Seller Packet 2010 for Pie in the Sky: The MANNA Bake Sale for Better Health

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Information for Sellers for MANNA

Transcript of Seller Packet 2010 for Pie in the Sky: The MANNA Bake Sale for Better Health

  • The MANNA Bake Sale for Better Health

    The Sellers Packet

    Event Sponsor:Event Sponsor:

  • 2Pg 3 About MANNA

    Pg 4 About Pie in the Sky: The MANNA Bake Sale for Better Health

    Pg 7 Sellers, Groups and Teams

    Pg 8 Seller Rewards Program

    Pg 9 How the Sale Works

    Pg 12 Message MANNAs Mission to your Buyers

    Pg 13 Sales Tips for the Workplace

    Pg 14 Reach Out Electronically

    Pg 15 Sellers Secrets: Tips for Sellers

    Pg 17 Important Dates

    Pg 18 Contact Information

    WhatWhats Inside:s Inside:

    MANNA (Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance)The Steven Korman Nutrition Center

    2323 Ranstead Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103T: 215.496.2662 | F: 215.496.1349

  • 3About MANNA:About MANNA:

    Mission: MANNA prepares and delivers delicious nourishing meals and counsel, empowering individuals to battle illness and improve their quality of life.

    Nutrition: A solid nutritional base allows people living with a life-threatening illness like cancer or HIV/AIDS to maintain weight, better tolerate and absorb medications, and build a healthier, more independent lifestyle.

    Service: Now in its twentieth year of service, MANNA offers home-delivered, medically appropriate meals to help boost the body's ability to fight serious illnesses, provides education and counseling to help clients make intelligent nutrition choices, and offers compassionate human contact that link consumers in need with caring community volunteers from all walks of life. Together, these free services help people with a life-threatening illness maintain their independence and live longer, healthier lives.

    Clients: MANNA serves 9 counties in PA and NJ by providing 21 meals a week to each client, helping nearly 1,000 people with HIV/AIDS, cancer, chronic kidney disease and other illnesses.

    How we do it: MANNAs small professionalstaff and 1,500 dedicated volunteers are able to provide more than 800,000 free, nutritional meals a year. Donors, foundations and corporations help to fund the production ofmeals.

  • 4 Every Helping Helps to Nourish: Every sweet treat sold through the Pie in the Sky fundraiser will aid MANNA in providing delicious, healthy, medically appropriate meals to someone in the greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey area who is coping with a life-threatening illness.

    Our Goal: As MANNAs largest fundraiser of the year, the goal of this event is to pre-sell 10,000 cakes and pies, raising $250,000 for our nutrition and meal programs.

    About About Pie in the Sky:Pie in the Sky:

  • 5 Bakery: This year MANNA is pleased to announce the addition of the acclaimed local bakery, Classic Cake.

    In addition to three kinds of pies, were offering three kinds of single-layer cakes! Our six gourmet selections are:

    Traditional Apple Pie Holiday Pumpkin Pie Southern Pecan Pie Carrot Cake Chocolate Fudge Cake Cherry Topped Cheesecake

    All Pies and Cakes are $25!

    Sweet Treats:Sweet Treats:

  • 6If people chose to donate money, it can make a big difference:

    $10 delivers a birthday cake and card to the home of a client celebrating their special day.

    $50 sends a month of delicious desserts, fruit salad, and fresh fruit to a client.

    Beyond the Baked Goods:Beyond the Baked Goods:

    Donations to MANNA are 100% Tax-Deductible. The Fair Market Value of pies and cakes is $10.00.

    MANNA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The official registration and financial information of MANNA may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free within Pennsylvania 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply


  • 7 Sellers are friends of MANNA who love our delicious baked goods and help us promote Pie in the Skythrough personalized pages on our website, and word-of mouth.

    Sellers reach out to friends and contacts by sending emails from a personal website fundraising page.

    Buyers will choose from one of over 50 public locations to pick-up their pies.

    Selling Group is a collection of sellers who work together under a group name to promote Pie in the Sky.

    Any Seller who is a member of the Group can be the Group Leader. The Group Leader can set up a Group Landing web page, which lists all of the Sellers in that particular group.

    Selling Team is a group dedicated to selling more than 50 baked goods with an established private delivery site for their orders.

