Seite 1 SDI in action The International Approach of SDI in Northrhine - Westfalia (NRW) NRW goes...

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Transcript of Seite 1 SDI in action The International Approach of SDI in Northrhine - Westfalia (NRW) NRW goes...

Geodaten 2. Anwenderforum 1999NRW goes international....
of Northrhine - Westfalia
2. Activities in NRW
a description of geotopography of the earth´s surface
a connection to the earth´s surface
the description of geotopography consists of
pictorial and objectoriented planimetric information
height information
as geobasis
General demand
Global Responsibility
We may not be affected directly by climate change with life destroying droughts, floods, storms and other disaster
... but we - and life of future generations - will not escape uneffected !!!
We have a global responsibility.
Developing our understanding of these issues is extremely important.
All sectors need to play an equitable part.
GIS-technologies will have a key role to play in both monitoring impacts on our enviroment and in identifying solutions
by Mr. Dan Wallace, Minister of State, Ireland, 2000
- Demand for geodata -
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at a regional and global level.
This is vitally important, as a strategy for this is a must.
- Demand for geodata -
geodata service centers
a more fast and economic access to geodata
a more intensive use of geodata
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reasonable pricing
all of these activities have to be done as fast as possible
- Demand for activities -
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Goals are:
Promoting the common interests of the members of DDGI and the GI-society
Initiating worthful activities to improve usfulness and use of geoinformation
Representing GI-interests towards politicians, public, decision makers and users
Representing German interests in international organizations
Members are: Academia, Economy, Official Administration,
Professional Assosiations, Sponsors, Individuals
very time-consuming
- Status in Germany and NRW -
Photogrammetric measurement
accuracy by use of aeroplane images
Photograph imagery
accuracy by aeroplane
meter accuracy by satellite
- Status in Germany and NRW -
Radar measurement
by aeroplane (e.g. TOPSCAN)
accuracy by satellite (e.g. TANDEM, SRTM)
Laser measurement
decimeter accuracy by aeroplane

is the political will, see „Use of geoinformation in the Federal Repuplic of Germany“, February14th (enclosed paper)
is part of federal cabinet`s program from 20. October 1998 (part „Information and Communication policy“)
by fast access
by reasonable prices
by same conditions
of and between government
creation of a „Commitee for Geodata“ with heads from government and business
initiation and encouragement of qualified SDI projects from government and business
Opening of geodata treasury
realization of „freedom of information“ for public geobasis data of NRW
public cadastre and topographic data
with first priority for business
and then for business and enduser
that enables to integrate thematic geodata
because of systemindependence and interoperability
to get an extensive governmental informationsystem
Geobasis NRW
- Geobasis NRW -
100 % digital available
old concepts for cadastre (ALB/ALK) and topographic (ATKIS) information systems
no systematic object-related view in ALB/ALK
strong differences between ALB/ALK and ATKIS
no consistant data modelling between cadastre and topography
difficulties in realisation of cartographic aspects
no “standard” notation of the data models
no concept to integrate metadata (data quality)
- Geobasis NRW -
attribute data
A L K I S / A T K I Snew
integrated Data Modelling:
Enable to manage cartographical data
possibility of integration of cadastral and
mapping data (vertical integration of data)
Steering Committee
(representatives of the Ministry of the Interior NRW,- of the congress of counties
NRW,- of the congress of cities NRW and specialists accompanying the project)
Technical and organisational
- Geobasis NRW -
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based on OGC strategies
up to now there exists no real market for geodata
because geodata are available extensivly and in
different formats
and without a connection between them
deal with the development of concepts and
the realization of SDI components
Start of a qualification campaign
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as european net point of a global image data network
with added thematic information
and knowledge society
with efficient working processes and services from
government to citizens
from 06. February 1997 in Bonn
- Co-operation North-Carolina -
support of initiatives in the field of information infrastructure and spatial information technology
in detail initiatives in
by integration of administration, academia and economy
providing technical resources
definition of common SDI projects:
„harmonization of local, state, federal, continental SDI activities step by step and with respect to the different cultural basis in different areas of the world to get at the end a worldwide SDI solution, the GSDI“
definition of a common geoserver project:
„Transfer of the TMS performance to other cultural regions
of the world as next part of a worldwide service network“
periodical exchange of experiences
create new services
create new jobs
- Situation geodata market -
missing meta information
- Situation geodata market -
situation is not really known
to realize geodata market investigations have to be done to capture and analyze the situation
next step is to look for suited activities to overcome the barriers
a study is done as one part of GDI NRW
it can be used as basis for product design, value adding and delivery
next steps are the SDI projects of GDI NRW
- Situation geodata market -
for realization of a SDI and geodata market with reasonable and economic use of geodata an interoperable geoprocessing is required
Open GIS Consortium serves the inter ...
...rests of all sectors of the industry to realize a component - based infrastructure for geodata and develop such a SDI and geodata market.
- Interoperability -
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geographic feature semantics translation
- Interoperability -
transparent access to heterogeneous geodata and geoprocessing resources in a network environment
Open GIS needs
a comprehensive open interface specification which enables developers to write software that provides these capabilities
Open GIS enables
to build task-specific geoprocessing functions into any information system
to bring new capabilities to a wide variety of user environment.
- Interoperability -
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transparency is required to stimulate geodata market
is given by a ´meta information system‘ and a ´meta meta information system´ that inform about data availability and address and conditions for access
is given by certificates for homogeneous data description and conformity with data quality
- Transparency geodata market -
based on a consistent and harmonized description model
will be implemented in 2001 at Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam
enables geodata owner to present products
- Transparency geodata market -
consist of a conformity check
of data description with DDGI quality model
of data with data description
- Co-operation geobase -
Co-operation in Geobase
To realize SDI on all levels it is necessary to cooperate between
all geodata relevant disciplines
public and private sector
government, academia and industry
all nations worldwide
all public levels
user-oriented product design and value adding
increased transparency on geodata market
realized standards for data exchange and linking
reasonable prices
... no more barriers hinder geodata use,
an increased real use of geodata
therefore a more economic and
high-class work overall
of our living space
and therefore a better...
- for a better life! -