SEGMENT campaign in Utrecht: parents of new primary school pupils

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SEGMENT campaign in Utrecht: parents of new primary school pupils. SEG mented M arketing for EN ergy efficient T ransport. Parents survey Utrecht 2010 (response: 30%). Over all: car use already low 1 direct target segment: Active car owners Two indirect target segments. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of SEGMENT campaign in Utrecht: parents of new primary school pupils

  • SEGMENT campaign in Utrecht:parents of new primary school pupilsSEGmented Marketing for ENergy efficient Transport

  • Parents survey Utrecht 2010(response: 30%)Over all: car use already low1 direct target segment: Active car ownersTwo indirect target segments

  • Why Active Car Owners (ACO)?there's not much to gain with the practical peddlers (other big segmentACO: still 12% car use for schoolCar use for school makes parents feel guiltythey intend to reduce car usehigh car use in generalGood behaviour of ACO influences dissatisfied drivers and image-consious intenders

  • Tender process:Pitch for marketing agenciesThree agencies have pitched their ideas

    What to do if the pitch winning agency demands twice as much money?

    Give them less then 5 days to make a new campaign design within the budget!

  • Our campaign agency:Most creative Excellent city knowledgeSmart use of all our SEGMENT labour

  • Campaign purpose 1800 new pupils (age 4) in year400 Parent couples are Active Car OwnersAims:> 95% of the active car owners walk or cycles to school in the first 2 weeks (+ 7 %)< reduce car use home to school< reduce car use home to work+ encourage parents who do the right thing

  • Starting points for this segmentDon'tsPatronizing , pointing a fingeruse a general key message to promote the means of sustainable transportDo's:encourage good behaviour.provide alternatives ('we tell, you choose')connect to needs, to what really moves them

  • Key messagecycling and walking is fun, practical and healthy. Lekker lopen Fijn fietsen

    4 is the magic numberAt 4th birthday, children go to primary school4 times walking or cycling

  • Campaign means

  • Campaign means

  • Campaign means

  • Campaign means

    Press event: the winning child receives the bike (16 May)3 On line newsletters

  • A letter a website a price and a game.... Do we need a marketing agency for THAT?Maybe, maybe not. The difference is that there's a solid story behind each step.

  • First results600 parents received a mailing in the first shift (child turned 4 between march 1st april 27th)After one week18 % (109) out of 600 visited the website11 % (66) filled out the form completely10 % (65) wrote a voluntary (!) trip review

  • Trip review quotesMy daughter is proud as a peacock to drive her own bike.The bike is by far the most practical solution for us. Besides that it provides fresh air for our son before he joins his classmates.I like being at the back of the bike. Sometimes I see a police car. And I see the blooming daffodils on the square!We cycle, even when it rains. Then we take our carrier tricycle. Tirza's classmates think we don't have a car. Let them think!Traffic lights seem to be red for ever. Could you adjust them in favour of cyclists?

  • Lessons learnt so farwhen 88% is cycling, it's hard to reach 100 %!Segmented campaign messages seem to workBut we dont know yet whether our selected segment has responded or another segmentFocus on awareness and good behaviour works'you might not know, but your travel behaviour is a blessing for our city!Cycle shops are very willing to contribute

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