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  1. 1. Professional Webinar SeriesSearch Retargeting Dax Hamman Chief Revenue OfficerChango
  2. 2. Reasons You Should Belong to SEMPO Expand Your Knowledge Engage With IndustryLeaders Maximize Your Career Growth Grow Your Business Save Money #SEMPOPRO
  3. 3. Sponsors and Partners#SEMPOPRO
  4. 4. Housekeeping#SEMPOPRO
  6. 6. Chango is a real-time media platform for advertisers.We deliver unprecedented results through ourattention to outstanding client service and ourrevolutionary technology platform.We provide the industrys most advanced search retargeting platform, deliveringoutstanding results by serving display ads to in-market customers based on theirrecent search activity.Digital marketer and co-founder of 3 awesome daughters. The blood flows inpixels.CRO at Chango, the innovators of Search Retargeting, and the only total endto end solution in the industry.Prior, I founded and led the iCrossing global Media group, developing theconcept of performance display, an innovative planning strategy that drovesignificant ROI from display advertising for some of the worlds largest andcoolest brands. #SEMPOPRO
  7. 7. #SEMPOPRO
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  9. 9. #SEMPOPRO
  10. 10. Why SEM works Target a segment of ONEbased on their stated intent #SEMPOPRO
  11. 11. Search retargeting: The leaky SEM funnel #SEMPOPRO
  12. 12. Fixing the leaky SEM marketing funnel #SEMPOPRO
  13. 13. The right tool for the jobSearchRT: Top of funnel prospectingSearchRT: Brand and competitor terms targetingSearchRT: Supplement SEM head termsSiteRT: Keep communication open from site visitSearchRT: Be present during the research phaseSearch RT: Message to a consumer about to convertSiteRT: Win back visitors who have abandoned #SEMPOPRO
  14. 14. Alternatives to attribution modeling #SEMPOPRO
  15. 15. Alternatives to attribution modelingSEMOrder ID1. Track DisplaOrder IDy2. MeasureSEM = $4,000Display = $5,000SEM and display = $1,000Overlap = $1k / $10k = 10%#SEMPOPRO
  16. 16. London | 2024 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  17. 17. My mum #SEMPOPRO
  18. 18. #SEMPOPRO
  19. 19. Thank you!View-Through Attribution Exposed:What last touch isnt telling youAdvanced copy: email [email protected] Exposed:Not another white paper about retargeting!
  20. 20. Upcoming Webinars101 Webinar SeriesLink Building - The What, How, and Whys of Link BuildingSeptember 6, 2012Bob Tripathi, Founder and Chief Marketer, Instant E-TrainingProfessional Webinar SeriesThe State of Search Marketing: Insights into the SEMPO 2012 State ofSearch Marketing ReportAugust 23, 2012 #SEMPOPRO