster College. We are proud of each and every one of the SV students who had the courage to audition for the group. A total of 45 Seneca Valley students were selected for this elite ensemble. The following list represents the students who were successful in the audition process and will participate in the group on December 12, 13, and 14. PMEA District 5 represents all public and private school districts in the following counties: Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, and Mercer. We are thrilled to work with these amazing students. Happy Holidays to all.

    A Note From the Directors

    Page 2

    Name Instrument Grade Carinne Geil Flute 10 Jason Johnson Flute 10 Ally Tice Flute 10 Nataleigh Kerr Flute 12 Sarah Kochis * Clarinet 11 Urvi Gupta Clarinet 9 Ariella Meltzer Clarinet 10 Bailyn Bench Clarinet 11 Hanna Behr Clarinet 9 Lauren Stanick Clarinet 10 Alison Vlasnik Clarinet 9 Ian Ferraro Clarinet 12 Mitch Topf Bass Clarinet 9 Stefany Baron * + Bass Clarinet 12 Dan Singer * + Alto Saxophone 10 Julia Scanlan Alto Saxophone 10 Alex Taylor Alto Saxophone 12 Zach DeDionisio * + Tenor Saxophone 10 Nick Hepp Tenor Saxophone 9 Rebecca Danik * + Baritone Saxophone 11 Mitch Weaver * Trumpet 11 Matt Ruwe Trumpet 12 Scott McKinney Trumpet 12 Daniel Collier Trumpet 12 Adam Johanknecht * Trumpet 11 Luke Barnes Trumpet 10 Maddy Sinan Trumpet 9 Dan Eppler * + French Horn 12 Chrissy Otteni French Horn 12 Patrick O'Connor Trombone 11 Natalie Byers * Trombone 12 Nikko Paserba Trombone 12 Bethany Sager Trombone 11 Nathaniel Fritch Trombone 10 Martin Chrzanowski * + Trombone 11 Kathryn Kolor Trombone 10 Seb Demetter Trombone 9 Alex Miller Trombone 10 Sam West * + Euphonium 12 Aaron Jackson * Euphonium 10 Austin Treu Euphonium 9 Emily Scanlan Tuba 9 Hayden Goodzinski Tuba 11 Luci Ferraro Tuba 9 Brendan Kennelty * + Percussion 11

    * These students received an automatic selection into Dis- trict Band based on their au- ditioned chair at Honors Band.

    + These students earned first

    chair in their section.

    Mr. Matchett, Mr. Armstrong,

    Mr. Babick, and Mrs. Snyder


    This newsletter serves

    as the main form of

    communication for the

    Band Boosters organiza-

    tion as well as all band

    activities. You are

    welcome to submit

    articles by the 15th of

    the month before you

    want the information to

    be printed. This news-

    letter is published at the

    beginning of every

    month except January

    and July. Send your

    articles via e-mail to:

    Please use “band news-

    letter” as your subject


  • December 2013

    We had another successful Mattress

    Fundraiser Sale and we thank you for all

    of your efforts to contact family and

    friends to encourage them to attend.

    A special thank you goes out to:

    **Our Band Directors for all of their time

    and efforts to publicize the sale and offer


    **Several Key Club members at Seneca

    for volunteering to wear mattress

    costumes during a home football game;

    **All of the student and parent volunteers

    who came out the day of the sale to increase

    our visibility!!;

    **The Rodriguez Family for painting the sign

    located on the Zelienople sign board;

    **The Jackson Family for picking the sign up

    and delivering it as needed;

    **Anyone that I may be missing that offered

    time and assistance to help get the word out

    about the sale – thank you for your help!!

    Thanks to all who participated in the Enjoy

    Coupon Book sale. Many students were able

    to earn significant funds towards their band

    trip. The Boosters sponsored a contest for the

    top two sellers who each won $25.00 for their

    achievements. Tabby Laine sold 16 books

    followed closely by Sammi Logan with 15

    books sold. Congratulations girls on a great


    Mattress Fundraiser Thank You!

    Page 3

    Thanks to all of the chaperone helpers this

    past season!! It was a great season and

    appeared like we might have been playing

    even later into November. But, like always, it

    came to an end. It was wonderful to see a lot

    of new faces and welcome back many of the

    old (I mean parents who've helped in previous

    years). I appreciated having as many volun-

    teers as I did, and all of you did a great job in

    keeping things run smoothly!

    A Big Chaperone

    Thank You!

    If you ordered a

    Poinsettia, don’t

    forget to pick it up at

    the Winter Concert

    on December 5th!

    Call Gereese Ruwe at

    724-772-2915 with


    Thank You For...

    Your attendance at

    the November Band

    Booster Meeting!! It

    was great to see so

    m a n y f a m i l i e s

    represented and your

    time was greatly


    We hope that you

    found the information

    regarding the Band

    Foundation, Honors

    Band, our upcoming

    concerts, the Band

    Trip, and all of our

    fundra isers very

    helpful!! Your partici-

    pation and support is

    greatly appreciated!

    Woodland Hills Game

    Enjoy Book Sale


  • December 2013

    Buying a car? Get your best deal and help support the SV Band! Simply bring the form at “Driving for Dollar$” with you and the dealership will donate a “referral fee” to help support the Seneca Valley Band. It’s really easy: 1. Print out the DRIVING for DOLLAR$


    2. Bring the form to the dealership and tell

    them SV Band sent you.

    3. DRIVING for DOLLAR$ helps you get a better deal and helps the SV Band.

    4. Print out extra DRIVING for DOLLAR$ forms, put them in your glove box, give to anyone looking at buying a car.

    5. Tell your friends! You don’t have to be

    in the band to help the band with DRIVING for DOLLAR$.

    If you buy are car from any of our dealers please email me ( so that I can follow up on our “referral fee”. SVBB’s “Driving for Dollar$” helps you get a better deal and then helps the SV Band. Neal Jackson

    Driving For Dollar$

    Page 4

    Dining for Dollar$

    For the Driving

    for Dollar$ flyer,

    click the Driving

    For Dollar$ link

    on the side menu

    of the SV Band


    Cranberry Chick-fil-A Spirit Night was

    a huge success. Thank you to everyone

    who came out to support the band.

    Total sales were $1658.46 and Chick-fil-

    A donated 20% to the band in the

    amount of $331.69. Thank you to Cran-

    berry Chick-fil-A for their generous sup-

    port. Continue to visit Cranberry

    Chick-fil-A and then turn your receipts

    into the SHS/IHS band office. Cranberry

    Chick-fil-A will donate 20% of our total

    receipts to the band in the form of Re-

    ward Dollars that the band can use for

    anything at anytime. SAVE THOSE