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transformation happens only if the individual | team | organization decides to do so. there is a moment in life for everyone, when we are ready to see our best selves and stop trying to follow a recipe. if this is the case with you | your team | organization, ‘self transformed’ is the ideal partner to accompany your transformation

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  • 1.why self transformed? transformation happens only if the individual | team | organization decides to do so. there is a moment in life for everyone, when we are ready to see our best selves and stop trying to follow a recipe. if this is the case with you/your team/organization, self transformed is the ideal transformation catalyst people do not hate change, people hate change imposed on them anonymous

2. the self transformed principles tailor made: interventions are designed to fit your needs engaging: coachees are actively involved in the process progressive: interventions are constantly assessed authentic: use out of the box tools to enable transformation honest: work with you only if capable to add value appreciative: everyone is perfect, lets find out for what 3. the self transformed services corporate services a. enabling org. transformation d. executive outplacement coaching c. inspiring leadership program b. executive transition coaching a. career change coaching private services b. self employment coaching 4. corporate services |a. enabling organizational transformation enabling transformation through sensitizing people equipping people with tools engaging people in the co-creation concrete value manage possible demotivation maintain levels of performance remain competitive the approach do you feel that your company needs to evolve? your sales culture is outdated? people struggle with change? the challenge do you wish to be proactive with upcoming changes? manage the emotional side of change? create change champions? problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines robert schuler 5. corporate services |b. executive transition coaching self transformed transition process 1. purify your mind of current burden 2. acknowledge of your strengths 3. adopt appropriate action concrete value clarity about changes required concrete improvement on certain skills continuous support and feedback the approach are there people who have just been promoted? have just been hired? had a horizontal move? the challenge do you wish to support them in this transition? help them gain clarity & confidence? enable them to reach their potential? to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often w. churchill 6. corporate services | c. inspiring leadership program inspire through your dominant archetypes* dominant and silent archetypes see impact of their strengths/shadows use silent archetypes where needed concrete value deep personal leadership awareness effortless leadership action self acceptance and confidence the approach do you think that leadership recipes do not work? the way to lead is authenticity? people will be inspired by who you are? the challenge do you wish to clarify your leadership uniqueness? inspire without pretending something? be genuinely influential? * universal patterns of behavior introduced by the Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung be yourself, everyone else is taken oscar wilde 7. corporate services | d. executive outplacement coaching executive outplacement coaching support throughout their entire transition help people redefine their career plans practical help concrete value a career reorientation plan increased confidence to pursue next steps sharpen skills for next steps the approach do you need to right size your organization? to let some senior people go? to let some loyal people go ? the challenge do you wish to help them in their next steps? help them find a new position? provide them mid-term support? whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right henry ford 8. private services | a. career change coaching career wizard tool what excites you? what are your unique skills? what would people pay you for? concrete value clarity about your ideal career path a plan of how to transform your career life continuous support the approach choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life confucius the challenge do you feel unhappy with your career reality you have reached a ceiling in your position your unique talents are underutilized do you wish to transform your career? follow a new path? find a new career opportunity? 9. private services | b. self employment coaching self employment coaching what is the unique value of your business? who is your target audience? what are your services? concrete value a step by step action plan mentoring through the process rapid implementation the approach do you feel fed up being an employee? fed up being a follower? fed up supporting others vision? the challenge do you wish to wish to follow your own dream? dare self employment? create your own business? ideas are commodity. execution of them is not michael dell 10. the transformational coaching tools transformation does not happen only through classroom training & coaching. it often requires out of the box tools. here some of the ones we deploy: using archetypes to determine the key motivational drivers (online questionnaire) coaching sessions in a natural environment (by the sea / in the forest / on a mountain) using heartmathTM (simple breathing exercises as part of the coaching process) 11. the coach: vassilis chantziaras manage large scale transformation projects of multinational organizations coach senior executives & teams on their professional development facilitate strategic workshops with clients upper management develop & deliver specialized training modules on o leadership & performance management o consultative sales, customer service, negotiations o customer related emotional intelligence programs vassilis, the founder of self transformed, has been a professional coach and trainer of individuals and teams over the last 10 years. he is a certified coach (behavioral coaching institute) and a certified heartmath practitioner. he is currently involved in various international coaching assignments (uk, germany, switzerland, etc.). vassilis holds a bachelor in sociology and an msc in hrm. over the last decade he has had the opportunity to 12. self transformed associates david kolb professional coach usa bess stonehouse consultant & coach france stephen gresty professional coach uk 13. contact email: [email protected] mobile: gr +306981112475 | ch +41767945083 website: skype: self-transformed