    Teams must sign up by November 1, 2010, in order to receive private delivery. Teams can be school groups, companies, associations, social groups and the like.

    A Team effort requires the commitment of a Team Captain

    to oversee the ordering, delivery, and distribution process.

    Sellers, Groups and Teams:Sellers, Groups and Teams:

  • 8 Seller Rewards Program offers incentives and prizes to Sellers who help MANNA raise the most funds.

    Every Seller will set a fundraising goal (dollar amount and number of baked goods.) When a buyer selects a Sellers name on the order form, the Seller receives credit for the sale.

    Seller Rewards will be awarded in December 2010 at a Seller Thank-You Event at MANNAs office.

  • 9 Outreach: Sellers can reach out to family, friends, co-workers and members of social clubs to buy pies and cakes or make a donation.

    Ordering: Starting October 1, pies and cakes can be ordered by mail, phone, or online.

    Organizing: All cash and check and credit card orders are entered into the ordering system by MANNA staff at MANNAs office. All orders are pre-paid and will be assigned a pick-up site number and a Seller name (if designated).

    How the Sale Works:How the Sale Works:

    Print order form

    Mail to:


    PO Box 30181

    Philadelphia, PA 19103

    1-866-SKY-PIES or


  • 10

    Pick-up: When placing an order, the buyer chooses from one of the 50+ convenient pick-up sites throughout the region. Date and location are determined when the order is placed. A list of possible pick-up locations can be found at:

    Pick-up on one of these pick-up dates: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 from 4-8 PM Wednesday, November 24, 2010 from 12 -4 PM

    Delivery Days: On the two delivery days before Thanksgiving, the pre-ordered baked goods are delivered to locations by volunteer drivers. Buyers pick-up their baked goods at the site they chose during the hours the site is open.

    Volunteers: Volunteer are needed to help at the warehouse, to drive baked goods to pick-up sites and to staff the pick-up sites. To volunteer, contact the volunteer department at 215-496-2662 x120,

  • 11

    Payment Types: Credit Card (VISA, MC, AMEX, DISC)

    Online at By phone at 215-496-2662 Paper order form


    Check Paper order form mailed or

    dropped off at MANNA.

    Cash Paper order form dropped

    off at MANNA (do not mail)

    Order Confirmations: An email will be sent to both the buyer and the Seller

    that an order was placed online.

    A confirmation postcard will be mailed to a buyer without an email address.

    Print order form

    Mail to:


    PO Box 30181

    Philadelphia, PA 19103

    1-866-SKY-PIES or


  • 12

    Making a Donation: Remind buyers that they are donating $25 to MANNA and improving the health of a MANNA client.and then getting a delicious baked good as a thank you.

    The Mission Makes the Sale: Refer to the mission of MANNA to encourage buyers to make a purchase or a donation.

    Improving health. Delivering nourishment.

    Especially for people at acute nutritional risk due to life-threatening illness, MANNA (Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance) prepares and delivers delicious nourishing meals and counsel, empowering individuals to battle illness and improve their quality of life.

    Each month, MANNA prepares and home-delivers more than 70,000 nutritious meals to individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS, cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. MANNA's small professional staff and 1,500 dedicated volunteers deliver nutrition to our clients - 3 meals a day, 7 days a week - at no charge. MANNA dietitians promote wellness through nutrition education and counseling. Through these services, MANNA provides opportunities for caring people to extend loving support to families, friends, and neighbors.

    Home-Delivered Nourishment: Each $25 pie or cake purchased helps to ensure that MANNA can continue to deliver 21 meals a week to each of our 900 clients.

    Message MANNA to your buyers:Message MANNA to your buyers:

  • 13

    Work Together: Recruit people to form a selling group or team. Be sure to include people from all departments. A network of inter-departmental colleagues will expand the number of contacts.

    Client Letters: If permissible, develop and send a personalized letter and order form to co-workers and clients.

    Work Events: Use work events and other gatherings as a time to provide order forms and promotional material.

    Office Building: Some office buildings permit the placement of ads in the elevator or allow you to send out an email to the tenants. Be sure to check with management.

    Lobbies: Some buildings permit individuals to set-up a table in the lobby for promotion or sale. You could also check to see if they allow a poster display or a place to place fliers orcards. Be sure to check with management.

    Pick-up Sit