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Seed Nordic is a hands-on Accelerator program. We're all-in, we're hands-on, we believe entrepreneurship can be thought, and we're fighting for gender equality. See how we're boosting female entrepreneurship by encouraging and coaching women in applying for the next batch which opens November 3rd

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  • 1. Seed NordicRe-launch, October 2Kenneth HellemEmail: kenneth@seednordic.comTwitter: @KennethHellem @SeedNordic#FiftyFifty

2. 6 months agoWe had no idea whatan accelerator was 3. 65APPLICATIONS7 CONSULTINGPROJECTS2 MSEKREVENUEARNSFOx2 4. September 8thMAKEMOVELocation basedtalent matchingWELCOME CLASS OF 2014FRAMEWORKSTurning mobilepictures into artPIMOBOCloud basedmoodboard 5. Seed /sid/1. NounThe unit of reproduction of a flowering plant, capable of developing into another such plant2. VerbCause (something) to begin to develop or grow 6. 1998 Palo AltoGarage Ventures starts theworlds first accelerator programBill ReichertGarage Technology Ventures 7. 2014 Stockholm 8. Everybodywants to be anentrepreneurInvestorswant inlater2014 Stockholm 9. Accelerating the Nordics next Super StartupEverybodywants to be anentrepreneurInvestorswant inlaterIdentify the best startupsValidate product through paying customersHelp attract right funding 10. WEREAll-inn 11. We believe Entrepreneurshipcan be thought 12. We believe that gender equality isnot only the right goal, but also astrong competitive advantage 13. Gender Equality: Last time we failed